Automata Formula Scam Alert! True Review!

Automata Formula Scam Alert!

Read this important review before you decide to invest here!

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The Automata Formula is officially launched on 17.10.2016. Unfortunately, we just came actor this tricky money making opportunity, and we hope it’s not too late for this review!

Allegedly this trading app should make you rich but we have strong doubts about that claim. Our in-depth research found really interesting details inside Bear with us and read this article before you decide to invest your money here!

the automata formula scam review

Why The Automata Formula Software must be avoided?

There are many problems with this offer but we`ll go over the most important once since we don’t want to waste your time with trash-talk!

General problem of this trading system is that they announce unrealistic estimate profits! No algorithm or human trader can turn initial investment of $250, into $23,000 for 24 hours, and do it consistently. Those claims can be categorized as “too good to be true”. Exactly from such type of offers we must stay away once we step into the financial world! Remember folks, when we talk about money, there are also sharks who listen and they will try to steal your money!

Therefore, NO! We cannot make $950 per hour in exchange of 2 minutes’ setup time with the Automata Formula Software!

How the investment application works?

The presenter was so kind to, avoid talking about this such important manner! Skipping it immediately rises our suspicious! Furthermore, he mentions that the reason behind the success of this system is that it’s based on “Legal Loophole”. First, such loopholes do not exist, secondly if they exist they won’t be legal, a real banker will know that!

In general trading based on information coming from individuals or companies who own inside information is considered as illegal! Simply because every manipulation over the online markets is against the global laws and ethics!

Can this software really make $30,000,000 for 1 year?

No, of course this is also super overextended statement. Moreover, the official domain is registered on 17.10.2016, making it slightly time-conflicting?

Does the overall storyline make any sense?

Maybe for newcomer, the story can sound convincing but for us, its complete BS. The alleged CEO and Founder George Coleman says that he is using this trading method for 12 years now. In addition, he mentions that this website will exist only for 24 hours once they invite few people for their 7th beta testing period!

  • Today is 26.10.2016 9 days after the release, page is still up and running! This is just lousy marketing trick, they want to push us into registration and deposit as fast as they can!
  • The Binary Options Trading has been officially released for the wide public back in 2008. Before that it was available only for private hedge funds and big financial institutions! This conflicts with the story how this software has been used for 12 years now!

Can we trust Mr. George Coleman?

The guy is represented as former banker and well-known multi-millionaire. He even claims “I’m not fake guru”. No Bi*ch, you are exactly one of those fake mentors. The guy is familiar to us from two other viral and dangerous scams; Amissio Formula and Orion Code. Both scams, are very famous with the fact that they managed to lie a lot of people along their way! We provide links, to our exposure article along with pretty solid snapshot-evidence!

the automata formula scam review

After everything revealed, how can trust this lame service?

What about the Testimonials of the Automata Formula Software?

The testimonials as the rest of the website are just one big freaking JOKE! The individuals who appear in support of this money stealing scheme are also cheap paid actors! Coming from online marketplace called, those testimonials are everything but reputed! We`ll apply evidence for those $5, worth words! Therefore, we cannot speak about trust at all!

the automata formula scam review

The Automata Formula Software has outside support?

As always we made vast social media and search engine research regarding this online product. Guess what? We managed to dig only negative reviews and reports from day-traders who decided to test this software but they lost their whole budgets for only 1 day! The industry opinion is the most important aspect for online trading software. There is no legit software, which has no support by the day-investors!

Automata Formula Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Folks, as you can see we have extremely misleading offer. The involvement of fake identities and the fact that this system has literally no support from the trading society is enough of evidence! Furthermore, we have number of lies about the potential profits, and about the capabilities of this software. After everything said, we simply cannot let you put your money inside because you`ll lose all your capital immediately! Our advice here is fair: do not sign up with this product!

Review Verdict: Automata Formula Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid the program settled at!

You tried binary options software and you got lied? We often speak with newcomers who started on the bad foot in this industry! Keep in mind that binary options trading is very lucrative field, due to that fact there are many crooks stalking for your money! Most of the services, currently advertised are dishonest and they want only your money. That’s why you have to rely only on good reputation trading solutions! How to find good service? We invite you to check our Top Trusted Trading-Tools! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community, in addition they are tested by us for long period of time before we put them in our list!

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2 thoughts on “Automata Formula Scam Alert! True Review!

  1. It is to good to be true is the correct reply, that describes exactly this scam.
    Thees guys didn’t tired to create new and bogus platforms to stealing from people. Promises which are lying on lies and dirty schemes. It is obviously that with investment of $250 dollars it is impossible to reach $23000 K for day.
    The binary options trading has simply rules, that every self respected trader follows. Simply said that rules are express in following:
    to find a reliable broker, to try whit demo account , do not rush to invest big sum, to do some research from how long software you want to invest does exist, do not stop learn new things about binary options and last, inform your selves constantly to stay up date whit trade.
    Don’t believe in empty talks, miracles happens only in your fantasy.
    My special admires to creator of Binary options spot, guy you are doing a great job!

  2. Unfortunately, i already signet up. And not so on, i also have made one of the most disastrous mistakes of the investor. I had increased my investment, after i had suffered from losses. My idea was to a quick return. I have lost so much money, i can’t believe i get caught to thees crooks.
    All the same i am glad that you are exposing fraudsters schemes.

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