Binary Compound System Review – Critically Bad Scam!

Binary Compound System is a Joke!

Check our in-depth review we`ll explain why you should avoid this trading service for your own good!

Official Scam Page:

Binary Compound System is another lousy scam attempt, which is using the binary options scene as advertising platform. Allegedly, after you sign up with this “amazing” offer you`ll be disposed to very special trading strategy. Eventually this so called strategy will guarantee a daily profit of $1000 for you! Clearly this options fraud is oriented to stalk the industry newcomers, but we are here to prevent those goals.

With this exposure article, we aim to point out some of the scam elements involved within, but also to give you an example. In addition, we`ll give you heads up and directions of how you can recognize similar bogus systems!

Binary Compound System Review! The Ugly Truth!

First important detail is regarding the look of the promotional page. We have a presentation covered by voice over acting. Many fake forcing you to register countdown timers and unrealistic claims. On top of everything the website looks like its build by 10 years old web-developer. Such interfaces, are typical for the regular scams, which are flooding the www. All of them have similar facial characteristics. They are too good to be true and all the information exposed is fictitious!

No auto-trading algorithm can guarantee daily profits of $1000! All the profits are determinate by your trading capital, profitability of the software and the money management strategy you are using!

Now let’s move to our Binary Compound System Review!
binary compound system review

How this money making opportunity works?

According to the information exposed, the software is based on trend following algorithm. The invention of Harold Crowells is based on some kind of magnetic effect method. We are not aware of algorithms who are using such trading methods. We believe that in order for their explanations to look more convincing they made up this strange storyline. Furthermore, they say how trend following is one of the most profitable trading strategies! We can agree on that but how the binary compound system is going to track down and find those emerging trends? Clearly the presenter is running around the main subject at in the final stage he just skips the matter and continue with the presentation. Seems like they have nothing to say, and for us ignoring such important matter means red flag!

In addition, at the start of the video we even get more deceptive expiation on how this is actually some kind of strategy, but at the end when you make a registration you realize that its auto trading bot. The robot is synced with shady brokers and in addition the interface is similar to other scam services! Take a look at opus formula and lazy millionaire, they are similar frauds with the same inside trading platforms!

Who is Harold Crowells?

He is described as former investment banker, formally working as employee of one of the biggest world banks, (of course they do not mention the name of the bank). Reality however is slightly different! The official creator / father of this trading robot is just a fictitious identity. The guy is hidden behind voice over acting and there is absolutely no third party verification, which can proof his personality! Using voice over acting is very popular among the lousy schemes, who are using the options field to operate their scams! Note that the shady people behind such offers are not associated with the financial world and they are no traders. They just use the good name of binary options to advertise their schemes!

What about the testimonials and are there any good endorsements?

There are many testimonials, visible all around but are they trustworthy? Of course not, all the photos of people you see are just fabricated personalities! Those people do not exist, the scam-artists are just using random names and stock-model photos! We`ll provide some evidence in support of our statements. In additions, the people who appear inside the video and support the binary compound system are paid actors from This is a big online marketplace, where you can hire people to do for you all kinds of different jobs, including “honest” testimonials!

binary compound system review

Therefore, we can add that real endorsements cannot be found anywhere inside the social media networks. If, you make a research you`ll come across only negative reviews and bad feedback!

Binary Compound System Review – The finale!

Beyond any doubt this trading service can be categorized as scam case study and given as example! You just need to watch for similarity between this one and the future typical options frauds! We are 100% sure that you’ll find tens of identical offers currently advertised by the pesky email marketers! The offer contains countless scam elements, misleading content and over-promising statements!

Final Verdict: Binary Compound System is a 100% SCAM! Beware and Avoid!

Binary Options industry is very lucrative, but you have to be careful with your decision making, and the help-trading service you are assigned to! Remember to always rely on good reputed services. We advise you to check on our Top Recommended Auto-Trading Service. As they are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time by many real day-traders!

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