Azonax Fund Is Just Another HYIP Scam!

Azonax Fund Scam Investigation!

Another Scam HYIP or Reliable Opportunity?

Azonax Fund is new high-yield investment program. Unfortunately, we believe that this service is also another scam! We investigated the website and found a lot of questionable details, which are revealing this service as dishonest. Generally, we are skeptical, because so far we have never came across a real HYIP, which won’t actually steal your money. Stay with us for some time, we`ll display our concerns here.

azonax fund scam review

Azonax Fund Scam Review! Why this is just another scam?

When you seek for such type of investment opportunities, you must watch for few very important details.

  1. The company life and its actually the company real? “Azonax Holding Inc. is UK-based investment management company, Our company is aimed to be one of the leading online investment company globally, Our professional team has a combined 20 years of experience in providing innovative investment products that meet the specific needs of the online community.The Azonax Fund started its operation as a private investment firm in 2013. “ This is the creators claim about their company. First we don’t have the CEO the Address and the registration details of this organization. This immediately rise suspicious in us. If the firm was really that old and popular why they are not revealing their details?
  2. Check the people involved and the life of the domain! Here we have three individuals: Patricia West, Howard Scott, Kate Williams, Amy Vanderbute and Jeremy Davidson. We researched the expert team of the Azonax Fund. The results are not really a surprise. They are all stock photos attached to names, invented personalities. Another major red flag! Regarding the domain’s life, it’s another scam element because its registered on 03.06.2016. Clearly we can’t believe in HYIP 10 days old!
  3. Furthermore, are the return rates realistic? 1 day return 102%? No, it’s not realistic, such rates does not exist into the real worlds. If the service was real and the traders behind this must double up every investment daily, this will be completely unachievable task for them. On top of everything they need to profit for the company also. Just think about it, does it sound reasonable? Because for us as traders it sounds super overextended!
  4. Does anyone support this HYIP or its just relying on the fabricated in-web testimonials? With The Azonax Fund we don’t any type of good feedback! Nothing on the page and nothing that can be found in the web.

azonax fund scam review

Team Spot’s Conclusion!

Basically, those are the 4 really critical topics you should cover. Make sure they are trustworthy before you invest! As you can see we easily debunked this fraud operation. We believe that the Azonax fund is full of empty promises. If, they do pay at this point its matter of time before they stop. They are using the money from the new investors to pay the old once. Normally this cannot go for long time, they will fall into financial collapse pretty soon. You definitely don’t want to be part of this!

Review Verdict: Azonax Fund Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid the dubious!

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