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300 Millionaire Scam?

This honest review will answer all the suspicious questions!


300 Millionaire by Michael Bennet is new binary options signal service. The system will provide trading signals for you to trade! Everything inside 300millionaire.com is based on few key reputation elements. The alleged creator Michael Bennet, a professor from Columbia university New York, and some testimonials on the second page. So, we watched everything carefully and investigated all the identities involved. The things are not looking good for this signal providing system!

the 300 millionaire scam review

Why the 300 millionaire system is scam!?

Basically the concept of the presentation video is pretty simple. Michael Bennet who is also the presenter of his signal service is creating a positive environment around him. He claims to be professional financial analyst and extremely successful trader. During the last 5 years he claims he generated around $31 million dollars trading binary options. He managed to develop a trading Technic that turned to be very successful for him. Thing we don’t like is that he does not say anything about those strategies or on what kind of analysis are based. Mr. Bennet repeated several times that they are specifically targeting bad market conditions! Pointing the 2008 crisis. Also, speaking of new upcoming crisis like a potential money making opportunity! The bad market forecasting Technics, he learned from a professor form New York. The economics Prof. Samuel Frost from Columbia University in New York. The normal thing to do here is, to research the official page of the University: columbia.edu for this man. The search clearly shows that Prof. Samuel Frost does not exist and he is invented personality. That discovery immediately triggered a research on Bennet’s identity. Googles shows posts only related with 300millionaire.com! He neither appears into the students’ history report in Columbia from 2000 to 2010. All this shows that Mr. Michael Bennet is also, just an actor pretending to be a trading professional. Now that we all know the creator of the 300 millionaire system is not real everything just collapses.

Moving onto the next page we have 3 testimonials from people testify that the 300 millionaire software is really good trading tool. All of them claim to be making lots of money.  The people are presented as family relatives to the fake actor! Guess how real they are if, he is phony? The people are just paid actors hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com. We shall provide solid evidence to back up our words of course.

The snap shot contains link to the real persons’ identity!

the 300 millionaire scam

Binary Options Industry endorsements!

Obviously this signal system is a scam. And no one is claiming the opposite, the industry blogs are black-listing the service and no real endorsements can be seen. The fact just supports our statement that this service should not be trusted!!

The 300 millionaire scam! Summary!!

The whole story line behind this signal service is made up. All the people who participate are actors or not-existing personalities. The claims about how you`ll be able to make $25,000 per month are unrealistic and there is no verification of the opposite. The conclusion is only one! Investing with 300 millionaire system will be disasters. Your hard earned money will be stolen immediately and you`ll have no one to complain to! Obviously, because the people involved are just not real!

Review Verdict: The 300 Millionaire Scam Confirmed! The website 300millionaire.com is fraud, avoid it!

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