Binary Interceptor Scam Review

The Binary Interceptor Scam Review!!!

This unbiased review will save your money! Make Sure to Sacrifice 5 minutes and READ IT!

The Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper is Re-Release of old scam using the very same brand name! However, the connection between those two can’t be proven on 100%, that’s why we will completely strip all lies from the new fraud! As we mentioned this important review will clearly show why investing with binary interceptor software will be disasters for your pocket!

The binary Interceptor Scam

Binary Interceptor Scam Review! Why this trading system should not be trusted!

Landing on, we can immediately notice few very disturbing and unrealistic sentences! “Simple and Brand New 100% Win Streak Software!” “Make $58,000++ this Week in (Your Country)”

Those are the meet sentences that really ruin everything from the very beginning. Legit options service will never rely on such over-promising impossible statements. 100% success rate can’t be reached for long period of time no matter what auto trader or signal service you are using. Simply the financial markets are too volatile and fundamentally depended to be predicted on 100%!

Now let’s debunk the video presentation and after that we`ll reveal some more phony elements inside the official page

What actually binary interceptor software is? According to the background story this is created from the brightest technical minds and financial specialists, Robert spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the service and make it user friendly! We are talking about highly sophisticated artificial intelligent algorithm which is analyzing fundamental data, based on that it will provide you with trading signals. However, little forward in the video the promoter decides that its fully automated also, so apparently the signals will be executed automatically. Overall we understand that its some kind of auto trading service. The fact that they involve artificial intelligent with BO is funny but major red flag!

The binary interceptor has monthly target of $10,000. After signup you`ll receive a phone call from your real life startup specialist who’s going to hold your hand till you reach the goal. First, the man who’s going to call you is not associated with binary interceptor software in any way! The call you`ll receive is from account manager assigned to you from the broker you are assigned with. There are some honest account managers but the truth is that 95% of them will lead you into disasters positions! That’s why we always advice: Do Not Take Any Guidance from any Account Manager!

Why Robert Harper is giving The Binary Interceptor Software for free, even if he is currently pricing the system at $997 per monthly subscription! He decided to make it free because he already have a deal with the brokers synced to this trading system for a commission! So, on every trade you WIN he will be paid a small commission from the brokerage! Actually this is half true claim! He will be paid yes, but on every trade you LOSE! Because the ugly truth is that traders trade against the brokers, they lose money when we make money, its simple! That’s why most account managers have the hard task to lead you into losing positions!!!

Our Binary Interceptor Scam Review continues with some time conflicting claims. So Robert Harper claims that he is using this software for over 2 years now and the results are mind blowing! Cool then why a simple search reveals that the official domain is registered on 01.04.2016? Making the usage of this “amazing” software quite impossible before that date?

The testimonials of Binary Interceptor Scam!

We are experiencing 3 personalities who testify that this software is really working! They all made between $600 to $2000 for only 3 hours’ usage on complete auto pilot! Unfortunately, for the shady creators behind this fraud, we recognize one of the actors! The male character is fake actor he took part in other very dangerous scam called Virtual Income! There he is the main actor representing the system, we will provide screenshot Evidence!

 The binary Interceptor Scam Review

The binary Interceptor Software

Well, if one of them is fake we assume the 2 female characters are also phony obviously!

The alleged presenter is Robert Harper he is displayed as extremely well known options trading guru! Mr. Harper decides to go even further adding some more words to his glamour carrier! “I’m trading binary options for over 5 years now”. “80% of the binary options successful traders are my students.” “I’m the most well-known trading guru online!” Those are part of the bold statements Robert decided to throw from nowhere, creating a really nice looking and reliable personality. Unfortunately, the reality is completely different. If, he was the man who he claims to be then why Google posts, which appear associated with Robert Harper are only connected to Why no real trader knows him? The owner of Ventsislav Velev is long time real successful BO and FX trader, and he has never heard of Mr. Harper! Besides that, no one from the other reputed blogs or forums know this man. He’s a complete ghost, for us this person is just made up identity designed to represent The Binary Interceptor Software!

The binary Interceptor review

The Binary Interceptor Scam Conclusion!

We strongly think that the provided evidence will be enough for you to believe in our words! This trading system is just another money stealing scheme! Paid actors, phony identities, unrealistic claims, dishonest testimonials, terrible website surrounded with lies. This is small part of the scam elements we found inside

Review Verdict: Binary Interceptor Scam Revealed and Confirmed! Avoid, Dangerous Fraud!

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