Alive In 5 Scam Revealed

Alive in 5 Scam or Legit?

This review will bring transparently in all the unanswered questions regarding this new trading system!

Alive In 5 software is extremely new binary options auto trading bot. The service has been released before 5 hours. Since we are looking at very high budget production we spent more time to analyze the official page We found some very disturbing facts around this trading system. Bear with us and read this in-depth scam review. We will reveal all the scam elements for you in order to prevent you from investing here and losing money!

alive in 5 scam

Alive In 5 Scam Review!

There are few key scam revealing elements we would like to point out. Starting with the claims we met inside the presentation video. The alleged presenter and CEO of Alive In 5 is Brandon Graham. The young eccentric trader made very bold statements.

“By simply using Alive In 5 Software you`ll be granted with eternal financial freedom”! The video contains many fabricated trading sessions of account starting with $0 and gaining $1000 for 5 minutes. Such trading sessions capable of producing such results for such short period of time does not exist. Don’t be fooled, this is just pushing marketing trick, just to make you eager and sign! Also, you can’t start trading with $0! When you register with particular trading system or directly with binary options broker you have to make a deposit and invest money. The deposit you make is money you can withdraw something like a new bank account, and with that account you actually start trading! So here we have some very suspicious live trading going on. Actually they don’t show us how this software opens trades so overall they have the time to fabricate everything!

What we really don’t like is that in this high cost, long Hollywood like production, the creators didn’t spend like few mins to explain what’s this all about. How this software is working, on what algorithms or indicators is based! You can’t just say hey this trading system will make you millionaire overnight and expect us to believe in you, LOL!

The people involved in Alive In 5 Scam!

Few paid actors;

Brandon Graham the CEO the father, the multi-millionaire with sunglasses stolen from Cyclopes(X-MEN), joking of course! Anyway the person is completely unknown to the financial world! A simple google search reveals this identity as fake, besides that no one connected to the trading community knows him! The only posts, which appear associate with Brandon Graham are connected with, that’s it! On top of that the female we saw in the video, who’s supposed to be his girlfriend is also an actor. The girl named Marissa took part before few weeks in other very viral scam called Trade Tracker Pro! Where the main scam artist went on vocation and while he was sitting by the pool the playing waitress there Marissa bring him a bear.

Next red flag is associated with the Alive In 5 Software availability. The actor claims that only our specific country is allowed to watch this video because they are searching for current location, where they want to release the software publicly. That’s a complete lie, we opened this page from several country IP’s, its working with no problem. They are just using scrip which will show your country flag on the page regarding your IP location! Overall he says “We are specially looking for people from your country” he does not mention the country, clearly revealing that its targeting all countries! Too much deception going on ha? That’s not all!

alive in 5 scam review

Continuing our Alive In 5 scam review with few words about the so called beta testers. Brandon said that he has members whose using his auto trading bot for over 3 months now! How this can be possible the official domain is registered on 13th of March 2016! Proving that everything before that date is clearly impossible and just part of the phony story!

Review Conclusion:

Okay with what we are dealing!? Some paid actors, claiming stuff that’s unrealistic. We have fake live trading sessions all starting with accounts containing zero dollars, obviously impossible!?! And we have imaginary beta testers who are using this trading system from 3 – 5 months? On top of that the negative reviews from other respected blogs just appear every hour in google, which is good because clearly supports out final statement!

Final Verdict: Alive In 5 Scam Confirmed! Make sure to avoid it is a fraud no doubt!

New comer to binary options industry? Make sure to check our black-list it can prevent you from signing with similar fraud to Alive In 5 software! Yes, binary options is lucrative field and you can make really good money by trading them. But keep in mind due to the high demand there are crooks who want to steal your money! Always check for second opinion before you decide to invest in particular trading service!

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