Millionaire Trader Biz is a SCAM

Millionaire Trader Biz Is a Scam!

Beware avoid this pathetic scam. We officially can stat that The Millionaire Trader is the worst performed scam in the last 6 months.

Hello everyone, today we have another scam software well deserving to be black listed. The millionaire trader is so bad that we hardly could extract any information to write on. But as we feel obligated to warn our readers we are going to do our best in order to protect them!

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Why Millionaire Trader Biz is a scam?

Okay, first of all when you open the website there is nothing serious or reliable. Also, if you search the web you can’t find any endorsement or intel on the reputed authority industry blogs or news portals. Researching the name of creator of the millionaire Trader, Phillipe Green brings nothing also, no one has heard of him there is zero information about this personality. The things that are visible in the page of millionaire trader biz are looking very misleading. First we have total fake voice over actor that is trying to convince us about the legitimacy of his product. Okay but why we should believe in someone who just throw million words at us backed with zero authority? He claims that he is trading binary options for two years and he managed to generate over 9 million dollars? LOL quite impressive results, but hardly believable especially when there is zero proof about that. At the bottom of the poor made site you will notice the sign “ © 2014 All Rights Reserved “ Why 2014? The software official release date is 19.11.2015. So we can take this as just poor mistake by the scam developers. We signed with fake email in order to jump onto net page of millionaire trader biz, and we were not surprised that we found our very strong evidence about this scam software. On the next page of the millionaire trader you should notice some of Mr. Phillipe Green’s students. Well at least some pictures of them. Now let me tell you that the shady people behind this scam are so arrogant or maybe retarded. That they even can’t afford a proper fake fiverr testimonials. Instead of that they decided to go on and steal some pictures form the paid actors there. As we make reviews on daily basis we immediately recognized every one of them from the pictures and we will expose some of them with direct links and if you are curious about the rest of them you can do some research yourself!


Clifford 19,000+ in seven days with the millionaire trader? Nope

John managed to generate 56,000plus with millionaire trader biz? Don’t think so!

Michael over 90k in 49 days with this scam software? Think again!

Snapshot from millionaire trader biz’s members area!


Let’s be reasonable for a second guys / gals. Trading the online markets can bring you a lot of profits but to become a millionaire overnight is impossible. Please stay away from those pathetic scam software solutions. As you confirm for yourself, we easily debunk the millionaire trader software. There are many similar services in our blacklist you can check them out read couple of reviews that can help you in the future recognition when you are looking at other scam millionaire trader biz alternative.

Final Verdict: Millionaire Trader Biz is a Scam! Stay away from this scam software!!!

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