Azure Method Scam Confirmed! Avoid this Bogus System! Gossip Review!

Azure Method Scam Review

This important review will explain why you should not trust this software!

Azure Method Software is new binary options auto trading and signal service. The algorithm is based on God knows what but according to the alleged creator Antony Azure it’s a sophisticated no lose trading system. The nice looking web-based platform provides users from all kinds of age and experience to access the financial markets easily. Everything around the azure method sounds extremely lucrative, the only problem here is that it’s a typical binary options money stealing scheme. For most of the new comers to the trading world the presentation inside can look convincing. You look at the office, the cars, the yacht, the testimonials and the luxury mansion, and probably tell yourself, WOW, this can’t be a SCAM!! Unfortunately, the expensive production is just a well-played lie!  This article will help you realize why you should stay away from too good to be true offers like this one!

azure method scam review
Azure Method Scam Review! The truth behind the curtain!

Let’s start with the main statement: The Azure Method is “NO LOSS” software. There is no human being, algorithm, computer technology or anything on this planet that can predict the financial markets on 100%. First if there was such software it will completely destroy the markets and probably bring the world to WW3. Secondly, the online trading markets are affected by hundreds of thousands of fundamentals all around the world every hour. Practically the news driving the markets are extremely unpredictable, obviously making the markets hardly predictable. A simple example: the best Wall Street traders and market analysts, are maintaining around 80% accuracy! Everything above is bizarre to be claimed.

azure method scam review

The lone fact that the alleged creator Antony Azure is lying about the success rate of its creation is just enough for us but for the sake of this review we`ll continue. Let’s say they are just using this bogus trick to drive more clients to their fraud operation.

Whose Antony and does Azure Method Ltd. Exists? Our investigation did not manage to find anything about Antony, and he is described as well-known trader worked for the biggest brokerages. Well, if that was true people who are involved with this industry for many years like us, will know how. In his case, no one knows Mr. Azure and there are no real stories about his success with trading. The company Azure Method Ltd. does not exist.

Now we know why he made all those false promises, about making you millionaire, providing you with financial freedom true the Azure method software. Basically he is fake identity invented to represent this product.

We also, want to warn you about one very filthy trick we noticed in the presentation video. They even explained it 3 times clearly forcing the people claiming to be healthy for their trading accounts. It’s about the investment part, matching your initial investment with free bonus money. Basically if you invest $250 the assigned to you broker, can match your money with another $250 as bonus and make your initial trading budget to $500. Sounds good and tempting but actually its extremely dangerous. Taking bonus from broker will restrict your account till you reach certain trading volume, those restrictions will affect your capability to withdraw money from your account. With some shady unregulated brokers reaching the unlock volume can be impossible. Overall, for new traders taking bonuses will end in losing your money situation in 90% of the cases. The people behind the Azure Method software are clearly not honest with us, they look more and more like crooks.

The presenter is phony but are the testimonials at least sincere?

We don’t think so, first they are clearly part of the whole production being there, participating to film the video. What really exposed them are few things. The poor actor play, the fake laugh, the stupid jokes and some strong time conflicting scam elements. We`ll provide some snap shots, which can say thousand words. Anyway, our research proof that the official domain is registered on 30.05.2016 (Yesterday). Completely and ruthless debunking everything inside this lousy sales pitch. The usage of this software is obviously impossible before that date, then how all those people managed to generate those staggering profits? Flashing in front of us fabricated checks for $200,000 $300,000k-s looking to generate credibility for the azure method software? That’s not it, on the second page we have more members claiming to be making money with this binary option software. We exposed all of them as stock photos attached to names. Is that the real deal? Using stock models and fabricated testimonials to gain authority? This is just a joke pathetic scam!

the azure method software

In addition, we witness something like a live trading session during the promotion. Well, it was strange that the account raised from $250 to $12k for one hour by only 17 trades executed. The average return rate in binary options is 75%-80%. Making the rising of such profits with 17 trades quite impossible, but that’s not the only thing that bothers us! During the live demo we got a glimpse of how the azure method software looks from the inside. We got curious and made a registration, it turned out that the inside of the software looks completely different from what they show us in the video! We`ll provide evidence as always to back up our words!

azure method scam review

Azure Method Scam Review! Enough fluff lets conclude!

The binary options auto trading system called The Azure Method is extremely dangerous! The official website is full of filthy lies and over-promising statements! We couldn’t find anything real or trust wordy to keep our intention on this investment application. The more time we spend on this page the more disgusting we were getting about how greedy and arrogant some scam creators can be!

Review Verdict: Azure Method Scam Confirmed! Avoid this dubious service /!

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