Trade Fusion Scam Alert

Trade Fusion Scam Alert! The road to Financial Success?

Is TradeFusion Scam Or Legit Trading System!?

Read our honest and dispassionate TradeFusion Review.


Trade Fusion by Timothy Marcus is brand new binary options auto trading system. Which can provide average weekly income between $7000 and $15000. According to the previous 90 days beta testing trail period, all the users which participate in it were achieving such staggering results. Trade Fusion System are officially announced as the biggest financial revolution since the internet by CNBC future now segment. Now TradeFusion is offered for free to 500 new investors, after that the system will be priced at $499 on monthly subscription.  After two years of research and development The TradeFusion service is now patented and available to the wide public.

We don’t share pity for money stealing schemes and we are really aggressive with them. Before you decide to invest and risk your hard earned monthly salary with Trade Fusion System, bear with us for five minutes and read this critical review. We have found many suspicious factors inside and we believe that this service is just a regular fraud operation, well really well-performed but still SCAM!


TradeFusion Scam Review

Trade Fusion Review. Everything you cannot see on but you should know.

When you land on the first impression you`ll get is, WOW this service really looks decent and very promising. The effect will even get stronger after you watch the presentation video where the alleged CEO Timothy Marcus is really doing his best to develop really glamour look for Trade Fusion Service. He will probably succeed with most of the traffic landing this page, but the team behind can’t be tricked with some fancy looking website. Well to be honest we were considering to sign up and test the software but after few minutes spent in there we changed our mind. During our investigation we have found a lot of disturbing facts that you must take in consideration before you decide to invest with this application. For your ease we will just expose all the troubling stuff in our Trae Fusion Review and will just number it. 1) “ By Constantly updating and tweaking data we have managed to achieve staggering 92.3% success rate with Trade Fusion Software” quite bold and uncovered with any proof statement. The fact that binary option industry is very competitive we can understand little over-extended results but over 90%?! Oh c’mon such results are impossible to reach if we speak for consistency, and since we can’t see any credible proof we just going to mark this as red flag! 2) Trade Fusion Software is the human element. A team of analysts are updating data on Trade Fusion software taken from all of the available resources of their disposal. Well such operations require a team of experts, which work really hard behind the Trade Fusion System. The voice over narrator mentioned something about that the Trade Fusion Scam have office in Manhattan U.S. but they did not show anything, so we will assume that this service is 1 max 2 people operation. 3) TradeFusion is used by Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs,   Barclay’s Capital and it was covered by many major financial news portals as: Business Insider, Forbes and their prime time feature CNBC Futures now Segment. We have deeply checked the web in order to confirm such connections but it appears that Trade Fusion Scam is not connected with any of the above displayed names.


TradeFusion Scam Review

4) Timothy Marcus the creator of Trade Fusion Scam and the rest of the expert team: Catherine Sturmer – Market Analyst, Bill Mayhew – Senior Consultant, Robert Ecklund – Managing Director, Jim Forsythe – Market Modeling and Core Analytics, Hong Gyu Lee – Technical Supervisor. Everything looks really professional ha? Well don’t be fooled all of them are just phony identities. Not a single one of them is real, these names are just applied to stock photos. To back up our words and bring some evidence we will reveal Mr. Marcus. But with simple Google search by image you can expose the rest of them.


TradeFusion Scam Review

4) The “reliable” brokers synced to the Trade Fusion Scam! During the video presentation, we have witnessed a trading example of how you can use this software properly. Well a women voice explaining how they are logging into already existing member’s account. That account is synced with two broker Citrades and Binary Brokerz. A very shady and proven scam brokerages. Citrades aka CITItrader is one of the worst brokers you can land on. With short words before they become Citrades and move to London thy where settled in Bulgaria by the name of CitiTrader, the broker have scammed traders all around the world, stealing millions from them. When many of those traders started to ask for their money back the company was closed and bought by new company settled in UK. There are countless complains about them on ForexPeaceArmy just take a look. Binary Brokerz is a similar story! 5) “The first 90 days beta testing” period has just finished, and all of the members involved has managed to make from $15 to $50k with Trade Fusion Scam. Well this claim is time sensitive, according to the the domain is up and running from 27.11.2015 now its 07.02.2016, or exactly 73 days passed, apparently the shady creators are not very good in mathematics. So far the things look pretty grim for Trade Fusion System.

Trade Fusion Review! The Endorsements and verifications.

Google search reveals many negative reviews and very low amount of positive once, probably connected with the service itself since they are not posted on reputed industry blogs. Overall there are claims about verifications on but we couldn’t confirm the existence of those verifications.

Trade Fusion Review. The Conclusion.

“With TradeFusion you don’t need to have degree in financials and economics to earn some extra money.” Yes we completely agree, because everything so far is showing that you actually will lose money rather than make some with this TradeFusion. Let’s summarize, we have website full of misleading information and over-promising statements. Existence of scam brokers associate with this service and the countless fake identities are just confirming our concerns about Fusion Trade Scam! Well-made and presented LIE. Our opinion is that investing with this auto trading APP involves high risk and we won’t recommend it!

Final Verdict: Is Trade Fusion Scam? YES! Definitely Avoid this Binary Options Software.

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9 thoughts on “Trade Fusion Scam Alert

  1. Thanks for exposing the tradefusion scam! You just saved me $250.
    By the way they should get sued for using CNBCs name like that.

  2. Thank you guys, you saved my money. I got already in but I’ll not fund that Citrades account.
    Thanks for the brilliant review and for all these comments.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. We don’t know, we cant speak regarding other peoples opinion
      We havent tested this software ourselfs because it was looking very scamish, and we tought that ivesting with it could be risky.

  3. This trade fusion does like it needs to be taken down a fuse or two. Your scam review has helped do that …. thank you

  4. There is NO way CNBC or their Futuresnow segment would have anything to do with this! This has scam written all over it. Thanks for exposing this.

  5. STAY AWAY FROMM TRADEFUSION!!!!! 27 trades 9 WINS 18 LOSES! This trading system is a joke. The website looks promising and everything but the software is crap. I almost lost all my first time deposit of 500 euro. Trade Fusion SCAM!!!

  6. Hello,
    I just want to share my experience with TradeFusion! The service is total SCAM, bad thing is that i had to find that on the hard way. I lost all my initial investment of $500 for 3 days by using the auto trading service available inside trade fusion software. Do not repeat my mistake, stay away from this bogus service!!! The performance never gets higher then 40%!

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