Cash Crew is a Scam

Cash Crew App Scam Review


Cash Crew is suspicious! Beware this auto trading service Is a scam Please avoid registration!!

Hello Dear readers, Today we have another poor money stealing scheme that deserve black listing even before its official release on 18.11.2015. The Cash Crew software is fully automated binary options solution, which will steal your money without any hesitation. If you think that I’m too aggressive and I mark this software as scam even before I show some strong evidence then you should read this review till its very end. According to the creator of George Patterson this software will make you millionaire in matter of months. His top members made the staggering $400,000 for five weeks, quite impressive ha? We need to ask Mr. Patterson how this is possible if the software is not even release but we are going to assume that it’s a magic trick. The life story behind the cash crew is entertaining we got to admit. Our scammer here George claims that he was online trader from many years and he was working for a big company but during the crisis around 2008 he lost everything including his job and he almost divorce with his life. And suddenly his son who’s some kind of  genius programmer propose to him to make automated software that will copy his father skills and that’s how Cash Crew App was born! Cute story but fake, such software can’t be created just like that form one programmer for like few months. And actually let’s be reasonable, binary options automated that can generate millions for few months does not exist! But enough with the flaff let’s get serious and debunk the cash crew.

Why Cash Crew is a scam!!?

snapshot from


I’m not aware how generating 9 millions is possible with software that has not being released yet but I guess that its some kind of magic trick!

First let’s discuss the video, we have voiceover actor who’s trying to convince us that this software is the real deal? Nope can’t happen, there is no reason to believe in some lame voiceover actor there is zero legitimacy in the cash crew presentation video.

Moving forward with our cash crew review we want to question the personality of George Patterson! Be careful the following evidence can break your hearth! Just kidding, with quick search we found out that the creator of cash crew app is not real he is hiding behind fake identity.

This screenshot shows the real face under the voice over actor in cash crew. Its just another professional picture from shuttestock, definitely proving that this cash crew is scam rather than legit:


And if you click on this picture you will see the whole photo session on this mid aged gentleman photo model. Now you can answer yourself why I was so arrogant and sharp even from the beginning of this scam review, there are some fishy facts inside.



As you can confirm from the screenshot this is just another professional picture from shuttestock, definitely proving that this cash crew is scam rather than legit. But for those who are not convinced yet the review continues. Check out the badges placed all around the cash crew app’s website. The D&B credibility Corp verified, the Veri signed trust, the TRUSTEDe, the McAfee Secure, all those badges should bring legitimacy to the cash crew page, but notice that they are unclickable that means that they are not real, so we just pulled out another misleading fact related to this scam software.


Now let’s move to the members area, my favorite;] Where all the success story of cash crew followers are.
First we have Jason O’Connel from Birmingham managed to generate the staggering $327,392 from not yet released software. Just check out the snapshots and you should decide for yourself if he is real or not and if his testimonials are fake or legit!



We will expose one more member, Maggie Shannon from Melbourne, Australia. She is the top member with the huge amount of $437,283 pretty impressive indeed but check out the screenshot, that brings out the question if he is real either?


After all this exposed I will leave you guessing if the track records on the bottom of the presentation page of cash crew are real? I strongly doubt they are. There are too many scamish facts related to this software. Fake personalities and voice over actors, long with some misleading security badges. WE really couldn’t find anything reliable inside the cash crew website, that’s why we will put it where it belongs in our scam list!

Good exposure review we found on Leading Binary Options that confirms our position!

Final Verdict Cash Crew is a scam! Avoid dont dare throw money with this scam software!

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