24AlgoTrader Scam Confirmed on 100%! Tradersbot.com Review!

24AlgoTrader is a Cheap Scam!

Read this Warning Review, before you decide to lose money here!


24AlgoTrader should not be trusted folks. Originally the service is designed to scam novice traders, and the whole presentation does not make any sense. Unfortunately, for new investors the video can sound convincing. However, check this review, we will expose everything with this article.

the 24algotrader scam review

24AlgoTrader Scam Review – The Ugly Truth!

The re-preventive website tradersbot.com, contains barely any information about the service. Well, they speak about trading and brokers and experts etc., but they don’t give any specific information. If, this was a good legit system and the video will be explaining how the system works. In these case we get only fluff.

Now we`ll go over few topics in order to expose some scam elements and bring you back into the reality. Because the tradersbot.com is nothing gut a fairy tale!

How the 24AlgoTrader Software Works?

Thing is that there is literally no information regarding the inside of the system. The presenter claims that this is sophisticated algo-trading software but he does not provide us with any additional information. Such as how the algorithm works, based on what strategies, or fundamentals or data analysis. All he says is that this is the newest auto-trading machine based on the latest technologies coming from the greatest analytical minds from the field of finance and economics!

Now, a lot of questions are raising!

  1. What exactly the “latest technologies” means in this case?
  2. Who are those brightest minds? Why the presentation does not provide us with any names of companies, individuals or anything to back up their storyline?

Overall we are looking at empty words without any legitimacy what so ever.

Who hare the people behind The 24AlgoTrader Software?

Those details also remain complete mystery! The video presentation on the landing page and into the member’s area are covered by voiceover actor. A typical scam approach, the video aims to provide only surface information hiding all the important details and identities! Therefore, we cannot speak about trust here at all!

the 24algotrader scam review


On both pages we have decent number of testimonials coming from the so called “members” of the 24AlgoTrader software. Lucky Patterson, Matt Bagley, Mike Andrews etc. they all claim that this service is really providing the claimed results! Unfortunately, there is a problem with all those people. They participate with names and photos, but they are not real! Those are just fictitious characters, invented to create positive environment inside tradersbot.com.

We`ll add a nice snapshot exposing those testimonials as bogus. We talk about stock photos + name + text = testimonials! A legit trading solution will never fake out its credibility. Therefore, here we have dishonest intentions!

the 24algotrader software

Are there any outside endorsements in support of this APP?

No, there are none. Furthermore, you can make a small research yourself and you`ll find only negative reviews spread all around the search engine. That’s because there are already burned people from this fraud and they simply want to warn the rest of the industry!

24AlgoTrader Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are looking at binary options software designed to steal your money. Seems like that “the most successful binary options machine ever invented” is not that great. Those types of too good to be true offers are everywhere folks, be careful and always check for second opinion before registration!

Review Verdict: The 24AlgoTrader Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid tradersbot.com!

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There is probably only one truth, which we can confirm from the entire video from tradersbot.com! Binary Options is really a good way to make additional income. Yes, but you have to be careful, and register only with good reputed trading tools. For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Solutions. They are all tested and approved by the trading community!

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One thought on “24AlgoTrader Scam Confirmed on 100%! Tradersbot.com Review!

  1. Thank you guys for nice review. You are exposing everything, we should know about this scamming The 24AlgoTrader Software.
    I am an ordinary person, who is betting a small sum to different platforms for binary options. My idea is to convert stakes in to a profit. And i must say in most cases, that happens to me. Of course there are also losses. That’s why i always check for second opinion for scammers. That’s make me allay and help me to take a right decision, where to invest my money.
    I watched the video about The 24AlgoTrader, and i should admit is very convinced. But only if you a new comer in binary options trading. As mentioned in this article be careful, and avoid those crooks.
    Thank you once again you bring to light swindlers.

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