7 Figure Months Software is Filthy SCAM! Honest Review!

7 Figure Months Scam Investigation!

Read this unbiased review before you decide to join this auto trading software!


7 Figure Months is new binary options trading system. All based on secret loophole the software is providing its investors with total financial freedom. According to the presenter Martin Saunders this hidden glitch has happed him to bank one million dollars per month like clockwork! Now he decided to give this golden opportunity to 20 more people and that’s it! The chance of becoming millionaire over month will disappear!

Truth is that such opportunities does not exist. That’s why Binary Options Spot is here! To prevent you from trusting this unreal offer! Make sure to spent few minutes and read our in-depth analysis review. Or if you trust us already just scroll down and see our Review Verdict!

7 figure months scam review

7 Figure Months Scam Review! The Ugly Truth!

Before we start to point out all the red flags, we would like to remind you all something important! Trading with inside company, organization which might have inside information or using any kind of security breach / the so called loopholes is considered Illegal! So, using one of the above methods means that you can’t merge it with words like 100% ethical or 100% legit!

How the 7 Figure Month Software operates?

Proudly Mr. Martin Saunders, claims that the software has nothing in common with the similar looking scam systems out there. He even promises us to show us live proof that will convince us, that he is saying the truth.

Well, he does not show is the proof into the 16 minutes-long presentation video, nor he give us proper explanation of how the algorithm works! All he decided to say is that he found a very special binary options loophole, which will make us all rich! And of course he states that it will remain a mystery for us!

Here is actually the first repelling element for us! Sometimes we test systems that look scam-ish but before we take the decision we look for some genuine explanation of how the system works. In this case we don’t get any, besides that we already explained about how inside information is considered illegal!

Whose Martin Saunders?

The presenter describes himself like super rich guys who has been involved with trading from a long time! Well, Google nor Facebook or LinkedIn are recognizing the name. There are posts appearing for this guys but they are all associated with 7figuremonths.com. Seems like he is a paid actor for us!

Even if, we pretend that he is the man he represents for, this is not enough for us to believe in his words! Simply because you can’t drop some bomb statements and just say “hey my name is Martin and I guarantee”. When there is money involved we can’t blindly trust in such words!

Estimated profits?

The potential monthly income with the 7 Figure Months software is actually already pointed with the system’s name. The promoter Martin claims that you`ll be able to bank one million every single month by simply clicking one button!

No, trading does not offer so ridiculously high profits. You can make a lot of money with trading but you can’t expect to invest $250, push a button and after 1 month to be one million richer! The testimonial they show us with the female they call Michelle is fabricated! The girl is also a paid actor and she is involved with other scams as well!

In addition, they add more unrealistic information by saying that the application works with 100% success rate! We strongly dispute the claim, like every normal human being should! A 100% accuracy is impossible to be maintained consistently, period.!

Testimonials and endorsements!

Besides the fake testimonials in the middle of the BS video presentation we have no other people testifying about the 7 Figure Months software. We couldn’t find any outside testimonials coming from real people, which is a strong sign!

The members they show us who are already millionaires are phony! A simple who.is search reveals that 7figuremonths.com is registered on 26.06.2016.Therefore, clearly those members can’t be using the nonexistent service for over 5 months now!

Regarding the endorsements, again there are no found-able real endorsements. All the reputed industry blogs or news portals are black listing the system! In addition, we can say that YouTube offers quite big amount of negative stories, from people who have already made the mistake to put money into this black whole!

What else can we add?

There is one more curious detail we managed to explore! WE believe that the is some kind of connection between the 7 Figure Months Software and other viral scam called Insured Outcome! When you attempt to register with the software, just before you get to deposit money there is an another video starting. The guy who participate in the video is actually the CEO / presenter used in Insured Outcome! Quite interesting don’t you think? In addition, the inside interface of the two services is the same!

7 figure months scam review

7 Figure Months Scam Review! The Conclusion!

We have all we need to claim this bogus system as a fraud! Clearly unrealistic potential profits mixed with lots of deceptive information! On top of everything we have association with other scam system! Don’t be fooled here folks if you register with this trading software you`ll lose money!

Review Verdict: 7 Figure Months Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid visiting 7figuremonths.com!

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Dear readers you all need to know that trading industry is high demand field! Due to that fact there are many crooks stalking the new traders! Make sure to seek for second opinion before you end up registered with shady broker or fraud system! For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Service! They are all well-endorsed by the community and tested by our team!

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