50k a week Software scam review

50k a Week Scam or Reliable Software?

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The 50k a Week Software is new binary options auto trading system. Allegedly this trading robot will provide a minimum of $50,000 per week as profits for its investors. The only condition is to get invited by a friend because there are only 60 spots available. Gash, we even feel bad to write the above two sentences! This software solution is just a spam scam and it must be avoided at all cost. This in-depth article will explain why this and all similar to this sales pitch pages must be dodged. The regular day-trader or money making opportunist must stay away from those terrible Ponzi schemes.

the 50k a week software

The 50k a Week Scam Review! Detailed explanations!

First before we start and go over few critical topics, we would like to say few words, which can save you lots of time. Binaryoptionsspot.com is dedicated to review and consistently test different auto-trading, signal services and binary options brokers. To this point we have over thousand reviews written and we haven’t ever come across a legit software solutions presented by voice over acting plus cartooned video presentation. Just have this in mind while you are browsing the web for new money making opportunities! No matter if we speak of Trading or High-yield investment programs.

Now back to our main target – the 50k a week software.

How the investment application works?

The alleged presenter Josh Harris claims that the system relies on data analyzing algorithms! It’s extremely unprofessional and unethical to target your potential members with such poor explanations but away! We almost where at the point to accept that the promotion video at least has some information about the algorithms, when the red flag came. John Harris dropped the bomb with his statement about how this bot is able to predict the online markets on 99.9996%! His says that the success rate is so high because the service completely exclude the emotional factor coming from the humans.

  • First the no human or machine can forecast the online markets on 100% even on 90% if we speak for consistency! Probably that’s the only thing that can be guaranteed when we speak for the financial markets.
  • Secondly, actually its completely opposite, the machine oriented trading always have lower accuracy then the professional traders. Its proven that the software solutions cannot handle all markets conditions, due to the lack of intelligence, which humans have, obviously.

Who actually Josh Harris is?

He describes himself as normal guy who managed to crack the code. The storyline come with the explanation of how he was once poor but then he started working for company called GeniusTech. In the near future the company calls bankruptcy, just before they finish a new auto trading software. Anyway, Harris manage to gather team of former co-workers and they finish the system, which they finally call the 50k a Week! Completely retarded storyline, coming from fake identity! In addition, we researched the identity of Harris, there is no information about this person found-able anywhere in the web. If a person manages to make $50,000 per week with auto trader, there will be at least few news sources showcasing those success stories!

Are there only 60 spots really?

NO, this is just a pushing into registration trick, in matter of fact the spot counter you notice inside 50kaweek.com is fake! The counter will restart every time you refresh the page. In addition, we can say that the service is distributed by email marketers, probably you know about this system from shady email you have received from unknown person!

For how long The 50k a Week software operates?

Probably it’s not a surprise for you but this auto trading robot does not operate from two years like clamed in the video. The official domain 50kaweek.com is registered during 2016, therefore this is just another deception.

The testimonials?

the 50k a week scam review

Actually the only real people who appear inside 50kaweek.com are the one who testify as real members. They support this system and they all claim to be making money. Unfortunately, for the reputation of the 50k a week software those individuals are paid actors! Jeff Weiner, Michael Inoa and Christina Roszkowska are paid actors from fiverr.com. An online marketplace. We’ll provide evidence for you!

 the 50k a week software

The 50k a Week Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We are looking at very lousy money stealing scheme, but if you are newcomer you might get tricked and give it a try! Do not consider such actions because you will lose your initial capital. In addition, such websites often contain malicious code, which can harm you even more by stealing sensitive information from your computer. Such as debit / credit card information, PayPal accounts and important for you, passwords.

Review Verdict: 50k a Week Scam Confirmed! Beware and bypass 50kaweek.com!

Binary Options trading can be very lucrative, but you need to be careful while you choose your trading tools! For safer alternatives to the 50k a week software, we invite you to check our Top Trusted Binary Services. Unlikely the scam we are reviewing today! All the software solutions from our list are tested and well endorsed by the trading community!

For further questions or to report a fraudulent activity you can reach us at: binaryoptionsspot@gmail.com

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