Auto Money Maker Is a SCAM! Honest Software Review!

Auto Money Maker is a SCAM!

Within this in-depth review we`ll expose solid evidence!

Official scam page:

Auto Money Maker is new service, which runs on full autopilot. The alleged creator Arthur McCool, claims that his complicated but easy to use software will turn our lives upside down.

Sums of $2700+ US dollars will become something regular for your bank account, and all this will be available for all new investors who decide to sign account with this system.

Now, we`ll bring you back to reality, this system is pure money stealing scheme, and we will prove it to you!

auto money maker software

Auto Money Maker Scam Review – Why we must avoid this trading app?

We have all typical scam elements on hand. How we`ll be able to make lots of money for short period of time, we have the voice over actor and all the pushing into registration tactics known to humanity! Usually when you land on such sale pitch you have to leave it ASAP. Anyway, for those who are new to this we`ll finish this article and expose lots of dubious details.

How the service works?

The presentation video is made more in “make you eager fashion” but we have some explanations. According to the voice actor this is some type of copy trading system. Because he is super successful trader the algorithm is set to mimic his trading techniques. The software scans his former positions and is supposed to execute trades on similar setups.

It’s true that historically on the charts we can see similar setups, but they are not exactly the same, therefore we are not sure how this algorithm can work in reality. It must be some kind of artificial intelligence and we all know that SCI-FI, and binary options trading do not walk hand in hand.

auto money maker scam review

Estimated profits and Accuracy, are they realistic?

Beyond any doubt we can strongly state that they are completely unrealistic! No software or real trader can maintain 97.2% or even 90% accuracy for long period of time!

Investment of $250, cannot generate $2700 in profits for 24 hours, this is super-overextended. If you use good trading-tool and you start with $250 capital, you can make around $100 per day!

Testimonials and endorses!

There are some real people who appear inside the promotional video of the Auto Money Maker to testify in support of this system. Note that they are all cheap paid actors from An online marketplace where you can hire all kinds of different people to do all kinds of different jobs for you! We`ll expose one of the accords just as evidence!

Furthermore, the people who participate with photos into the member’s area of are also fake. They are plot of developer’s work, just random stock photos attached to names!

auto money maker scam review

Who is Arthur McCool, and can we trust him?

According to the storyline he is a super successful trader and creator of this system. That’s why it’s really important to decide if we can trust this person!

First here is hidden behind voice over acting, that’s really suspicious. Second, if he is so well-known trader why nobody has ever heard about him? Therefore, how can we really trust him with our money?

Well, all the questions above can be answered very simple. We cannot trust him! Moreover, we’ll provide you with really strong evidence now.

This presentation video long with this fictitious character called Arthur McCool are used in old fraud called Auto Money Machine! Take a look at the snapshot!!

auto money maker software

Auto Money Maker Scam Review – The Conclusion!

As you can see we provided undeniable evidence in support of our initial claim about this service being a dangerous scam. Moreover, the social media and search engines are already full of warning against this investment application. That’s why we simply cannot let you invest with this fraudulent operation!

Review Verdict: Auto Money Maker is a SCAM! Beware and don’t trust!

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2 thoughts on “Auto Money Maker Is a SCAM! Honest Software Review!

  1. Hello, thank you guys for warning us about scammers.
    In my opinion you are doing a great job.
    Money not grows on trees, so i can’t lose them with light handed!!!

  2. Hey, i like your article about Auto Money Maker. I always check your page, when i need information about scammers.
    It is very impressive how those crooks can lie to you. They promise you thousands of dollars, just to fall into the trap. Unbelievable what are they capable, only to gobble you. Be careful and stay away from spoof traders, who promised you impossible profits.
    Thank you Binary options spot, for another important review.

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