Elite Gold Profits scam review

Elite Gold Profits is a Scam. Stay away from this Misleading Binary Options Service!


Hello Dear Readers,

Today I want to black list another bogus system called Elite Gold Profits, since I got some complain emails about this scam software I decided to take a look and examine the website and the product inside. It took me like 5 minutes to find some indisputable evidence that this system is a complete scam. But unfortunately for a newcomer to binary options industry those fake bank account snap shots can be little tricky. I really understand that most of the people looking for money making opportunities are in a hurry but let me tell you options trading is bringing profits only to the patient and consistent once.


I will reveal some facts about Elite Gold Profits that will hopefully convince our audience to stay away from this pathetic scam.

When we open the website elitegoldprofits.com we notice a clean design with one promotion video and 1 email subscription box which leads you to the second page where they will ask for your personal information. But first let’s focus on the presentation video. We have a regular voice over actor who’s presenting himself with the name Nigel Pearson, I did research and I couldn’t find any real person involved in binary options industry with that name. The creator Nigel quickly starts to throw screen shots at us with fake accounts containing millions. And immediately after that we encounter our first real evidence of why Elite Gold Profits is a scam. Mr. Fake identity Nigel Pearson show us some testimonials from people who are supposed to already generate huge profits with this system. Guess what? They are all payed actors who will lie and present whatever you sell for few dollars.

Check out the evidence:




All those payed actors claim that they have generated huge profits with Elite Gold Profits but apparently it turns out that they are not even real binary options traders. You can see yourselves that they are making their monthly payout with other job and their set of expertise is not related with options trading at all.

Moving on with the video presentation the creator is claiming that he spent over 370 000$ USD for developing this software. He gathered dream team of binary options traders and with their help he managed to create peace of genius system that is generating 95% success rate. Of course the developers are not mentioned by names because they don’t exist. And what comes for the claim 95% ITM ration, well in binary options such success rate is considered as impossible. I’m not completely denying the fact of generating high rate, as a trader myself I have reached 90% even 100% but for few weeks during the years and this success rate result are really rare. If we look for consistent success rate I will say that average of 75% is a good result everything above that is very hard even impossible to maintain for long period of time.  But let’s get back on the main scam subject Elite Gold Profits. The statement about the 370k expenses, even if we believe that they spent such money, my question is why they made such poor website to present their garbage software? A website looking like that worth no more than 30$ – 40$ USD. It’s just looking super unserious, you just can’t claim that you are making millions and come up with this pathetic campaign page. Also, another thing I forgot to mention, under the video there is a sign “Elite Gold Profit Service since 2004” let me just tell you that back in 2004y. Binary options does not exist! With all above said  I hope I convince you that staying away from this bogus product is very wise!


Newcomer to Binary Options Industry? Make sure you start from checking my black-list before you end up signing with some other bogus and misleading service. Keep in mind that 95% of the new option trading services are deceptive scams. I advise registration with fully regulated EU Broker like AnyOption or TopOption and if you are US located you can check out TradeThunder with the 20$ minimum deposit and 1$ minimum per trade this low risk broker is really good choice for a new trader.

I encourage you to share your experience with Elite Gold Profits with a comment, and if you have any other questions you can contact me at binaryoptionsspot@gmail.com (Ventsi)

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