Binabot APP Scam or Reliable? Unbiased Software Review!

Binabot Scam or Trusted System?

Read this important review before you invest money with this trading app!

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In addition, note that after 09.08.2016 Binadroid Re-branded their name to BinaBot v2!

The Binadroid staff service is releasing new version of their trading system the Binabot APP. The successor of binadroid1 Binabot v2 has upgraded algorithm is completely automated and allegedly will allow all investors to execute trades on full autopilot. Unlikely the old version which was focused on short term semi-auto trading functions. Now we get the fully automated long term trading system.

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What Actually is Binabot APP?

Officially the service was created and released back in the early 2016 by Troy Everett. Relaying on innovative sophisticated algorithm the service has turned to be the best short term trading system for 2016. Basically, as the name suggests, the system is using the android technology! In order to reach hundreds of thousands of smartphones all around the globe and extract two types of data.

  • The supply and demand using social media tools! Actually this is a standout among-st the most imperative data, expected to perceive developing patterns and emerging trends. Exploring the Day-trader’s behavior (the sentiment) is the most highly valued information! In many cases this intel can give you unfair advantage over other traders.
  • The second algorithms part is seeking for the current fundamental situation and all possible signals. Due to the integrated ranking system, the algorithm is choosing the most high probability signals based on pattern formation, historical data and current economic situation. Everything combined long with the traders sentiment is forming the Binabot APP as one of the most well rounded auto trading applications.

In addition, the algorithm is configured to follow the trading volume. That’s how the robot is understanding the market conditions and based on sudden drops in the trading volume or changes in the trader’s behavior, it realizes when to stop following the trend and move to the next.

the binabot app the binabot software the binabot review the binabot scam

Now What’s new in the Binabot APP?

There are few changes in the software behavior but mostly we can want to talk about the amazing new features and how the system is actually giving you full control. Moreover, with unseen so far new option called “Reverse”!

Check all the new attributes – the Binabot Software:

  • We have fully auto-trading function, allowing even the non-educated and zero experienced traders to benefit from the financial markets!
  • Three types of investment style: Low, Medium and High Risk. Low risk means less trades but with higher accuracy. Vice versa High, means that the algorithm will rely on high volume trading with lower accuracy. Medium is in between, well rounded and will be probably the most used option.
  • Investment amounts starts from $25! In addition, we have the maximum investment capped at $150.
  • Reverse trading, this feature is very interesting. Essentially, if you turn this option ON, your copy of the Binabot System will start taking the exact opposite decisions. Allowing all members to have full control of the binabot software. With simple words, you don’t like the decisions made by the algorithm? Turn on the Reverse and the bot will do exactly the opposite!
  • Manual trading! this time is represented by signal service, unlikely the previous version where everything was semi-automated. The impressive here is that you actually get notification, when the trend is expected to be ending. Giving you the heads up about your expiry timings, might rise your success rate surprisingly high.
  • In addition, inside the new platform of the binabot app we have integrated an Economic Calendar. A quite nice feature, allowing you to have everything on one place! You don’t have to switch to or any other website offering economic calendar with all the financial events anymore!

the binabot 2 app the binabot 2 system

The Binabot APP – Video Presentation!

The official page is represented by simple and clean video presentation straight to the point. We, finally meet the real Troy Everett, as he dare to show himself to the wide public personalty in the binabot app. To be honest we really liked how he admits that they where using a paid actor to represent the first version of this investment application. As, few weeks after the release of the first software, many found out that the guy presenting the system was actually an actor. Anyway, that fact was ignored by the majority of the trading industry, due to the fact that the short term trading bot was really performing great! Providing its members with staggering daily income.

In addition, we can strongly state that, nothing in the new pres entation sounds unrealistic. Troy really shows to its audience that he knows what he talks about, and explains in details everything important regarding its creation! Therefore, we are glad that we finally meet the guy since he already proved to be an reliable individual.

Are there any endorsements supporting the Binabot System?

Currently all reputed industry blogs are endorsing the service due to the amazing results. The fact brings extremely high credibility to the service, as its the most important aspect for a new binary options system. Having the trading community on your side, means that the service is really worth trying!

Estimated profits?

As we expected there are no overextended estimated profits announced on promotional web-page. The reason for that is simple, no one can really predict how much money you`ll be able to make. All potential profits are determinate by your initial investment and the money management strategy you are using! In addition, we have confirmation that the service is providing up to 92% accuracy!

Here is the time to mention that we managed to double our initial capital of $500 for few hours of trading! That’s an truly amazing result, and you can rarely achieve it with any of the current auto trading system available on the market!

Latest update results video! 100% ITM!

The Binabot 2 Scam Review – The Conclusion!

The Successor Binabot Software is even better than its previous brother. We couldn’t find any reason not to trust this service. Unlikely the most scam service out there, we couldn’t find any false credentials, unrealistic promises or fake testimonials within binabot’s official page. Therefore, we also endorse and recommend the trading service as legit and profitable one!

Review Verdict: The Binabot Software is Profitable and Trusted Binary Options Auto Trading Service!

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Binary Options Newcomer? Keep in mind that there are many fraudulent systems out there stalking for your money! That’s why, always rely on software solutions with good reputation. The Binabot APP is one of the most well endorsed investment applications, with long history and many satisfied investors! Clearly a good system for any level of experience traders. In addition, for more good alternatives check our Top Rated Binary Services!

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7 thoughts on “Binabot APP Scam or Reliable? Unbiased Software Review!

  1. Great app! Works surprisingly well. Thank you for the great reviews, you saved me so many times from falling into scams and introduced this amazing BinaBot. I owe you mate…

    1. The brokers are needed because software solutions cannot reach the exchanges directly!

    1. hi, Binabot v2 is available in South Africa and most parts of Africa overall! Just follow the simple signup procedure and you`ll be redirected to your broker where you need to deposit at least $250(recommended) before you start to use the service.
      If you have any other specific questions let us know on

  2. The best performing system without question! Im a new trader and i was not aware that last Friday was important day with big news release, and i was running the system on autopilot with the high settings and i got 11 ITM in a roll! The app was using those assets: GOLD, EUR / USD, USD / JPY and AUD / USD.
    I’v used many robots so far, with some i made some money, with some lost, but this auto trader really impressed me so far!

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