$1000 Dollar Secret Review! This Software is a Simple Scam – Avoid!

$1000 Dollar Secret is a Simple Scam!

Check this review before you end up losing money with this fraudulent operation!

Official website: 1000dollarsecret.com!

The $1000 Dollar Secret is nothing but another money stealing scheme. Once landing on 1000dollarsecret.com, you’ll see and experience only lies. Within this straight to the point investigation review we`ll expose everything you need to know about this service.

In nowadays there are many similar scams advertised within the trading industry. Once you get more familiar with one of them you`ll learn to recognize the rest of them. That’s why we`ll make this article something like a case-study. Once you read it promise you`ll be able to recognize similar services.

the $1000 dollar secret scam review

Why The $1000 Dollar Secret is a Scam?

Take a look at the presentation video. Immediately after we start it, we meet some testimonials coming from people who claim to be experiencing staggering success with this software. Notice how after they testimonials finish the presenter appears and it’s all covered by voice over acting.

 The reason why scams are using voice covered cartooned videos is simple. They aim to hide as much information as they can about the real creators of their bogus system. That’s why, they always represent themselves with fake names, and they don’t share any address or companies so we can actually investigate them.

No legit trading-tool will come up with such cheap, presentation video. According to the information displayed on 1000dollarsecret.com, the service has generated nearly $30 mils in profits. If this is real the creators should be able to afford a good looking promo site!

What actually the $1000 Dollar Secret is?

The scam-artist claims that once we register we`ll receive genuine signals provider. The guy even lies about this. The service is not a signals provider but auto-trading solution. The software is set to sign you with shady brokers and lose your money! We are not sure why the founders are hiding the true identity of this service, but we are sure that there are more dishonest intentions behind that.

What about the real people who testify?

Yep the only difference, between the lousiest scams and $1000 Dollar Secret are the testimonials. Those people aim to create positive environment around this trading-system. Probably into newcomers eyes those people look trustworthy! The truth however is not very pretty. Those people are just amateur actors who are paid to read the script. All of them sell testimonial gigs on online marketplace called fiverr.com. There you can hire all kinds of different people to do all kinds of jobs for you! As evidence we`ll reveal one of the actors! By the way he takes part in many scams who use the binary options niche to trick people, his name is Bob and he is famous fiverr actor.

the $1000 dollar secret scam review

What else?

Besides all the lies and fake personalities, we want to point some more false content. Take a look at the Facebook and Twitter feeds inside 1000dollarsecret.com! They are also fabricated and just part from the overall deception. If those where real you will be able to click onto the person’s name or photo! Taking such action should redirect you to the actual social media profile of this particular person.

Estimated profits are they realistic?

No, they are also overextended. The fake presenter claims that you will be able to make from $1000 to $7000 per day with this service and all depends on your commitment.

Online trading can be profitable but all depends of few details. What’s your trading budget, your money management strategy and your accuracy. The combination of those three elements can determine your potential profits or loses!

Do not trust to people who claim that you`ll be able to generate thousands of dollars starting from $250 deposit because you`ll end up lied!

$1000 Dollar Secret Scam Review – The Summary!

Beyond any doubt this money making opportunity is not real. However, this is not the most important part of this article. Take a look at the topics we covered and make sure to memorize them. Next time you land on similar offer just check the individuals involved, the announced returns also the industry opinion. If one of these topics seems suspicious to you just avoid the service and move forward because you are most likely looking to another scam!

Review Verdict: $1000 Dollar Secret Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid 1000dollarsecret.com!

Binary Options trading can turn to be a very good financial source for you! Unfortunately, due to the high demand the industry downside is that there are many crooks stalking for your money! That’s why you have to always rely on good reputation services! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading-Tools. They are all 100% endorsed by the trading society and tested for long period of time.

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One thought on “$1000 Dollar Secret Review! This Software is a Simple Scam – Avoid!

  1. Great job guys!
    Another scam has revealed. Promises based without realistic concept. Lies, fake testimonials, paid actors. Those crooks are not tired, to come up with new scenarios. It is obviously clear that whit $250 dollars investments you could’t gain thousands of dollars per day. Run away from financial platforms that hiding their brokers and avoid software’s that nobody has ever heard.
    Thank’s you walking us on the matter.

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