Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

Copy Buffett Scam Review!

Is Copy Buffett Software legit auto trading binary options solution? That’s what we all wonder!

Read this honest review and get all the answers you seek!

Update: 19.11.2016 Copy Buffett is still providing good results in May: 80%


Copy Buffett Software is new binary options software. Created and presented by Jeremy Fin this auto trading solution has high targets. Is it possible that this service will really bring us consistent profits on daily bases? We have received tens of emails regarding this new service so we jump into our regular investigation right away. We even got some very positive comments associate with the copy buffett software performance, but in order to confirm that we need to review the service and eventually test it out! On first sight we can’t find any misleading or disturbing information but of course that’s not enough we will make our regular research and then come up with verdict, bear with us and read this exposure review till the very end.

Copy Buffett Software

Copy Buffet Software Review

Copy Buffett Software Scam Review! All the critical details you need to know!

The alleged creator presenting this new trading system is Jeremy Fin. According to his words Warren Buffett is something like an idol for him. Jeremy Fin is a software developer, before few years he decided to start studying all the method used by the famous investor in order to eventually create algorithm, which can implement those methods in auto trading system. We tried to find any information regarding Jeremy but we didn’t. Well, we did not expect to find anything on him, since he don’t describe himself as some kind of trading guru or famous investor, like most of the scam-artists, which represent most of the scams these days. And the software is fairly new so it’s too early to say if he is real or not. Overall during the video presentation Jeremy Fin didn’t made any crazy or over-promising statements. So we don’t find anything disturbing regarding his identity.

Who is Warren Buffett and why Mr. Fin decided to make software coping exactly that person’s trading technics? Warren Buffett is born August 30, 1930 and he is an American businessman, investor and philanthropist. Also known as the Wizard / Oracle of Omaha, he is the most successful investor of all times. The CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, he’s consistently ranked as wealthiest man in the world. Also, one of the few people who managed to make a fortune during the 2008’s crisis. His investor and trading technics are studied and imitated by hundreds of traders all over the world.

There are many readings which you can find all around the web describing some of the Buffett’s trading strategies, we are not aware which once are replicated and applied into the Copy Buffett Software but there are plenty of them. One of the most famous strategies used by the investing guru is the value investing. With simple words its turtle strategy, you focus on an asset. Simply you research the targeted asset chart and the lowest price levels, which markets might reach, and you wait till the price goes under the targeted levels. When the price goes there, simply invest with high budget, sometimes and if, you have deep pockets such high buy orders can affect the market and force reversals. After that you just wait for the right moment to sell and generate profits.

 The Buffett Copy Scam Review Continues with answering a very important question! Is there connection between “Copy Buffett software” and the actual person!

No, there is no connection what so ever with this trading service and Mr. Buffett! But no one claims such thing during the video presentation and there are no visible statements about such allegations in This trading system just uses the trading strategies of the charity man. Nothing misleading or disturbing here, since there are many books describing the trading methods of Buffett and they are not forbidden to be used freely.

What about the two testimonials that can be noticed in the video? Well we made small research just to see if those people are paid actors but we couldn’t find them which is always a good sign! We can’t confirm their identities on 100% but we can strongly say that they are not just fake actors.

What we can expect from this software and what is the deal!?

Copy Buffett Software is offered for 30 days free trail. After that period if, you are happy with the results you can continue using the service but you`ll have to pay 5% fee to the creator Jeremy Fin. The cut is not high if this software keeps the high performance.

Finally the most important questions. Is the copy buffett software capable of producing profitable results?! Yes it is we have signed immediately after the service was released and first trading sessions are proving 80% success rate! Keep checking this article we will add update result videos constantly!

We also, want to give some good credit about the brokerages this software uses. We have noticed many CySEC and even FSPR regulated brokers. The fact that Copy Buffett Software is synced with many regulated brokers always gains high trust!

Copy Buffett Scam Review! The endorsements and what the industry thinks overall.

Well with simple Google search you can see that many industry reputed blogs have given positive reviews regarding this software, the fact only builds more authority, so we are pretty confident that this auto trading algorithm has bright and profitable future!


To be honest we are pretty excited about this new service. We couldn’t find any Fiverr actors, phony identities, over-promising or misleading statements, no fabricated companies behind the product, or any kind of disturbing information that can look suspicious and repel us from testing this binary option robot solution. At this point we would like to recommend Copy Buffett Software as legit and promising service. Also, we would like to encourage everyone who has any experience with this system to share it with us via comment below!

Final Verdict: Copy Buffett Software is legit binary options service and its recommended for testing! First trading session’s proven 80% success rate! Check out the Latest Update Results Video from 06.07.2016!


How to Sign properly with Copy Buffet Software:

  1. Visit the page of and sing your best email and name!
  2. On the members page you have to fill out the registration form, than you’ll be automatically synced with your new broker, where you need to finish the registration process and deposit the minimum of $250. The money you are investing are yours and they can be withdrawed at any time you want!
  3. Log in setup the auto trader an enjoy!

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New to options industry? Sign with free demo account. Also check our scam-list it can prevent you from signing with bogus service! Binary Options is very lucrative field but due that reason there are many fraudulent operations running around stalking for your money! Keep that in mind and be careful!

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36 thoughts on “Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

  1. Can you please let me know where i can get this in Australia copy buffet ?and a certified broker for it? Thanks

  2. is this available in the Philippines? i am trying to sing up on the site but it always prompt a message saying try a different email.

    1. Withdraws depend on the brokers. But averagely a withdraw will take 3 – 5 business days till you actually see the money in your bank account!

  3. Hi, thank you for the great review.
    Is Copy Buffett available in Singapore?
    Appreciate your kind respond.

  4. Hi guys,
    What risk and strength you advice?
    I’m using the software for 2 days now. Yesterday i used risk level of 3 and the service opened 3 trades and luckily they where all in the money! Today i set the robot to risk level of 5 and for 3 hours the service has opened 2 trades only hopefully the other 5 will come till end of the week, what do you think? By the way i’m using strength above 90%.

    1. Hello Arif,

      We are usually using 80% probability of the signals, because with 90% the software takes a lot longer to fulfill the risk level you set! Basically, picking 90% you are telling the software “Hey, please be very careful”. Probably that’s why today you are experiencing a long trading session. Keep in mind that even if the software don’t complete the who risk level, everything is good, as long as you are enjoying High Accuracy!

  5. is copy buffet available in Ireland? Would love to hear from people using this system in Ireland,Thanks.

    1. Yes it is available in Ireland mate, am from Blanch. Use it for 5 month already and making around $100 a day, just make sure you invest only minimum at the beginning lad.

  6. Copy Buffett is amazing software. Literally i learned the basics of trading with this system and also im making around $50 – $150 per day for the last 2 months now! What i do is extremely simple but reliable strategy. I use only the signals from the service.
    How i do my sessions with Copy Buffett Software:
    * I check the economic calendar for big news which can confuse the algorithm if i see any i just avoid trading the pairs, which are affected by the released data.
    * I trade only the top 2 – 3 signals
    * When i decide to trade a signal i open the charts and over-confirm the signal. I just check for the nearest support and resistance and where will be the best strike rate to place the trade.
    * I trade 5 – 15 mins expires depending on what i see on the charts. If im against the small trend i trade shorter exp with perfect SR. If, im with the trend i afford longer expires and and worst strike rate.
    * The whole procedure will take 20 seconds, it’s definitely worth because for two months now im experiencing between 70% – 80% accuracy on daily basis.

  7. Hi All.I.M new here.
    Please can anyone tell me if this COPY BUFFET SOFTWARE it really work?I was already scummed from few SERVICES…and I lost my hope in those binary.
    Many thanks.

  8. hey, Michael here, how are you all doing with he Copy Buffett Results?

    My software accuracy dropped a little bit around 70% but im still making good money with this trading system! I really hope that the creators manage to keep the consistency in the future i really love the money from this system.

  9. Im using this copy Buffett software for over a week now. I don’t know if im doing everything properly but i have generated $700 profits now. My initial investment was $1000 im trading with $100 for one trade. Averaging hundred USD for each day so far.

  10. Great results Velev. I invested only $250 and so far my balance is $468. I’m very happy with the Copy Buffett software so far. Im going to keep the same settings this week too: $25 / trade 85% strength. After this week if i make more profits i plan to increase the investment to $50.

    1. hello mr.Velev,

      1. is there also a hand trade option on the “robot”?
      2. how many trades per day does it do on average?
      3. how is the back up/support of the company,in case one needs help.
      4. had two robots so far and support was NIL.
      (… and that includes the FAP TURBO in 2009) … that’s how far i go back.

      1. 1. Coppy Buffett has both auto trading feature and signal service!
        2. Depending on the settings the software trades 3 – 20 trades per day!
        3. Support work is average, at the beginning they where taking 3 – 5 business days to answer but nowadays they answer faster!
        4. Yes most services lack on support due to the fact that they usually put 1 max 2 guys to the emails and they usually cant handle the beginning waves of member questions! But after 2 – 3 they start to answer in 24 hours usually.

  11. Copy Buffett Software:
    I’m was very sceptical at first when I came across the software, thought it was going to be the same as all other scams I read about on the net. Especially since it is still fairly new. Despite that thought I kept on reading and to my surprise all the reviews I read so far on different sites are positive, and now I’ve got no choice but to be very curious. I’ve been reading and educating myself about binary options for the past 5 months plus, and always wondering whether I was ready to start trading. I think I’ll join and give this a shot. What’s the minimum amount one can start trading with from the UK? Thanks for the review.

    1. Well regarding the copy buffett software settings.
      For maximum security i recommend starting with $25 investment per trade and strength of the signals above 80%.

  12. Hi thank you for the great review and presentation. I’m now very interested in the Copy Buffett Software. Will sign Monday and after few days i`ll come back and give you my feedback regarding this trading system

  13. Thank you very much for the review. Is Copy Buffett available in Germany? I would love to join.

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