Binary 5 Scam Or Reliable Signals Provider? Honest Review!

Binary 5 Scam Review!

Please read this investigation review before you end up falling for this trap!

Official presentation sites:,,!

Binary 5 is a simple signals provider developed and advertised by John Kane the owner of and few others similar websites.

In general, we have problem with this website and all his products because they are proven to be bad. We won’t call them scam, but they simply do not work and obviously, they do not deliver the promised results.

Now let’s take a look at the new Signal Service called Binary 5. We deny this service as trustworthy signals provider, and within this article we`ll explain why!

binary 5 scam review

First can we trust the individual John Kane?

Back in 2015, we reviewed few of his similar products and they all turned to be dishonest. Moreover, we proved that this identity does not exist, and they were using stock photo to cover the lies. However, after we exposed the truth about services like Binary Ascent. They have deleted the stock photo and continue to rely on this name.

Do not wonder why you have never seen John Kane live, it’s simple he is hiding behind phony identity. The person behind this product and many other before this one is just fictitious character. Now, we`ll leave you alone to decide if you want to trust fake identity. We know that we won’t!

Have you seen Binary 5 software in action?

Besides a single video made by binarytoday and represented by John Kane without face, there is no other proof about this system. Furthermore, we are receiving consistent stream of negative feedback from people decided to give this a try!

In addition, we made vast social media and search engine research regarding this service. All we managed to find is negative reviews and hate coming from the trading community.

What exactly binary 5 is?

Good explanation is nowhere to be found. But since our team is formed by real traders we can explain how this lame service is working. The software is based on pure chart analysis all made onto the Meta Trader 4 platform.

This is a very famous and old trading program used by many Forex trader in the past. In current days, many binary options traders are using it for chart analysis. Nothing wrong with that.

The actual software is nothing but expert advisor for MT4, it’s not a software but combination of indicators. In this case, the creators behind this product are using 4 modified indicators: Stochastic, Relative Strength Index, Trend Commodity Channel Index (CCI) which also includes Entry CCI.

Basically, the system is set to show sound alert signal when some of the indicators match one market direction.

After we watched the binary 5 software in action, we found that we have serious problems with multiple details here.

The complicated explanation:

We don’t see Stochastics, RSI or Trend CCI displayed on the charts. But we see few moving averages, which seems to be crossing and providing signals. That’s suspicious. In reality when you write the code for such signal service, you can hide all the indicators and display only the signals, with sound and arrow alerts. In this case, we are not sure what we have. The announced indicators are not on the chart and the signals are displayed strange.

We`ll display two snapshots both from NZD/USD shown before the fake scam-artist places trades.

 binary 5 scam reviewbinary 5 software

On one of the charts we have simple moving average with some kind of arrow signals displayed. Onto the other chart we have two moving averages, but arrows are gone, very suspicious!

Moreover, there is no explanation, once you receive the signal what you are supposed to do? Open 5-minute trade for next candlestick open exactly 300 sec trade right away? There are a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of space to wash hands.

Basically, we believe that you`ll get some kind of lousy signals with low accuracy for a high price.

How much the binary 5 system cost?

The service is price tagged at $179.99 for platinum license and $329.99 for Diamond License In difference that for $329.99 you`ll receive 2 copies.

This is extremely high price and we strongly recommend you to avoid purchasing this product. You`ll end up lied and losing money. You`ll also lose the fee you payed, so it’s too much losing folks!

Binary 5 Scam Review – The Conclusion!

This service must be avoided at all cost! In our humble opinion, this is extremely high price for the shit service you`ll receive. There are far better free services then this one, which you can get with no strings attached. In matter of fact, just email us at: and we`ll send you 5 minute automated signals indicator for free. Which we guarantee that it will perform better than the Binary 5 strange system. In matter of fact we`ll send you two indicators, and they are based on real chart analysis with real strategies, which can be explained by us!

Review Verdict: Binary 5 Software should not be trusted! Avoid any registrations with!

Options Trading is lucrative field. Many people are using the trading method to make additional income or as full time jobs. However, you have to be careful for dishonest services like the binary 5 one! Always make sure to rely on 100% endorsed and Trusted Options Services!

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  1. Avoid this ruthless scam. If it is presented from John Kane stay away. Lately a lot of people have been stung from that guy. He offer constantly binary options signal services for different amount, but once you buy them proves that you cannot do anything with them.

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