97% Partners Scam Warning! Pathetic Money Stealing Scheme!

97% Partners Scam Investigation!

New binary options drive our attention; this in-depth review will put to the text the honesty of this trading system!


97% Partners software is new binary options automated service. The trading system offers rev share investment. Basically the creators of this service will take 3% of your profits and you’ll keep 97%. On first look it sounds amazing, but don’t forget that the initial investment is still for your cost! We made vast research regarding this binary options service and to be honest we found some disturbing facts.

the 97% partners software scam

The 97% Partners Scam Review! All the hidden facts.

How this software works? Well, the inside of this system remains mystery. There was no information exposed what so ever on 97partners.co. The fact that the creators are hiding how the algorithm works is really big red flag for us. If, we were to invest money we surly want to know how the application is working, or on what analysis is based on!

What the presentation video says? Our full analysis.

We have a voice over covered cartooned presentation, highly unprofessional. 99.9% of the websites with similar look are fraud operations. Few key scam exposing elements here! We have anonymous presenter, unrealistic claims and no authorities involved to proof the credibility of the 97% Partners software. Just think about it, if this system was really legit, why the creators remain hidden? Why you should be wanting to become partners with someone completely unknown? The CEO is described as ex professor from prestige Swedish University and his name Simon, we learned from one of the testimonials. That’s the information we get, and we must trust in this? We Don’t think so, everything smells too fishy!

the 97% partners scam review

Jeremy real identity! / Iris real identity!

The video presented relays on few testimonials to convince us that usage of the 97% Partners software will lead us into immense profits! The first two testimonials are represented by Jeremy Collins and Iris Christensen. Both turning $300 initial deposits into $600,000 thousand dollars for short period of time. The screenshots displayed in the presentation are fabricated by two reasons. First the domain 97partners.co is registered on 23.02.2106 according to the who.is search. Clearly making the usage of this investment application impossible before that date, and probably debunks the whole backline story. Secondly the people you see are not real. They are invented personalities attached to stock model photos. We made research and managed to find both of them, we`ll provide solid evidence to support our words.

Next testimonial made by a blonde hair woman is also fabricated. The female is well known paid actor, which offers such looking testimonials cheap at fiverr.com (online marketplace). Plus, we doubt that if, you make half a million per month, you are going to buy lousy BMW 1 series for like 5000 euro, LOL.

Evidence link inside this snapshot:

the 97% partners scam review

Next “trustworthy” approval come from Bob, an even more famous paid actor. Bob claims that the 97% software has literally changed his life. That’s why he is extremely grateful to Simon. Well Bob we appreciate your participation here, because we can clearly confirm this software as bogus! On other hand, Bob is damn good actor so you might consider buying some of his gig’s… just kidding.

Evidence link in the screenshot:

the 97% partners software scam

In addition, we made some social media research, just in case to see what other people are thinking of the 97% Partners Scam! We couldn’t find any positive reviews, which is good, but we also couldn’t see many negative once. Probably to the fact that this auto trading system is fairly new.

The 97% Partners Scam Review! The conclusion.

Well, we are glad that we found this service almost immediately after its release, that fact will provide us with the chance to warn more people for the potential threat! Look friends, during our scam war we have never came across good trading system with such looking’s. One presentation video, bunch of over-promising claims and many false credentials and fake identities. The chance of this being NOT a SCAM is so tiny that it can’t even be described. We believe that the exposed evidence will provide you with the information needed to convince you in our words. Basically investing with the 95% partner’s software will be disasters for your trading account. Your initial deposit will deplete in matter of minutes and there will be no one to complaint to! Remember, the developers remain anonymous!

Final Verdict: The 97% Partners Scam Confirmed! Avoid the dubious page 97partners.co!

Binary Options can be profitable, that’s truth but you need to be avoiding the scam service in order to succeed. Check our black list, and you`ll get more clear picture of how viral and dangerous those scams are! Remember to always seek for second opinion before you sign with binary options service or brokerage. For safer trading alternative check our Top Trusted Services. Just keep in mind that they won’t make you $500k for one moth starting from $300. All potential profits are determinate by two things, your money management strategy and your budget!

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