Auto Binary Robot Scam Review Exposed

Auto Binary Robot Scam Review!

This service is just another Scam! We believe that this hones review has everything required to prove it!

Auto Binary Robot is developed to trade automatically with your binary options account! According to the information displayed onto the website, we are going to be making from $300 to $1500 daily profits all starting with initial investment of $250. This review is based on real testimonials from people who have the bad luck to invest and test the service and also, based on social media feedback.  Funny thing is that in nowa days those auto binary robots are becoming quite a HYPE. Every day here and there pups up new auto binary robot from nowhere. We found connection with other scam trading bot! Bear with us and read this nice debunking review!


Auto Binary Robot Scam Review! All the hidden details.

So what we are dealing whit?


  • The real automated binary option robot to beat binary options brokers while you sleep! -> At this point there is no trustworthy proof of that claim!
  • Make from 300$ to 1500$ daily profit with almost zero risk! ->  Unconfirmed!
  • No download required trade on web trader -> Yes that’s correct the trading software is web-based.
  • Compatible with reliable and regulated brokers only -> Yes for Europe there are few regulated brokers working with this service, we don’t know why they have decided to take part with this scam but anyway for the other GEO’s the brokers we are observing brokerages like Citrader and Safe-Option! Very dangerous brokers who have scammed people all around the world for millions!
  • Auto binary robot is 100% free to use -> The service is free for registration, but don’t forget that you have to invest at least $250 in order to use this trading system
  • No trading experience required -> Trading experience is always an advantage!
  • USA traders welcome -> Only with unregulated and bad reputed brokers!
  • Tutorial for the best settings based on your account balance -> Probably misleading!
  • Demo account with fake signals to test the platform -> Yes there is demo account but its fabricated you always win with the demo account, after you open real money account you immediately start to lose!

Overall the inside look is just like the so we assume that the same people are behind this robot also!

Interesting fact is that all the people who complain from this lame service are scammed in the same fashion. They all have created demo accounts, and they all have seen incredible results with the demo’s because the results are fabricated automatically. After they have opened real account they all have seen their account depleted in matter of hours!

But don’t get our words for granted we encourage you to check out for more opinions, just check out the industry blogs, most reputed once are blacklisting those lame scam bots and both!

Auto Binary Robot Scam Review, finale!

Every day we receive tens of emails full of complains regarding this service, we believe that investing with them hides very high risk and its definitely not healthy for your budget! There are no clear statements which can be found visible on the pages tell us who’s the persona behind them! This suspicious fact has its reasons, the shady criminals behind this software just prefer to stay anonymous! Don’t wonder why it’s obvious!

Final verdict: Auto Binary Robot Scam ALERT! Avoid it’s just lame scheme!

New to binary options? Sign with demo account! Also, don’t forget to check out our black-list it can save you from signing with similar bogus software. For safer alternatives check our tested BO service! Just keep in mind that they won’t make you rich overnight!

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