Auto Trader Alpha Scam Detected

Auto Trader Alpha Scam or Legit Review!

This software investigation with try to bring some transparency here!

Auto Trader Alpha is new Binary Options Trading System! According to the presenter Tim Gold, this trading system will allow you to make consistent between $500 to $2000 daily profits! He also boldly claims that this very software is capable of generating over $3 million U. S. dollars per year on complete auto pilot! Thing is that when we hear claims about millions, and promising dreams, we really switch in skeptical mode! The team behind binary option spot is really motivated to investigate! We will try to be as much transparent as we can in order to reveal all the troubling facts surrounding this BO service!

auto trader alpha scam review

Auto Trader Alpha Review! No one can hide details from us!

Our in-depth research found some scam elements inside the sales pitch of this software so we just going to point all the dubious facts!

The red flags INCOMING!

  1. The estimated profits can’t be determined randomly like that and especially they can’t be guaranteed! All potential profits depend on your budget and the trading amounts you are using per each trade! No one can say “you`ll make from $500 to $2000 everyday” such people always have some back thoughts and they are not completely honest with you!
  2. You are one of the lucky 150 individuals who have been granted with this blessing opportunity to sign with Auto Trader Alpha System!!?!?! No, this is just forcing into registration trick! If, you come back at later point inside, there always going to be place for you!
  3. The video contains a lot of flashy talking of how good life is! Tim talking about how he is experiencing the legendary online player lifestyle! Affording to go on few vocations every year and how he has many houses and stuff like that. Such nonsenses are really major big flag for every service! We are not here to hear how money can change our lives we already know that, we are here for the details! How this service is working on what its based, stuff like that! Everything else is trash talk and its looking suspicious!
  4. Claims of unrealistic profitability capabilities and payout rates! Tim Gold made some really ridiculous claims, revealing him as completely unaware of the financial trading situation person! He stated that Auto Trading Alpha software is consistently producing 96% accuracy long with 96% payout rates! On top of that there are some members who managed to double their account with only one trade!! Both statements completely unachievable; first such success rates are impossible to maintain for long period of time, period! Second the average payout rate in binary options is around 75% depending on the brokerage you are using! Some brokers go little bit higher to maybe 81% with certain assets but that’s it! So, even if you place a trade with your whole initial budget and even win that trade you still going to make 75% to 80% at max! All this is making the doubling account stuff with one trade quite impossible! In addition, Tim Gold said that Auto Trader Alpha Software is performing 60 second trading! With short term trading brokers offer even lower payouts, the highest short term payout rates are around 72%! So those claims are absurd and we completely debunked them!
  5. Who’s actually Tim Gold and what’s up with the hat, LOL?!?! Our Auto Trader Alpha review needs to go into conclusion so we will reveal our major concerns here! Tim Gold is just an invented personality!!! The guy is just a paid actor hired from online marketplace called! The rest of the people involved are also photos and actors from there! We will reveal the real identity behind Tim leading to his spokesperson gig!

auto trader alpha review

Now you realize why the hat is needed, the more scams he participates the less he will be hired, so he must be creative haha, pathetic stuff!

Auto Trader Alpha Review Finale!

We feel that we have exposed most of the dubious and phony elements inside The father, the creator of this software turned to be a phony identity! The usage of stock photos and all the unrealistic claims made during the promotion video just proof this service as a SCAM! We believe that investing with Auto Trader Alpha involves extremely high risk!

Review Verdict: Auto Trader Alpha Scam Confirmed! Stay alerted and avoid at all cost!

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One thought on “Auto Trader Alpha Scam Detected

  1. Hello, I am a person living in the Netherlands, and with increasing astonishment, I discover more and more of these rogue trading sites recent whose owners using actors and actresses to people wanting to steal their money, yes, I say steal because they know that the rich people are not interested here in this fraudulent systems. it is precisely those people who are trying to earn extra money because they are retired or are in need of money, many have already lost their savings, just like me. Trading robots and automated trading systems? Do not let cheat by this cunning impostors.
    If there is a fair and honest system that allows you to earn real money, if only a few euros a day ….. I want to know.

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