Master Sniper Trading scam review

Master Sniper Trading scam review.

Read our honest opinion on this binary options service!

We think that Adam Weiss might not be the person who present himself.

Master Sniper Trading is a complete auto trading BO solution. Based on complex “Sniper” algorithm, the robot can trade on your behave while you are not around. According to the creators this software can generate around 4000 US dollars on a daily bases as profits. The creators are not telling how much you need to invest in order to generate such staggering amounts but with the 94.50% accuracy, that this sophisticated algorithm should achieve, initial deposit with $250 can do the work. The CEO Adam Weiss claims that we look at the most advanced auto trader in the world that is powered by Wall Street Master Traders. Everything sounds nice but we feel that Adam Weiss might not be such an honest guy. With a hundred similar looking software solutions out there that are scamming innocent people all over the place, we just can’t afford to give credit on Master Sniper Trading before we research, get decent feedback and examine the website and the presentation video!


I want to throw few words even before I began to shoot the evidence I managed to dig out. Let me tell you that after hundred reviews written and countless scams exposed I have the experience to tell you that the service is looking really deceptive and fake! To generate 4000 USD as a daily profit you really need to invest a lot of money. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but you need like 50k account balance to safely trade with higher investment and generate such profits, Daily and Consistently. Next myth I want to break is related with the accuracy. Brilliant traders can generate 90% sometimes, but if we need to talk about consistency everything above 75% is little phony looking. What comes for an algorithm based software? Well I can 100% state and stand behind my words that Master Sniper Trading Can’t generate 94.50% success rate and if somehow the service manages to reach that number one day, it will be of one day!

Now let’s begin with our extermination of Master Sniper Trading! I feel that I must nail this scam really hard because I already got some complains form people who already lost some money with this bogus software. Do you remember the CEO Adam Weiss? Let me tell you that Adam Weiss does not exist. I don’t know why the creator decided to stay anonymous but don’t feel that this should bring any legitimacy to Master Sniper Trading. After I made small some researching I find out that the SEO of this service is hidden behind fake identity and the man in the presentation video is a paid actor from Fiverr. His real name is Derren and he is form England, for $5 he can create the same testimonial video for you and promote anything you want!


Wondering about the beta testers who also claims, that thy have generated huge profits with Master Sniper Trading? Well don’t wonder I will expose them too.

Evidence: He makes this because of money I guess! Lauren shames on you!! If you really have 4 kids, taking part of a big ass scam is not the great way to give them example of LIFE!

Not convinced yet and you still think of signing with this software? I will just accept that you want to throw $250 on the street. If this is the case I advise giving it as charity to some poor man on the street or buy food and feed homeless dogs!! No matter what you choose it will be better than signing with this poor scam.

Everything in the website is misleading fake identities, non-existing personalities, and phony screen shots. Everything surrounding Master Sniper Trading is bogus and the further we go the further we recognize that this service is just another pathetic money stealing scheme! Beware and stay away from this scam!

FINAL VERDICT: Master Sniper Trading is a Scam!!

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    1. Okay George,
      Please update us next week if you are continuing to ITM with this service. If you see any sign of bad performace dont wait till you lsoe all your money, stop the software and withdraw!

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