Millionaire Shield is a scam

Millionaire Shield is a Scam!

Steven Hulsman, CEO of The Millionaire Shield is not real. Why then the software should be?

Make sure to read our honest review before you become victim of millionaire shield’s scam system.

Hello everyone, today I’m proud to present you that we find and we are going to black list millionaires shield before the actual release on 9th of November 2015 year.  I got few emails form people who asked me about that system and I want to thank them for getting me involved with this software. The service is complete scam, unfortunately it’s getting viral and some people already got scammed from Mr. Steven Hulsman and his Millionaire Shield.


Millionaire Shield is a fully auto trading binary options solution. The sophisticated algorithm behind the service is producing trading signals based on fundamental analysis. The creator claims that you will generate thousands of profits with millionaire shield. The platform inside is fairly simple with its 3 settings: on/off, investment amount and maximum traders per day. So everything by now look okay for the millionaire shield and there is no evidence of that it’s a scam! Okay and what if I tell you that the creator of the millionaire shield is not real? Yes that’s true after a small investigation we find out that Steven Hulsman is a non-existing personality and his picture is taken from check the evidence:
look familiar to you? The good looking business man in a suite is just and photo model.

the-millionaire-shieldNow let’s think straight. Why the hell if you have a miracle software in your hands and you somehow found a way to generate profits form crisis situations while everyone loses. You are going to hide yourself behind a fake identity? The whole advertising behind the Millionaire Shilled looks misleading to me at this point. Of course after we found out about the shady creators behind the millionaire shield we needed to check out the testimonials too. On the second page of the promotional website we can find some testimonial videos. As we assume it turned out that they are also deceptive and misleading, because all of the testimonials are made by paid fiverr actors. With a quick search of the key word “testimonials” in you can scroll down the results and you are going to recognize all of them pretty quickly I will expose one of them. Real name John Mayo aka Kevin Park: for five bucks he will make “honest” testimonial for you and he is going to promote whatever you want!

Let’s see what else we can add about and finish the extermination of this software. Well let’s talk some about the small things that bug us regarding the millionaire shield. First the domain is registered September 2015. And the words of the testimonials and the dates don’t match. There is just not enough time for all this 2 months are enough to create a poor money stealing scheme but we can’t talk about beta testing at all. The 27/7 support team of the millionaire shield? Hmm, we tried to reach them but for 20 hours there was no answer, let’s accept they have technical issue, but if you have the same problem after 2 days I would say that it’s rather strange!

If you summarize everything written above do you still think that millionaire shield is not a scam? Of course you can say. Yes it’s looking bogus be we haven’t test it? True that’s why I want to encourage everyone who has feedback on the millionaire shield or any kind of experience no matter positive or negative to share it via comment below. Keep in mind that convinced or not you trying the millionaire shield is risky there is too much misleading information surrounding the service and we strongly doubt that the system is legit.

Final Verdict: Millionaire Shield is a SCAM!

Our advice for you guys/gals is to avoid this service. We strongly believe that if the creators can lie with light hand about everything they also probably lie about the legitimacy of their product! Newcomer to binary options? We invite you to take a look at our decent alternatives of the millionaire shield. Also, keep in mind that the safest way to start your trading carrier will be creation of a free demo account where you can trade risk free!

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7 thoughts on “Millionaire Shield is a scam

  1. hahaha… You really nailed the millionaire shield man thanks for the review, no doubts left that this software is a total SCAM!

  2. Millionaire shield is a scam! I signed and lost my money for 1 day!! In my account now i have $45 from 250 USD! I set the auto trader to make 5 trades and he made 16 trades what the fuck is this? Total scam stay away from this software PLEASE! I’m so angry i didn’t find this review yesterday:( Will subscribe for future reviews. Thanks Ventsi keep up the reviews Rolling you are saving people!

  3. This Software is 100% scam I’m trying to contact their 24/7 support for 2 days no one is answering. Like Ventsi advice make sure to stay away from millionaire shield!

  4. Great scam review thank you for the exposure friend! Keep up the good work!! Do not let any similar scam like millionaire shield to stay unexposed! May the force be with you!

  5. Thank you for the warning about the millionaire shield brother! Im noob! binary options in Russia are not very famous, got scammed already 4 times i will subscribe for your channel to keep me updated.
    Can you tell me service that i can receive signals on text message or somehow and i can trade the signals ?

  6. Thanks for this warning review Ventsi. I was really considering registration with the millionaire shield, it was looking legit to me all those professional testimonials and videos. Damn thank you!

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