Binary Brain Trust Scam Revealed

Binary Brain Trust SCAM?

This Review will review everything around this terrible software!

Binary Brain Trust is some kind of hedge fund created and presented to us from Martin Clayton. The website does not contain any specific information about the exact algorithm this binary options trading system uses. The only information provided by the video presentation is that the brain trust guarantees daily profits of $5000 by copy trading service. However, we found a lot of questionable facts while we were investigating this website so we want to discuss them in this article.


Brain Trust Scam Review

Binary Brain Trust Scam Review! Critical scam elements revealed!

After our research the thing are looking pretty grim for this copy trading system. First if there is team of professional traders behind Binary Brain Trust we would like to see a proof of those experts! The service is copying trades made by who? Everything stays one big secret and we definitely don’t like that fact.

No one can guarantee a certain profit, everyone who claims the opposite is layer or he has something fishy in his mind! Don’t believe in too good to be true offers! Many people look at binary options as some kind of highway to the financial freedom! Yes, its lucrative field but also involves certain risks, that’s why you need to be extremely careful when you pick our trading instruments!!

Whose Martin Clayton? The Founder and Chairman of The Brain Trust? He claims that this amazing service is working and making millions for its investors for the last 5 years! Well why we can’t find a single success story related to this software then? Or anything about the CEO Martin Clayton? If those claims where truth, there will be at least some success stories exposed in some of the industry news sources and Martin won’t be hidden behind voice over acting! No trustworthy verification means that this personality is fake long with the whole trading bot! What about the testimonials from the members? Nope, in the video we see only fabricated bank accounts nothing more! They definitely can’t add any authority to this bogus trading system. Mr. Unknown Clayton consistently shows us false credentials and repeats countless times that if we sign with The Brain Trust our financial future will be setup for life!

Back to the 5 years claim, if this lame service was available for over 5 years why the simple search tells us that is registered on 20.01.2016?!? Another lie? Lol we add too much to this pathetic software.

Binary Brain Trust Scam Review! The Conclusion!

This is one of the most terrible services we came across lately! If you see such looking software presented to you by strange voice over narrator you can easy consider this as 99.9% SCAM! In this case we have so many phony stuff that we turned those 99.9% into 200%! Fake identities, time sensitive statements, no real testimonials! Everything combined reveals this service as high risk trading tool!  If you research google you`ll find countless warning against The Brain Trust, apparently some people got tricked by this crap service, don’t follow their example and stay away!

Review Verdict: Binary Brain Trust SCAM CONFIRMED ON 100%! Avoid typical money stealing scheme!


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