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If you have signed with any of the Binary Options Auto Traders promoted on this website within the last 60 days, and you are not happy with the results you can get Free access to Mike’s Private Facebook signals trading group! We highly care about our subscribers and traders, that’s why we can offer that very prosperous opportunity to invite you in the biggest Facebook signal group with over 3000 happy members.

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Mike’s Facebook signals Group Review:

Mike’s FB group is not just a profitable signals providing service, it’s a school for new traders, where you can learn and share different strategies or guidelines with other traders. Basically the group is relying on 5 top traders called admins, who are posting easy to understand trading signals on the wall 24/5. Weekends are used for educational purpuses. Other very impressive service a are the online webinars created regulary from the group’s admins, where you can see and trade live with them. The group admins are getting payed from Michael the owner of the group, to keep high success rate. And we talk about 72%-90% accuracy. Besides the regular payouts they recieve additional bonuses for consecutive ITM signals in a roll, which starts from $250 and they go up to $1000 for 10 ITMs in a roll. And those bonuses are not only for admins everyone participating in this group can try to qualify for a bonus.  You can check the screenshots below in order to get a glimpse of what you should expect inside! All the results below are confirmed from third party moderation admins, so there is no cheating. The group rules are very strict and if someone don’t follow them he will be banned from the group instantly!

Snapshots randomly taken form the FB group!

Groups admin statment

Where it comes to webinars and NFP trading Afzal is the real deal!!!


Long term trading is your choice? Okay No Problem Snir is here, he have one of the most profitable long exipry strategies!!!


Your time zone don’t allow you to trade during the London And NY sessions? No Problem Rene is covering everything during the night and he is a real beast!!!

Thise are just small part of the consistent session of the top admins! 


Those results are tracked and confirmed from third party moderation admins and there are really no place for mistakes! You are looking at overall average performace of the admins and Top Traders!  

Michael Freeman is real person, well known among the binary options community! He owns few website blogs and the biggest Industry Youtube channel! Watch this short video in order to hear few words directly from Michael Freeman !

We belieave that this secret Facebook group is far more valuable then any other binary options service!

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