Auto Money Machine Is Extremely Pathetic SCAM! Software Review!


 Auto Money Machine – Incredibly Dumb Scam!

Read our review will reveal the true face of this trading software.

Auto Money Machine is just a simply made scam scheme. Allegedly the service will grand its investors with financial freedom, immediately after they register! Fortunately, or not the reality is completely different. The only thing that all the new members of this system will taste is the loss of their first initial investment. Stay with us and check our transparent article, we`ll cover all the disturbing details.

auto money machine scam review

Why Auto Money Machine should and must be ignored?

Usually, when you want to use a software solution, you need to make sure that it has a positive reputation. Besides that, the website must look decent not like a bad made comics. Based only on those two critical topics we can call this trading app a scam! Because, no serious or credible industry blog / forum will endorse such lousy scam. In addition, we don’t even want to speak about the look of the presentation page. Let’s just call it a terrible developers mistake.

How the service is working?

No one knows, according to the storyline its mysterious auto money machine. That will miraculously make you a millionaire for short period of time. The fact that the creators are skipping to explain properly such important matter is very big red flag!

Who is the CEO, Arthur McCool and can we trust him?

They guy is covered by voice over acting. That can actually explain the silly promises he is making. Since he is just a scam artist and fictional character, he does not care what he says. Everything he claims is one big lie, part of the overall goal of this page. To attract you and push you into registration. Where you are going to lose your initial deposit.

Testimonials & Endorsements?

In matter of fact the only real people we notice inside the promotion video are the people who testify in support of this bogus system. Unfortunately, they are all paid actors hired from online marketplace called In order to reveal them just visit the mentioned site, write “testimonials” in the search box and after few minutes you`ll have all the evidence you need!

In addition, we can guarantee on 100% that there is not a single endorsement, which can bring any credibility to We made an in-depth social media research and all we came across are negative reviews and stories!

Auto Money Machine Review – The Conclusion!

This is going to be fairly quick review, but we feel unnecessary to expose this joke scam further more. We have some all the typical scam elements exposed. Unrealistic promise oh how you`ll become filthy rich for short period of time. Completely misleading storyline with not a single real identity involved. In addition, we have really bad looking and super annoying web-page that can’t even let you browse normally due to the consistent pup ups. So, we strongly advise you to stay away from this fraud operation!

Review Verdict: Auto Money Machine is 100% SCAM! Beware and Avoid

Binary Options are very lucrative field. But you must remember two things! Always rely on good reputed trading systems / brokers! And always do make research before you put your money into any service. Subscribing to our blog might Is a good choice, since we consistently fight and expose daily scams! Taking that simple action will allow you to be always one step ahead, receiving all the warning for the upcoming viral scams!

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