The 98Success App Scam Exposed! Avoid this System

The 98Success APP Scam Exposed!

Read this review before you decide to register with this investment application.

The 98success APP is new binary options trading system. Developed and presented by Henry D’Souza this software claims to be using some kind of New York exchange security breach. During the who video presentation all the people involved are repeating that the algorithm is maintaining 98.4% accuracy. Associating this we assume that’s why the name of the service is The 98success APP. Anyway, such high accuracy does not exist in trading world if, we speak for consistency. The BOSpot team will reveal all the scam elements inside with this exposure review.

Why The 98success Scam should not be trusted!? All Kinky details!

the 98success app scam review

As we always do we`ll pay attention first on the video presentation. We have a typical old school fraud operation, where the main scam artist in the face of Henry, tries to convince us that his software is the Holy Grail. Of course his main goal is to make you eager and push you into registration because, the opportunity will be soon gone. Well how it happens that all the too good to be true opportunities are soon to be gone? Same and same words again and again with different form. No the page will stay here, don’t worry and don’t be in a hurry to sign just continue reading. So, in order to make you register he uses some regular scam tricks. Consistently showing you false credentials as fake or fabricated PayPal, Bank and broker accounts. He says “Don’t believe only in my words, listen to what community is saying”. Then runs few phony testimonial videos, where people are thankful to him because he literally made them millionaires for short period of time! Another stoppage!! The gals and guys alleged with those “trustworthy” testimonials are paid actors. They are all hired from online market website called We`ll reveal few of them as evidence. But if you are curious about the rest of the people visit the website write “testimonials” in the search box and search for them.

Hi Fake Actors:

the 98success scam review

the 98success scam review

What is the main backline story and how The 98% success APP works?

Henry D’Souza claims to be a former New York Exchange IT specialist. The story is absurd, by the way we couldn’t find him or confirm that fact, which is already suspicious! So he found a bug in the security systems of the exchange and now he is sees and mimics all the trades placed by the big whale traders. This sounds like a fairy tale and its impossible of course. Anyway if, we pretend that its possible for a second it’s illegal and will definitely harm you as associate investor. Basically that’s the whole explanation, he created a binary options auto trading algorithm who’s going to copy trade positions of other traders. Those traders are displayed as the biggest once, in the face of Warren Buffett, Sacks, Bloomberg, George Soros and others. Complete BS, with no doubts.

The official website, what’s bogus there?

We have four questionable elements.

The security endorsement seals of protection, SSL (GeoTrust), Virus-free (VeriSign) and the others are fake. In the reality SSL will be expressed in the site’s URL as HTTPS://, and the VeriSign needs to be clickable showing the last scam-check with date!

After that we have some endorsement badges of gigantic news portals. The 98% Success APP should be announced on those websites. We made quick search, but not clue was found regarding this software exposed on the mentioned news portals: BBC, CNN, Wikipedia, USA Today, msnbc, absNEWS. Another pathetic authority attempt!

Further down we have countless amounts of stock photos attached to names. Those are the members who are making money with the 98success APP! Giving legitimacy to this trading system by using invented identities is not realty what we want to see.

Finally, at the bottom of the page we have a twitter feed news. Nothing but the next deception. If this was real, when you click on the tweet the system should redirect you to the tweet owner. In this case we can’t click, obviously fabricated!

the 98success scam review

The 98Success APP Summary!

True our eyes this software is really lousy scam attempt. Well as respect to the new comers who might be tricked we’ll be extremely clear here! There is no system which will use fake testimonials, and false credentials as authority builder. There is no real binary options service, which will claim to have 98.4% accuracy, because this sounds bizarre and can’t happen in the real world! We don’t like fairly tellers as Henry D’Souza, who by the way is just an invented identity! An actor-presenter created to be the face behind The 98success APP! Investing with this service is not recommended, doing so will cause damage to your financial status!

Review Verdict: The 98success Scam CONFIRMED! Beware avoid the official black whole fraud-site.

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