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Fintech Profits Is 100% Scam! Full Software Review!

Fintech Profits is a 100% Scam!

Read this short review before you end up signing with this APP!

Official website:

Fintech Profits by George is new money stealing scheme. According to George the supposed creator, you`ll get at least $550 for only watching the video. Even he goes further with the promises and claims that if you don’t achieve the $550 he will double the amount and personally wire you $1100 right away.

Now believe or not those claims are too good to be true. Moreover, after we made the investigation we found many dubious details all around Therefore, you better read this article before you put real money inside this offer.

the fintech profits scam review

Fintech Profits Scam Review – All you need to know!

First take note how the alleged CEO and owner of this software is represented by only one name. There are no addresses or other names shared during the video presentation. That fact quickly rises our suspicious, because obviously being anonymous is not very legit! Moreover, we are 100% sure that this man is an actor as he participates in other proven fraud operations. Probably those who are following our blog for long time also recognize the man. Anyway, the fact that he is unknown to google is enough of a proof that we cannot trust him. Or his lame promises, obviously if he doesn’t keep them we don’t even know his name!

How Fintech Profits Work?

There is literally no information exposed regarding this matter. For us this is major red flag, because obviously if you cannot explain how your trading system works it’s looking shady! Anyway, from the presentation video we understand that Fintech profits is some sort of copy trading auto-trader. Means that once you start the robot there are traders who will trade and the system will just mimic their positions on your account. There are few problems with those allegations.

  1. The system is not an auto-trader but manual platform. Meaning that you need to open the trades yourself.
  2. Where are those traders? Why they do not appear in the video? Why the presenter does not share their names?

Testimonials of Fintech Profits?

There are few individuals who appear in front of a camera claiming that they are making good money on daily basis with this binary options software. Now, it will be good if those testimonials are real, unfortunately they are all fake. Those people are just fake actors from An online marketplace where you can hire amateur actors to make such testimonials for you for only $5/testimonial. If you re eager for further details please visit the mentioned website, write “testimonials” in the search box above, and you`ll recognize the faces.

the fintech profits scam review

Outside endorsements?

This topic is very important. The concept is easy. We always research the social media and the search engines for positive feedback coming from the day-traders. If there is none it means that the website should not be trusted! In this case, we have even a lot of negative reviews already coming from investors who decided to test the system. Seems like they are all losing their capital, which speaks a lot!

Fintech Profits Scam Review – Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt the service is not reliable. All day-traders should avoid further engagement with, because registering here will not end well for you! We have all the evidence we need to call this system a dishonest one. The fake promises, the phony identities and all the negative feedback spread around the media are just small portion of the evidence. For your own good, please ignore this trading opportunity!

Review Verdict: Fintech Profits is a Scam! Beware and avoid!

Binary Options Trading can be profitable but keep in mind that the high demand is also dragging many crooks into the field. They will attempt to steal your money with such tricky offers, which you need to keep your hands off! How to recognize them? Just stay away from too good to be true offers and look for the reputation of the system. Make sure to always register with high reputed trading and broker tools. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Systems! They are all 100% Endorsed and approved by the trading community!

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the fintech profits scam review

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Knievel Money Is a Simple Scam! Full Review!

Knievel Money Is a Simple Scam!

Please read our review before you deposit money with this system!

Official website:

Knievel Money is another scam using the binary options instrument to sneak its trick. The venture officially represented by Jason Evans is nothing but another money stealing attempt. Now with this review we`ll explain how why this service should not be trusted. Moreover, we`ll go over some really interesting details! Therefore, you can use this review as example in the future and when you research for such trading solutions.

knievel money scam review

Why Knievel Money is a scam system?

Essentially there is no trading service, which will represent itself with such lame video presentation all covered by voice over acting but not with real individuals. In addition, we have the dumb name, which we are sure that they have no permission to use! In case you land on such presentation page in the future, just close it. All those services are scam, with no exceptions!

Estimated profits, are they realistic?

No folks, you cannot make $1000 from $250 every 10 minutes like claimed in the video. It’s close to impossible and if someone manage to do it even once it will be a remarkable achievement coming from large risk. In order to generate $1000+ profit for 10 minutes you have to trade 60 second trading win all the trades and use all your account balance. Every single detail is extremely risky and even one losing trade will empty your trading account.

Who are the people behind Knievel Money?

We have one name the name of Jason Evans, who is represented as the creator and owner of this trading platform. Well since there are no other real people involved with this system we have to believe that Evans is saying the truth! But how can we do it since the guy is just fictitious identity and no one knows anything about him. Also, if you research the web for him you can find only posts related to The guy does not exist; therefore, we cannot trust him!

Are there any outside endorsements?

We always research the web for potential support coming from the day-traders and other news portals. In Knievel Money case, we managed to came across only negative reviews. Basically, this is the last nail in the coffin for us. It reveals that must not be trusted at all!

Knievel Money Scam Review – Finale!

The system is just a lame scam. They are using a common fraud approach used by many similar trading offers. But remember they are all scam. There is not legit trading service, which will be presented by anonymous identities and such looking lame website! Those type of unrealistic offers, which sell dreams are regular for the scammers. All you need to do here is to stay away from too good to be true offers!

Review Verdict: Knievel Money is a Scam! Beware and avoid any further engagement with!

Binary Options industry is extremely lucrative. Due to the high demand the sector is dragging many crooks, which will attempt to steal your money. Knowing that in advance will help you to stay away from those tricky offers. Make sure to always rely on good reputed trading tools and brokers. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Systems! They are all tested and endorsed 100% by the trading community!

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Nuvo Finance Review – A Reliable Auto-Trading System?

Nuvo Finance Scam or Reliable?

Read our investigation review before you take any further actions!

Official Website!

Nuvo Finance by Peter Millen is new auto-trading software. The service is designed to make new trades life easier. Goal achieved, since all you have to do once you get access to the Nuvo Finance system is to pick investment amount and activate the software.

Peter Millen and his team of programmers and analysts have done a great job, the platform is easy to understand and use. In addition, the Nuvo Finance APP also offers trading signals. You like to have full control? Then the platform allows you to pick and execute only trades you desire.

Within this review, we`ll go over some important topics, which everyone must confirm before signing with binary options robot, or broker – the reputation!

the nuvo finance review,

Nuvo Finance Scam Review – All you need to know!

In the past few months, most of the auto-trading services were forced to turn off their automated functions, due to new regulations. Basically, all the software solutions, where forced to completely re-work their algorithms accordingly to the new agenda. Now, in reaction to the changes, most of the systems just became private focusing their big clients or they just turned off their automated features becoming regular signals providers. You alone realize that past 2 – 3 months it was a massive pain to find a good binary options robot. With “good” we mean robot which works properly with no bugs, can be used by anyone, has auto-trading function and its profitable!

Finally, after long search and many software solutions, which failed during our test period, we found the Nuvo Finance APP. It seems that the guys behind this system have worked hard to program and integrate the new algorithms making them to work with binary options platform.

How the Nuvo Finance System Works?

Purely based on technical and fundamental analysis the system is simple combination of few simple but reliable trading strategies. Technical analysis plus news following. That’s it. Two different algorithms merged into one highly accurate investing application. The combination of indicators forming the chart analysis algorithm is kept as a secret. But since the system trades short up to 15 minute expiries we assume that they are using standard price action + oscillator technique. In coordination, the fundamental algorithm, just makes sure that the trade suggestions coming from the technical analysis are matching the future trader sentiment, forced by the news events.

the nuvo finance review,

Who are the people behind Nuvo Finance?

There is a big team behind this venture, but there are three main individuals, which are forming the tech-team behind it. Peter Millen as CEO and main analyst! Will Slate as Chief Technical Officer, or with simple words the man who made Peter’s ideas possible. In addition to the team we have the programmer Austin, who is assigned to remover bug’s and tweak the system. Basically, he is the guy who keeps the system updated up to the date.

Testimonials involved with the Nuvo Finance?

There are few people who appear in front of a camera claiming that this service really produces good results. Since those people are random we cannot confirm if they are real. But the fact we can confirm is that they are not paid actors from Which is a good thing since most of the scams, which runs around the binary options scene are hiring cheap actors from there. Not having those fake testimonials is good and gives the system good reputation.

the nuvo finance review,

Endorsements of Nuvo Finance?

The most important detail forming a binary options service’s reputation is the support of the community. We are gland to inform you that this system is 100% endorsed by the trading community and it has zero bad feedback to this date. We have made vast social media and search engine research and we can confirm that we came across only positive reviews in support of the system. Therefore, based on our investigation we can say that Nuvo Finance is Risk-Free auto-trading system.

Estimated Profits and Performance?

Nuvo Finance is providing extremely good results currently. The investors using this system are reporting sessions with up to 85% accuracy. In bad days, we have reports of around 70%, which makes this system the currently best-performing auto-trader!

How to Get a Free Copy Of Nuvo Finance?

  1. Use this Link and visit the official website!
  2. Watch or skip the video and fill out your name and email.
  3. Now you are in the member’s area! Put your password and phone number.
  4. Your registration with the software is done, now you have to deposit some funds in your new broker true the Nuvo Finance platform. This is not a payment but capital, which you`ll use to trade with. You have full control over it and you can withdraw it at any point and time you decide, it’s like a bank account.
  5. You are ready to go! Start The auto-trader and enjoy the profits!

Nuvo Finance Scam Review – Conclusion!

Based on our investigation we can conclude that Nuvo Finance is very good new trading system. We have easy to use platform and easy to follow registration procedures.

The new service is extremely good and suitable for new traders due to the auto-trading function! Now, make sure to register a copy before the beta expires because after that the system will be listed for at least $1000 per license.

Review Verdict: Nuvo Finance Is Profitable and Legit Auto-Trader!

Register a Free Copy Here!

Binary Options trading is extremely lucrative and fairly safe money generating method. Used by many as part time or full time jobs to gain wealth for them and their families. There is only one tip we would like to give you here. Make sure to always register with highly reputed trading-tools. Otherwise you risk to lose money! We invite you to take a look at our Top-Rated Trading Systems! They are all 100% tested and approved by the trading community!

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