CoffeeShop HackDroid Scam Review

Coffee Shop HackDroid Scam Review

Read our important review before you trust this trading system!

investigated website:
CoffeeShop HackDroid is a binary options auto trading and signal service. But is it legit and trusty? The answer is simple, NO! During our investigation we noticed that CoffeeShop HackDroid is synced to very bad reputed unregulated broker named OptionsMaker! There are a lot of evidence that OptionsMaker is fraudulent operation all around the web but one article on ForexPeaceArmy really caught our attention.


Coffee Shop HackDroid

In case the partnership between this so-called Holy Grail of binary options software solutions is not enough for you don’t worry, we have plenty more bogus facts to reveal, that surrounds CoffeeShop HackDroid APP.  We are witnessing the same arrogance, misleading information and over-promising in many similar scams. The presentation video of CoffeeShop Hackdroid scam is made in extremely manipulative fashion from a voice over actor. “I was struggling on a postal workers’ pension, then the Coffee Shop Hackdroid invite appeared in my inbox. After one month we have $118,559.21 in the bank and are moving to Florida.” Claims like this one are spread all around the website. “$5000 one hour after you sign and invest $250”? WE just laugh at those statements they are overextended, the CoffeeShop HackDroid system will never cover those high expectations.

So far, no legitimacy credit was given to this options trading system, but let’s move with the next convincing attempt made by the shady creators of CoffeeShop HackDroid Scam. They decided to hire a paid actor for their “true day-trader” testimonials. Meet Jessica Mueller, she is a fiverr actor and she makes such looking testimonials for $5. You must be ashamed of yourself Jess taking part in such fraud operation, and the whole story about how your “Dad past away” it’s just disgusting, we really hope your Dad is okay!



CoffeeShop HackDroid Scam

Why we are so hard on her? Well the reason why we lash Jessica so hard is because this is not the first scam she take apart of. You can notice her presence in many other very viral money stealing schemes like Aussie Method and The Millionaires Makers. This scam artist apparently have no worries to stand in front of a camera throwing lies left and right for $5-$15 bucks.

CoffeeShop HackDroid Scam, The Conclusion

We really encourage our readers and traders to avoid this phony trading system. It is obvious that the people who stand behind CoffeeShop Hackdroid scam are brutal and their greed will is outrages! False credentials, testimonials made by paid actors, non-existing person promoting the service, many misleading and many impoverished promises. On top of that we have scam broker standing behind them in the face of OptionsMaker, and that’s the only one thy exposed probably the other synced brokers to CoffeeShop Hackdroid Scam are also pretty shady!

Verdict: CoffeeShop HackDroid Is a SCAM! Beware do not invest your money with this fraud!

Newcomer to options industry? Sign with free demo account, the safest way to start your trading experience risk free. When you feel ready there is always opportunity to sign with decent regulated binary broker like 24Option, their safe environment will suit even the most sophisticated day-trader. Also, make sure to check out our black-list it can definitely save you from signing with similar to The CoffeeShop HackDroid other scam! Wondering what a decent bo service look like? We invite you to take a look at our trusted and tested binary options signal and auto trading service. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to generate $5k one hour after registration, LOL! Please apply common sense, the potential profits, depends on your initial investment, and your money management strategy!

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