Automated Cash APP SCAM

Automated Cash APP is a SCAM!

Read this transparent review before you decide to invest with this lame service.

Hello, we just came across this bizarre binary options service called Automated Cash APP. Well the name is not what we have concerns about but the actual software. We made our normal investigation and we couldn’t find anything that can support and give some legitimacy to the automated cash app. The alleged creator Jason Howe speak a lot and he makes some statements but nothing reliable, just read our debunking review.


Automated Cash APP Scam Review

Jason Howe the CEO and Presenter of Automated Cash Service, is just scam-artist. How we know that? Well there is no information about that personality anywhere, if he was successor with binary options trading and his algorithm was so amazing there should be at least some information or success stories on any industry blogs, forums or news portals. Jason Howe is a ghost, no LinkedIn or Facebook account no news about him or his miracle software. He made some strange claim about using the automated cash app for over 6 months, we don’t know how this can be physically possible because according to the search is registered last month December, 2015, definitely not before 6 months. Mr. Howe also made some claims about the eventual profits that the Automated Cash App Scam can bring to your table. He clearly stated that Automated Cash App Scam is not one of those “Get Rich Quick Schemes”. We are really getting confused, why would you say such and immediately after that he says that this service will generate at least $25’000 for you on complete autopilot!  We will continue our automated cash app scam review by jumping into the second page of The second video is longer and it reveals more and more the true identity of this phony software. The voice over actor is about to show us some “live trading”, so he logged in his “real” trading account inside and he opens bunch of trades, eight to be exact. Of course he does not show us live how those trades finishes, he closes his platform and he logs latter when the trades are already finished, showing us 7 wining and only 1 losing trades. He does that because he can’t show us live trading in real time, he needs time to fabricate the result, obviously. To back up his “good results” he show us few testimonials from “real members” to automated cash app scam. Guess what? They are all payed actors from fiverr, hired to make positive testimonials about this crap service. We`ll revival one for you but if you are curious you can go and expose them all by yourself on


Automated Cash APP SCAM

Automated Cash App Scam Review, The Conclusion!

We have unknown person over-promising bunch of stuff, supported by zero verifications or any kind of endorsement by third party authorities. Why should we believe in his words? He show us his fabricated account and he brings paid actors to the party to support his words? What kind of crap is that? We decided to black list this automated cash app scam in order to prevent you from signing and eventually losing your money with this service!

Final Verdict: Automated Cash App Is a Scam! AKA Avoid this bogus service!

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