Million Dollar Duplicator scam review

The Million Dollar Duplicator is a fake auto trading system!

Binary Options Spot’s team next target is called Million Dollar Duplicator. The duplicator fake software is going to be released on 28.09.2015. And the creators claim that the software somehow finds wining trades from other traders and duplicate them fully automatically, and they guarantee accuracy of 100% with no losing trade ever! Very big balls statement even for the greatest scam performance. The thing is that we examine the website and we found some interesting and questionable issues related with the honesty of this binary options auto robot.


The Million Dollar Duplicator is deceptive auto trading robot! Why?

Okay, first let’s pretend that we don’t see the hurry up clock and the duplicators remaining sign on the top right corner its just cheap trick to push you forward and write down your email. The both counters restart with simple refresh on the page. Also, the Forbes, CNN and all other famous logos you notice on the web page are not related with Million Dollar Duplicator in any way! What comes to the statement that this pathetic fake auto trader have 100% accuracy? L O L! There are zero real options traders who will tell you that this is possible, the statement is just crazy! It’s impossible to reach 100% consistent success rate! Moving forward and we see another bizarre claim “ we leave the auto trader on 24/7” financial markets are working 5 days a week not 7!  But let’s move to our even more solid evidence. The CEO and creator of this scam system Million Dollar Duplicator Michael Bradley is actually fake and stolen identity. The real person behind that picture is called Edmond Clark and its famous professional betting adviser.

Check out the evidence: and

Moving on with the video presentation of this phony system called million dollar duplicator we have two testimonial videos. Since we deal with a lot of scam reviews we recognized the two persons and guess what? They are both fake payed actors from The first one real name is Justin aka marketingxpert5 and for 5 $ he can create for you a fake testimonial video the second one is called Lawrence aka lawrenceiscool and his story is the same for 5 USD he will create fake presentation of your product or anything you want and he will be sincere.

We feel that the above exposed evidence are just enough to alert our readers and make them very cautious about this scam system.

Final Verdict: Million Dollar Duplicator is a pure 100% SCAM System!

Remember fella’s website presentations like this one are just too good to be true. Statements of 100% accuracy for binary options product are just crazy. And those fake screen shots with big amounts, millions, fancy cars, luxury mansion’s, countdown banners and fake testimonials they are all cheap trick with one purpose to make you eager and curious if it’s possible to generate high profits with this scam system! We don’t deny the fact that trading can bring big profits but it involves certain risk too. So don’t be hasty if you are seriously considering getting involved with options trading. It takes time you need great discipline and at least some knowledge to start. And with time and experience everything is going to happen for you, but you need to be patient. Every real and profitable trader in the binary options industry will endorse only words like: Patience, Consistency, Discipline, Back testing, Practice! Those words are the key of success in binary options and with trading overall.

If you are completely new to binary options industry we advise starting with fully regulated Broker like AnyOption or TopOption, and slowly continue from there. And if you look for auto trading solution you can check out our Signals section, just keep in mind that they are legit, trusted and tested but they definitely won’t make you filthy rich for 1 month! Also, make sure to check out our black list regularly since she can save you from losing money!

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