100k Binary Challenge is a SCAM! 100kbinarychallenge.com Review!

100k Binary Challenge Scam Warning!

Read our investigation review before you date to take the challenge!

Official Website: 100kbinarychallenge.com

100k Binary Challenge is new money stealing scheme, which uses interesting approach! We`ll call this the three sentences fraud operation. Simply because the whole page relies on 2 sentences and that’s everything thy got to convince us! We are not sure why they are using such lame approach but we feel that’s even insult for the scammers itself.

Take a look at the snapshot, and we`ll just debunk everything they are writing there!

 100k Binary Challenge scam review

Why we must avoid registration with the the 100k Binary Challenge?

There are hundreds of similar $5-dollar worth landing pages, who try to attract new traders in order to steal their money. Beware, and never trust such looking websites, where you cannot confirm the origin of the service!

This service is created by group of traders?

Where are those traders? Why the website does not share any names or companies? If this was reputed trading platform they will introduce us to their traders at least! In this case we have one sentence announcing about those traders and that’s it. No background on them or any kind of proof of their existence!

The group is aiming to help new traders?

The main challenge is to help novice investors in order to rise their trading accounts from $250 to $100,000. Well, this is not an easy goal. Moreover, such initial investment is too low to produce such results. Not that Its impossible but it won’t happen for short period of time!

The signals of 100k binary challenge, can we trust them?

The website does not meet us with those traders. The promotional page is not offering us with any trading history or any kind of reliable evidence about their success. Legit signals providers are not relying on empty promises! They deliver results, success rates percentages and real trust wordy testimonials!

What about the two photos exposed on 100kbinarychallenge.com?

Seems like the website meet us with the wealth generating trading experts? Nope – exactly the opposite. They try to convince us that behind those photos there are real trading experts but everything is just one lie. We made in-depth research about those people, they don’t seem to be the traders they claim to be. Literally there is nothing that can proof their existence! Therefore, we cannot trust them. Based on everything said we can assume that, those are stolen photos from the web attached to names and that’s all.

Is there anything that can proof 100kbinarychallenge.com as honest signals provider?

No folks, this service is alone. Once you research the social media and the search engines, you can find only negative reviews and bad feedback. Simply because people who signed with this signals provider have bad experience! All legit binary options help-trading tools have good reputation. There is nothing more trustworthy then an honest day-trader review! IF the regular investors say it’s bad then there is a reason for that!


The service is advertised as free only during this lame-ass challenge. After that they will be asking from you a subscription plan. There are two plans: FX pro plan worth $99 per month and Full hosted autopilot worth $249 /month! Everything sounds suspicious and above everything those are expensive subscriptions for binary options signals provider!

100k Binary Challenge scam review

100k Binary Challenge Scam Review – The conclusion!

There is not a single reason for you to waste money with this signals provider! It’s expensive it won’t deliver the promised results and you`ll lose a lot of money! Beyond any doubt this service is dishonest and signing up won’t end well for you!

Review Verdict: 100k Binary Challenge is a SCAM! Beware and avoid the invitational web-page: 100kbinarychallenge.com!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable but you have to stay away from such looking cheap services. If you are newcomer make sure to check the reputation of the product you are looking at before you register. For safer alternatives we invite you to check out Top Rated Trading-Tools. Notice the difference of the promotional pages. Furthermore, they are all tested and endorsed by the trading community on 100%!

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3 thoughts on “100k Binary Challenge is a SCAM! 100kbinarychallenge.com Review!

  1. I have to be honest with you guys, i was ready to invest in 100k Binary Challenge and put my money in plan two, but thank’s to your review i quickly change my decision.
    I am so happy that i avoid this service and didn’t loose my money. Thank you for the efforts you are doing, to protects us from scammers.

  2. Thank you for your honest analyses it save me a lot of troubles. I like your reviews, they are very global.
    Your opinion about scammers arrived just in time.
    As regard to 100k Binary Challenge, i am completely agree with you. How can you create something so profitable and stay behind the scene. I want to know where i put my money and with who i am making deals. If there are experts, let’s show to us!!!!

  3. Hello, sadly i had read this article too late. Last week i choose plan FX pro plan worth $99 per month.
    I didn’t expect that i will lose my money. I didn’t realized the situations and invest another $250 dollars,
    of course i got lost again.
    I am fed up from those scammers, is there any authority to stop them?

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