Sarah’s Confession: The International Fraud Operation!

Read our debunking review before you even think to sign with this SLX scam software!

Investigated website:

According to the promoter Sarah the SLX software is capable of generating over $50,000 per day on complete auto pilot. This time we clearly want to state form the beginning that Sarah’s confession is a fraud operation created with single purpose, to steal money form the newcomers. The whole scheme is based on actors. We really don’t know what’s up these days, but we are landing on more and more scam websites like We suppose that it’s some kind of fiverr hype;]

Snapshot taken from

Anyway the SLX scam is based on one big fat lie as we said. The main actress Sarah and her confession they are all created by the phony people behind this software. She spend 9 minutes to show us big budget fake accounts and how she went to shopping and how she bought new car and stuff that has the purpose to make you eager and sign. And this claim for making 60k per day with the SLX scam, this is just absurd, such auto trader does not exist, let bring some common sense here! About the identity of Sarah, she is famous fiverr actor and in order to back up our words we will provide some evidence below.

The real name of “Sarrah” is actually Tamera and she is form Canada: 


Besides the promoter identity, the SLX scam has many other misleading factors. The member testimonials who are supposed to bring some legitimacy to this software, are actually also made by fiver actors, as we said above this is a fraud operation all based on! We are going to expose only one more of them but you can easy make small research and expose the others by yourself!

One more famous fake accotor taking part in the SLX scam:

Jumping onto the second page of the SLX scam we, just whiteness more deceptive stuff. The signs of CNN, FOX news, New York Times and others are just fake, they don’t lead to the actual endorsement so we just consider them as phony. The verification badges of the SLX scam are just the same story, not click-able and they don’t lead to the authority website they are supposed to!

Scrolling down we note more deceptive member testimonials, trying to convince us that the SLX scam is not actually scam! With simple google search by picture, you can find out that the so called members are actually non existing personalities and their pictures are used all over the web.

Bastian from Germany managed to generate nearly 300k with the SLX scam? Don’t think so!


With this scam review, we target the all who consider registration with the SLX Scam software. There is really no reason to believe in such money stealing scheme, all based on fake actors. The service is complete garbage just stay away, keep your pockets full!

Final Verdict: Sarah’s Confession AKA The SLX is a Scam! AVOID this deceptive offer!

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