24 Paying Scam? Honest HYIP Review!

24 Paying HYIP Scam?

Can this be the first Legit HYIP we find?

Read our investigation review before you decide to invest!


The 24 Paying is new high-yield investment program. Allegedly all the profits, which are payed to the investors are coming from Bitcoin trading. And its claimed that you can withdraw every 24 hours basically that’s why the program is called the 24 Paying. Anyway we made our regular in-depth research regarding this service and unfortunately the details we came across are not very promising. As always, we will advise you to spare like 5 minutes and read this article before you decide to put your money into this unstable HYIP! Or if you are in a hurry just scroll down and check our review verdict, it’s always based on solid evidence!

the 24 paying scam review

The 24 Paying Scam Review! All you need to know!

Before we cover the important topics, we would like to point something very strange. Take a look at the text exposed on 24paying.com. It seems that its written very wrong definitely not from English native speaking person. We are probably the last people, which are supposed to question the grammar inside 24paying.com, since we are also not a native English speaking team. But let’s not forget that we are bloggers and our English is less important than the actual warning our reviews contain. Anyway, we strongly believe that an official page of investment company must be written by native speaking people or from individuals with professional English writing skills. Just take a closer look and you`ll understand of what we are talking about here, even for us some of the paragraphs on 24paying.com are hard to understand.

Now let’s cover some of those scam elements!

What actually the 24 paying HYIP is?

According to the information exposed on 24paying.com, all the profits are coming from exploiting a glitch into the cryptocurrencies online markets. The team behind 24paying program are using an auto trading robot to execute trades on the crypto online markets. The bot is consistently buying from the exchanges on low price and selling on other trading platforms for small profits. Basically its profiting from the difference of the prices among the cryptocurrency exchanges. In the reality it’s possible, there is also risk but if you are quick enough you can do it on manual level. Of course you`ll be needing registrations on all currently available cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our Option:

Such bot does not exist! First it’s impossible to be made because the cryptocurrencies online markets are not yet so well developed, and secondly there is no real proof on 24paying.com that can guarantee the existence of this auto trading software.

The payment plans of the 24 paying program?

The return plans of this high-yield investment program are ridiculous! For 24 hours the program is offering minimum of 384% and maximum of 528%. In straight up digits, if you invest $100 the estimated profits are after 24 hours for you are between $384 and $528 US Dollars. The return rates are so unrealistic that we can guarantee 100%, that you won’t experience such profits.

Is it really possible to withdraw money on 24 hours?

In reality worldwide wire bank transfers do not run for 24 hours! Normally, it takes at least 2 – 3 business days, and between some countries it might take up to 14 business days. In addition, for maximum transparency we can say that, between some countries, and by using a certain bank instruments its possible, but they are not cheap! We really don’t believe that 24paying.com will pay like $50 per transaction just to deliver the money to its investors faster. Considering that most of the investors are investing amounts under $100 at the start.

Who are the people behind 24paying.com?

Into the about us section where the information should be exposed, there is nothing written about the company managers. Obviously the criminals behind this fraud have various of reasons to stay anonymous. The is no real firm or people exposed here, which can answer by any legal actions coming from the investors. Therefore, we can’t speak about trust here at all!

Are there any testimonials or endorsements?

Despite the lack of information about the managers we have some testimonials displayed in the “about us” page. Unfortunately, those testimonials are failing to gain good authority to the 24 paying HYIP! Simply because they are all just stock models, created with one purpose! To give credibility! We`ll provide evidence for you just to back up our words. In addition, you can also go and research those images in google, you`ll also discover that they are all fabrications.

the 24 paying scam review

The 24 paying Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Pity but a fact! The 24 Paying Scam is just the next client for our black list! We are observing few major red flags here! Over-promising and bizarre payout rates. Phony testimonials and many false credentials, long with unknown organization. We advise, you to stay away from this investment program!

Review Verdict: The 24 Paying Scam Confirmed on 100%! Dodge the bogus official website: 24paying.com!

We strongly recommend that, if you are online money making opportunist, to avoid those HYIP methods. You better use a trusted and reliable money making method such as binary options. Where you actually have full control over your funds! In nowadays the novice traders also can access the financial markets without any previous trading experience, by using help-trading tools. Such as signal services or auto trading solutions. We invite you to check our Top Recommended Binary Services. They are all tested and endorsed by the majority of the trading community. But most importantly you have full control over your capital and you can withdraw your profits or whole your budget whenever you decide!

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