Millionaire Replicator Scam

Millionaire Replicator is pathetic scam.

You have to read this transparent review before you even dare think investing with this retarded software.

Millionaire Replicator IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE auto trading scam software. No matter that the shady creators behind this bogus system claim it’s some king of copy / paste algorithm. We have investigated very deeply and we have found tons of suspicious factors all over this product. Just bear with us few minutes we are pretty sure that after you read this millionaire replicator review you will be enough scared to avoid it. This very software has been used to generate millions every single month for the past year? HOW? The search shows that this domain has been registered on 27.01.2016?


Millionaire Replicator Review

Millionaire Replicator Review! The hidden details.

According to the voice over narrator, this trading system is capable of generating a million every month, LOL! Remember guys / gals such software does not exist. Well if you have trading account with 20 mil inside it maybe you can generate 1 million per month but with less budget you can win the lottery, well at least you`ll have bigger chance! The fact that this poor scam artist is hidden behind animated video presentation already looks fishy! He claims that Millionaire Replicator scam has already generated 7 mils for his company be he does not share the company name or even his name, well further down on the site you will notice a man hugging woman and he have signed the photo by the name of Sean Valentine. We have checked the name there is no persona with such name related to binary options industry and he is complete stranger to GOOGLE. Let me tell you that if someone makes 7 mil trading binary options and using some kind of software, his name will be on every single industry blog, news portal and forum. Unfortunately the case with Mr. Sean Valentine is different, nobody knows him, or his mysterious company. And to be completely transparent we have checked the picture, it turned out that it’s just a stock photo, we will provide link so we can back up our words.

So what exactly is millionaire replicator scam according to the obviously fake CEO? He claims that it’s not auto trading robot but it’s a copy / execute trade algorithm. With simple words, there are 11 professional traders connected to Wall Street, the software will copy and execute automatically every single trade they made, and eventually that will lead you to staggering profits? First there is no proof what so ever regarding the existence of those eleven elite traders. Second we have made fake registration and we found out that this service is just another auto trader nothing more, probably with really bad algorithm designed to lose trades, probably that’s why they claim otherwise. You can confirm our words if you just make fake registration with fake email and non-existing personalities, following the principle. “With their stones on their heads!” Ah and we just want to debunk one more of their idiotic claims: “The software is available worldwide and we work with only 3 regulated brokers.” Okay good, good, but when we made that fake registration we have done it from US IP, meaning that we must get regulated US broker, the only one available there under CFTC is Nadex, well we didn’t get them or any other kind of regulated broker.


Millionaire Replicator Scam Review

We would like to add some more disturbing red flags, like the many security SSL and Mal-ware-free seals and the other verification badges. It appears that they are all non-clickable and fabricated. On top of everything during the presentation video the phony actor denies every single binary options software blaming them that they are all scams but immediately after that statement he tries to sell you his auto trading software? Correct us if needed but everything sounds strange, why you are going to deny every single trading system out there and after that you will sell one? Are you special? Because we couldn’t see anything special inside

Are there any endorsements of millionaire replicator scam from any authority websites?! Nope there are none. Everyone is marking this service as a scam, guess bigger part of the industry is sharing our opinion.

Millionaire Replicator Scam Review! The conclusion

The lone fact that they lie about the inside of this software and how it works is enough to reveal the real face of this system. Obviously it’s not cloning trades placed from elite traders, but it’s poorly made auto trading robot, the exact opposite of what Mr. Valentine stated. He don’t recommend investing with this application apparently it hides very high risk for your hard earned money.

Final Verdict: Millionaire Replicator SCAM ALERT! Avoid this lousy scheme!

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Millionaire Replicator Review

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