Amazing Deposit Scam Or Reliable!? HYIP Review!

Amazing Deposit Scam Investigation!

Another HYIP scam or maybe we found the first legit one?

Read our unbiased review!

Amazing Deposit is fairly new high-yield investment program. Officially launched before little more than a month, the opportunity quickly caught some attention.  As you know we usually focus binary options trading. But often we step outside of the box to review other online opportunities. We got a report by subscriber of ours who apparently lost $2000 using this program. We, officially want to thank Edgar H. for warning us.

Immediately after we received the disturbing news we made a research regarding this HYIP. Actually we are not surprise, it seems like 99.9% of those opportunities are fraudulent. We leave 0.01%, as minor chance but so far we haven’t come across a working HYIP. There is a reason for them to be classified as Ponzi Scheme by Wikipedia.

So far we have reviews some quite viral investment programs, and they all seems to work the same. Using a simple pyramid scam method.

the amazing deposit hyip review

They need 2 key elements.

  1. A money making method. Some form of income. Usually most of the companies says that they are mining crypto currencies or they have professional team of traders. Basically they pretend to be something like a small hedge fund managing your money. Always described as extremely successful. Unfortunately, when you look the details, there are always questions. Where are those traders? Or where is located their mining farm (servers / mining rigs etc.). In addition, they add high ROI (return on investment) percentages. Just to make you eager and deposit.
  2. They need point 1. To generate money coming from new investors because they owe money to the old investor. Obviously every HYIP wants to generate more money before they disappear so they try to hold on as much as they can. At the beginning they are paying money in order to gain positive authority!

Now let’s take a look at, and what this organization offers.

The Amazing Deposit Scam Review! All the bogus details, revealed!

The return rates.

Average plan: $300 to $3000 after two days! This ROI is extremely unrealistic. Actually all of the 3 plans are quite impossible to believe. As we mentioned above, high return rates do not lead into anything good. We take this as nasty pushing into deposit method, and major red flag. In addition, we can say that every HYIP which offers ROI should be registered with some type of regulatory. The point behind this is that your money should be insured in some way! with the Amazing Deposit, we do not get any type of insurance.

the amazing deposit hyip review

The Company behind this HYIP!

They have a page called “about us”, where you are expected to find information about this firm. Therefore, we look for addresses, company registration numbers and addresses! The official page does not offer this information to the public, at the bottom of the page we found an address but that’s it. So, at this point we need to believe that this organization is legit and its settled in 40 Glendonbrook Road, Upper Nile, New South Wales, AU.  Well, we refuse to believe in so poorly exposed intel.

In addition, we get phony identities displayed as the company managers. Richard Peterson – CEO, Caroline Colins – Gambling Manager, Earnest Rogers – Customer Manager, Amanda Lennon – VIP Fund Manager. All those people are stock photos attached to names, we`ll provide evidence!

the amazing deposit scam review

What else?

Overall they are not exposing any legit information that sounds convincing. Furthermore, they are not endorsed my anyone. There are no real traders behind this Ponzi scheme.

In addition, they ask you to open E-currency account. Those type of money transmitters are not licensed!  Meaning that returning your money will be impossible with the Amazing Deposit HYIP!

The Amazing Deposit Scam Review! The Conclusion!

As you can see, everything we talk about in the beginning of this article is implemented into  Their high, unsustainable yields are just too good to be true return plans. The company behind this fraud does not exist. And most likely we talk about 1 – 2 people scam operation. Depositing with this high-yield investment program will not lead you into profits. The moment you deposit money they will disappear.

Review Verdict: Amazing Deposit Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid!

At this point we recommend the new online opportunists to stay away from the HYIP niche. Luckily there are still legit money making online methods. We advise you to stay with the reliable and trusted methods such as online trading. Pick a trading tool binary options or Forex, and invest there. Where you can actually control your capital and always stop and withdraw if things don’t go in your way! Investors should always have control on their funds, that’s the legit way in our eyes. New comers can sign with Free Demo Accounts! Those who seek trading help-tools, we invite you to check our Top Recommend Services. Therefore, no matter what do you pick, you`ll be able to always control your trading account!

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Deposit Scam Or Reliable!? HYIP Review!

    1. Abbey, unfortunately, you cant. Well technically you can chase them by law, but its long hard and money costing process!

  1. 1000% confirmed scam….how desperate you are, DON’T INVEST or even TRY….I’m one of their victims.
    If you see “paying” status on allmonitors, HYIP monitors, those accounts are probably their team to trap people.
    This site will ask you money with the same amount with what you’ll get after investment as the condition to withdraw your money. What a trick!! is absolutely SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!

    1. It is really scam but current withdraw is shown in website and Paying status show in HYIP monitor

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