Binary Options ProBot Scam Warning! Honest Review!

 Binary Options ProBot Is a SCAM!

Our transparent review will explain why this system should not be trusted!

Binary Options ProBot is new auto trading software solution. The service is completely free for usage and it promises a solid financial future to its investors. Thing is that the website is voided by any trustworthy information about the company who rules this system, or the individuals involved. Our investigation came across some very dubious elements, which we would like to show you! Do not make a deposit inside this application before you read this unbiased review!

binary options probot scam review

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review! All the hidden details.

Normally, when you represent your company you would want to put maximum transparently into your promotion video! Such as, maybe show your face to the public, give company addresses and registration numbers and so on. In addition, if you claim to have professional traders behind your service you might want to show them as well. Just as proof and of course to gain credibility.  Seems like binary options ProBot don’t offer any kind of the above mentioned information.

How this software works?

According to the video, the system uses 3 strategies. All based on some of the famous Forex trading indicators.

  • Trend – well usually this represent some kind of a trend following indicator, most popular once are based on moving averages.
  • CCI, RSI, Stochastics – those indicators are all considered as oscillators basically the same type. usually they are used in combinations with other indicators like triggers, not together because they all represent one role.
  • MACD and Williams are the last 2 into the list of indicators, which are forming the binary options ProBot.

The indicators look okay, but we don’t get any explanation about how they are combined or which are those 3 strategies. Everything seems suspicious, saying few indicators names does not make your system better.

In addition, as we mentioned above the service is operated by professional traders! We have two question here? Where are they and what are their names?

Since there is no answer contained into we assume that those traders are just plot of imagination.

Who are the people behind this system?

They all stay anonymous! The video is covered by voice over acting, which we consider as extremely bogus. Usually 99.9% of the scams are using similar videos, all cartooned and covered by voice over actor. Always the videos do not contain any real information that can be investigated. Here we have the same type of a video.

Estimated profits of Binary Options ProBot!

According to the sales page, we are looking at pretty staggering cash bot. With his 89% Accuracy the algorithm can provide its members with over 200% daily profit. Meaning that you`ll be able to turn $500 into $1500 for 1 day.  In addition, they set a minimum profit level which is 40%.

First of all, no one can guarantee profits and set and tell you how much money you`ll generate. Trading is not something that you can predict. All the potential profits or loses, are determined by your capital and your money management strategy. Secondly 89% success rate is extremely high and we strongly doubt that its real! The scam-artist says that all the profits are verified by accountant, auditors and professional trader. Well we don’t see any authority seal of third party organization so how can we believe in those overextended rates?

Testimonials and Endorsements!

The video says that there are many and easy to find success stories from real day traders all around the web. Well, we couldn’t find any. Probably you can try to research for those “real” testimonials but we strongly doubt you`ll find any! It seems that their genuine testimonials and reviews tease has been debunked.

Regarding the testimonials inside, they are all fabricated. All those people are just stock photos attached to random names. Those identities do not exist, we`ll provide you with evidence but you also can make a simple google search by image and expose them by yourself!

binary options probot scam review

What else?

We would like to add two more interesting scam elements. The presenter says that before you register you can use the system on demo account! Well no, you cannot, you have to deposit $250 before you gain access to this web-based trading platform.

Next bogus element is the one that the interface of binary options Pro Bot is the same as Quantum Code Software, which is considered as extremely dangerous and viral fraud!

Binary Options ProBot Scam Review! The Summary!

We failed to find a single reason to believe in this auto trading robot. Vice versa we have every reason to believe that we are dealing with dishonest money making opportunity! We believe that putting your money with this cash bot will be disasters!

Review Verdict: Binary Options ProBot Scam Confirmed! Beware and Avoid this trading bot!

New comer to the trading industry? Consider signing with free demo account first! If you are looking for auto trading solutions, we invite you to check out Top Rated Services! Just be reasonable and don’t expect to become millionaire overnight!

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