Perfect Profits scam review

Perfect Profits by John Silver is a scam. Read our honest review!

Hello dear readers, today we found another deceptive product that promises to make you rich and wealthy enough, so you can buy your dream house, dream boat, desired luxury car, and to make you money independent till end of your life and the life of your childrens and their childrens too. Also, I forgot to mention that all this will happen in very short period of time. Now wake up! This product is just another pathetic joke. We will be proud to announce that Perfect Profits goes straight into our Black list where it belongs.


I want to apologize in advance but I can’t make this review in serious manner. The service is just too misleading and retarded. We made reviews on plenty similar services: Fast Profits, Global Profits, Spider Profit, Profit Genius, Protected Profits… and the list continues. All those look like Perfect profits scams have the same concept and promotion campaigns. I can’t hide that I laughed a lot while I was researching this product. The whole presentation is one big fat scam joke! We have fake identity voice over actor who present himself with the name of John Silver. And he spend 10 minutes to say one short sentence “Profits like this:” and throw at us fake screenshots with staggering amounts in them. Well let me tell you that for $5 you can get the same snapshots from Actually I can strongly confirm that during the around 15 mins promotion video I did not hear any information that can bring even tiny glimpse of legitimacy to this bogus service. All we hear is a 100% trash talk, no real information on how this software works or what exactly this offer is? I really don’t know if any common sense human being will sign with this deceptive binary options solution but let’s say that my point of view has been little curved due to the many reviews I have written. And I`ll finish this review so there will be CLEAR statement that this software is a scam and you should stay away! Do not throw your money in the air.

Let’s continue with our Perfect Profits scam review. I started a registration with the software so I can move to the next page, and guess what we find there. Some stolen pictures and fake identities nothing more. Let me throw some evidence at you:

Agathe Kloss form Germany started with initial deposit of $250 and she manage to generate 150,256.12 USD in profits. Well Agathe is not real here is a link to shuttershock where the creators take her picture:

Derek Ford, USA starting budget 300 USD, and he reached profit of $135,466.11, NICE HA? Well Derek is also a fake personality with stock picture:


I don’t feel necessary to expose the other two fake members Fiona and Rogerio, as their story is just similar to the previous 2 members.

On the second page we also find an track record of the signals taken by Perfect Profits, With almost 100% win rate, I`ll just stay that this is just another misleading widget.

Conclusion: Perfect Profits is a total scam money stealing scheme! Do not attend to establish any trading relation with this bogus software.

Newcomer to binary options industry? I advise registration with free demo account where you can trade and gain your trading experience risk free! Also make sure to check out our black list, can save you some money!

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  1. And again thank you for writing so often for these scams. You guys save me alot of money.

  2. hahahahah nice review bro keep up the good work! THanks for saving us so much money with your reviews!

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