AurumTech Scam Review! Can We Trust The APP

AurumTech is a Very Dangerous Scam!

Do not miss to read our review, before you put money into this app!

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AurumTech by Marco Pier Shoemaker is new money making venture. Essentially the service speaks about financial freedom but we have solid evidence that this service is dishonest.

Do not skip to take a look at this article as, we`ll reveal the truth behind this deception. Especially if you are newcomer to this industry, it’s a must to read this. Not only that you’ll see why this software should not be trusted but also, you`ll take example and eventually learn how to recognize future money stealing schemes!

the aurumtech app

AurumTech Scam Review – All you need to know!

Now, first let’s see what this service offers! According to Mr. Shoemaker his company offers wealth true technological prowess on the commodity sector. In simple words the system is trading assets like gold, silver and oil.

The service is based on custom logarithmic prediction with valuable commodities, which offer high return rates.

We really don’t like that the presenter comes up with such short explanation regarding the algorithms their platform uses. Usually trading services, which rely more on flashy presentation with no details regarding the software itself turn to be scam at the end.

With the ArrumTech APP we have the mansions, The Maserati, the limo, the office and we even get the jet plane. So, we can conclude that the presentation aims to make us eager by showing us expensive lifestyle?  Folks, we have investigated more than 400 trading solutions, till now we have never come across a legit investment application, which relies on similar approach.

Estimated profits?

the aurumtech scam review,, the aurumtech app

All investors are expected to tab into the wealth by taking portion of this organization’s product. However, we don’t get any real evidence that this service is providing good results. The only information about the potential profits come from the testimonials displayed onto the first page of

There we notice many people who pretend making sums between $100,000 up to the staggering $500,000.

There are few problems with those profits, which actually proof them as a lie!

  1. The domain is registered on 15.11.2016 before 6 days. How come those people to be making 6 figures for 6 days? That’s highly unlikely.
  2. Even if it was a good service, you won’t be able to experience such profits for few days.
  3. Those testimonials are fabricated. All those pictures are stolen from the web and attached to random names. Therefore, we cannot trust them.

We`ll attach some evidence in support of our claims. Overall the important thing is that so far we meet only lies within

the aurumtech scam review, scam review, the aurumtech app

What else is fake inside

We wonder where to start from.

  • This software is endorsed by: Douche bank, AMG, Nike, Bosch, Nestle, Dodge and Lenovo? No, if you investigate the official websites of those concerns you won’t be able to find any information about the Aurumtech APP.
  • Announced on: Financial Times, Sky News, Bloomberg Business, Asian Review and others? This topic is also very easy to debunk. You can visit those news portals and check for any information regarding Marco Shoemaker or his Company or even But you will fail to find any because those gigantic portals are not associated with this software!
  • The official page is SSL protected? No, it is not clearly the URL does not start with HTTPS://.
  • Every investor will experience 95% accuracy and 100% return on their investment? First no one can guarantee potential profits when we speak about trading. Moreover, the announced success rate is too good to be true. No human trader or algorithm can maintain above 90% in the money rate for long period of time. It’s just that the markets are too unpredictable.

Who is Marco Shoemaker?

This is one of the main reasons, that proofs this trading system as a Scam! In reality this man is just fictitious character. He is well familiar to us from other money stealing schemes. Most resent one is Mirror Trader, and the most dangerous and viral one is Push Money App. In all other deceptive services, he participates as CEO / Founder. We`ll show you some solid evidence.
the aurumtech scam review, scam review, aurumtech app


We already know that this service should not be trusted, but in every investigation, we always check the industry opinion! That’s why we researched the social media and all the search engines just in case. As we expected, there were no surprises. All we managed to came across is negative feedback!

AurumTech Scam Review – Conclusion!

We admit that the presentation page is looking very convincing. All those expensive toys and professional video really brings lots of authority to the service. However in our opinion we should all avoid this trading solution for our own good. We remember the Push Money APP very well, and there we have similar high budget production, which managed to trick hundreds of new traders! As we explained above, too good to be true offers do not walk hand in hand with online trading. Furthermore, keep in mind that services, which rely on flashy presentations but give no intelligent intel about how their trading platforms are proven un-reliable! On top of everything we have countless fake testimonials and phony company names and manager name. In addition, we noticed that the bogus system is available World Wide, that’s why we hope that this warning review will reach more people. Here is the time to ask for your help, please share this article in order to help us warn more people!

Review Verdict: The AurumTech APP is a SCAM! Beware and avoid any further engagement with

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