Your Legacy Club Scam Alert

Your Legacy Club! One service many unanswered Questions!

The main questions: Is your legacy club scam or real money making machine!? Is about to be answered! Read this killer review, we won’t spare any details!

Your legacy club by Bill O’Doherty is an auto trading binary options service. We heard a lot of bold statements while we investigated the and to be honest we have some concerns about the honesty of this investment app. We think that this trading system might be just another lousy scheme. Bear with us and read this short review in order to find out the truth deeply hidden behind the fancy curtain.

Legacy Club Scam Review! Debunking is our power and we are going to show you why!

We will be really aggressive with this one, because after few seconds spend on we are hundred percent sure that this new system is a SCAM! But let’s start from the beginning, actually we don’t want to ruin the whole review by spoiling it from the very beginning.  The presentation page is covered with non-clickable endorsement badges which are obviously fake. And many phony identities, a simple stock photos attached to random names, and they are supposed to give authority to this system? We don’t think so!


Your Legacy Club Review

  Who’s Bill O’Doherty the creator of Your Legacy Club and can we confirm that he is the person he represent in the video. According to the story line this man is involved with the financial world from very long time, during that period he has consulted leading investment companies like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, CitiBank and others. Recently he realized that he is getting old, so he decided to develop this software in order to leave something behind. His goal is to make people happier and richer. Well we got to admit that’s pretty nice purpose. We investigated the name and we have also researched the pictures inside the A simple Google search expose Bill O’Doherty as phony identity. The search engine shows results only related to this particular system meaning that this personality is specifically invented to promote this service! During the presentation video we find very nasty trick used by Bill that will harm you! “He plans to match every single dollar of your initial investment.” Actually what he means is that, after you deposit money an account manager will call you and ask you to give you a bonus, those money are not coming from O’Doherty, they are coming from the brokerage you are synced with. Why taking bonus is bad? If you take the bonus your account will be locked till you reach certain trading volume, with some brokers this can be very hard, and with scam service like your legacy club it is impossible! With simple words, you will lose all your money the moment you take that bonus! Very nasty trick as we mentioned above. Regarding the pictures we have found really nasty fact inside one of the pictures. We will post it under because this picture says thousand words.


Your Legacy Club Review

As you can see those people are involved with the new released scam Push Money APP, but if you think that’s all, it’s not!  Take a look at the following snapshot.

Just confirm the obvious connection between a scam named Fast Cash Biz, who have scammed hundreds if not thousands of people for millions of dollars.


Your Legacy Club Review

After all the evidence displayed above we think that you are going to simply believe us if we claim that all the articles regarding Bill and this software on major news portals like Forbes, Sky News, Bloomberg and others are just fabricated!!!

Legacy Club Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Bill O’Dohery Guarantees success!?! Wtf, how you guarantee with what? Who are you? You cant guarantee nothing you don’t have the money to guarantee!! There are no third party verifications you are just poor actor involved with multi-million scam industry, SHAME ON YOU! We can’t find any reliable approval from any of the industry reputed blogs that can bring credibility to this software. The obvious connection between Your Legacy Club and two of the most scary binary options scams is undeniable. A person calling himself honest and decent, who’s pushing you into investing with money stealing scheme and then pushing you into taking bonus with lousy trick? Excuse us but this sh*t trading service deserves zero respect. We are angry that such looking poor scams are released on daily basis and we are doing our best to keep you guys / gals warned about the potential threats. Investing with The Legacy Club hides high risk, and we don’t recommend such action!


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  1. Your reviews are always brilliant and on point! Thanks for the heads up on Your Legacy Club! Will definitely be steering clear of this one!!

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