Profit Shield scam review

Profit Shield is a scam!

Please avoid this bogus software at all cost!

Here we go again. Another deceptive binary options service starting with the name “Profit” the follow up word this time is Shield! According to the voice over actor who’s presenting this misleading product. We are looking at fully automated BO software that will make you filthy rich. The only information we managed to extract form all the presentation VOD’s was that the software behind Profit Shield is trading 60 second positions. At this very point we already know that Profit Shield is a scam but anyway we need to convince everyone!


The website has literally no information for the software itself what so ever.  The only intel you can get on this phony service is form the VOD’s where our shady anonymous creator is spending 10 15 mins in trying to convince you and lead you into registration. For what we understand after we watched the presentation is that Profit Shield is based on Brute Force method plus information form the dark and semantic web. We hardly tried but we couldn’t relate this method to binary options method in any way. From all the nonsense he randomly throw at us we also noticed that he is claiming that this software is some kind of U.S secret project protected from the army???? First in U.S. there are some very strong restriction regarding options trading and second what the f* is the army protecting exactly?

Continuing our review we jump on the second page of this pathetic scam called Profit Shield. Mr.X meet us with the sentence “Welcome aboard Profit Soldier? Now I’m wondering if I’m signing with the army or with binary option service.

The third and final page is the final attempt and chance for Mr. bogus one to convince you that his miracle software is working. But instead of staying something legitimate he starts to tell you that you need to deposit $250 and they you will receive a bonus and he will instantly double your 250 USD. Of course we all know how bonus works. If you accept bonus your account will be locked and until you don’t reach a certain volume you will not be able to withdraw your funds. A bonus volume formula is looking like that (Deposit + Bonus) x30 to 50 depending on the broker terms. But this is not enough he even goes further and stating: “The more you deposit the bigger the profits” We will rephrase this sentence immediately and the real sentence should look like this: The more you deposit the bigger the loss will be”.

Summary for Profit Shield:

We find it really hard to review this fraudulent offer. Since the website is super poorly made and the lack of information regarding anything is close to zero. If I need to categorize this scam I feel this is one of the worst scams I have ever seen. They rely only on one fake voice over actor to convince you and lead you into registration. Giving you zero reasons to believe in him! There is nothing inside, the creators are so niggardly and poor that they even cant effort a proper fiver testimonials. This is pathetic!

Final Verdict:  Profit Shield is a scam, really poor one!

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Newcomer to binary options industry? I will advise you to stay away from bogus offers like Profit Shield, make sure to check out our black list for similar scam services. If you want to see how a decent BO solution likes we invite you to check out our trusted signal and auto solutions. Or if you are looking to trade with direct binary options broker check out our top Regulated brokers.

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