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Thank you for visiting our black list and Scam reviews page, this list is updated daily and you definitely want to check it out before go and register with some shady auto trading software or bad reputation broker. There is new scam software release every day, we are trying really hard to expose as many as we can and with little help from you guys we are tilting the scales in our favor. We encourage you to commend and share your experience in binary options industry. Also, if you have information about some illegal activity of some broker or binary options signal system and you want them reviewed you can contact us on (Ventsislav Velev)


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Binary Options Broker Scams

Safe-Option, EZ Bnary, NY Stock Options, Tiger Options, Vault Options, GTI Markets,  VIP Binary, Option Trader, Royal De Bank, TradeRush AKA RedwoodOptions

For complete Binary Options Scam List contact us on

If you are NEW to Binary Options you should read this Guidelines:

How to Choose my first Broker?

Your First Binary Options Broker must be one of the top regulated brands. Check out our Top Brokers they are all regulated and with very high reputation among the binary options community. And if you decide to go with different broker remember look for the regulation CySEC for EU, and for U.S. confirm that thy are under CFTC regulation.  Also, read some reviews about them, check out their reputation among the community!

What happens after I register with Binary Options Broker?

Well when you register and deposit regarding your budget possibilities. An account manager will call you on the phone or contact you via email and will start asking a lot of questions about your personal status about how what you are working how you are doing in life, what are your expectations from binary options trading what is your experience regarding binary options trading and all those questions for them are just to understand with whom thy are dealing and how much more they can up sell you and make you deposit more. Of course we can understand that they want from you to deposit more and lose more because that is how Binary Options Brokers makes money. So you need to be careful. I advise to deposit the very minimum with new Broker in the future if you really enjoy the particular broker you can always deposit mote and rise your budged as much as you need yo feel comfortable.

Should I take Bonus from Binary Options Broker?

Look guys, if you are new to binary options trading I advise you to stay away from bonuses because they plant some restrictions on your account and you cant withdraw your funds till you reach a certain volume and in most cases with 250$ deposit this volume levels will need a lot of time and effort to reach! But of course for experienced trader it’s more easy. Confident enough he can take bonus and double his bunged. Example for average bonus forumla (deposit + bonus) x30

I can’t withdraw my investment the binary options broker want ID and Address confirmation from me?

Yes, It is normal they want those verification for your own safety. When you register with a broker and make your first initial deposit they will send you email with list of documents they need from you to provide so the broker can confirm your identity and address in addition to that they can ask for your debit/credit card picture of course they will tell you to hide some information for your own protection. And after your verification is done you will be able to withdraw funds from your trading account when ever you want. Keep in mind that withdraw takes 2 – 3 business days!

Auto Trading Software? 

Choosing to go with auto trading solution! Being extremely careful is a must because like 95% of the robots/software/autopilot/auto trading that are floating the markets are scams! We have tested many signal services and some turned to be in good in the money ratio you can check our trusted signals systems the signal they all work properly and you can add some good profit to your monthly payout but of course you can’t make millions in matter of weeks lets be serious!

I’m 100% sure that I’am victim of a fraud/scam service?

If you are sure you have fallen in the net of the vast scam community there is not much you can do. Your last option is opening file dispute on your credit/debit card and expose all the reasons why this is scam and how they lied. But remember winning this kind of cases is very hard so don’t keep strong hope! I rather advice to be more careful and stay away from shady websites with no or bad reputation no matter that they demand that the service they offer is free and you can easy make big amount of money with them!

What can I do to lower the chance of been scammed from auto trading service?

Remember guys since scam is everywhere. Stay away from big promises and email offers that include easy and huge profits in one sentence! Always read all the reviews. Check out the reputation, check out YouTube testimonials and read the commends. Finding any bad comments or words scam/fraud/lie better stay away! Also, notice what brokers they are using, if the offered brokers have no regulation or they are with bad reputation or even worst case you never heard of them this is another red flag to stay away! All above mentioned steps are important to lower your chance of being scammed!

For more information about the Scam listed-sites or you have any feedback with some other fraud service please commend below or  contact us on (Ventsi)


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  1. Thank you!!!! Great black-list thank you for everything you are doing for us, the newbie traders!!! Subscribed!

  2. Great protection scam list thank you so much, I almost registered with Profit Magnet, I’m so glad I landed on your website!!!

  3. Very nice scam list, haha i can pick at least 3 scams that lost money for me i wish i have seen this website before i sign with them…

  4. That’s a big list, thank you for this protection list Velev! You have saved me 2 – 3 times from losing my deposit im very grateful keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you for this amazing list!!! Keep up the good work, hope you kill every scam out there!

  6. Thank you for all those scam reviews !!!! You have saved a lot of money to a lot of people keep up the good work man !!!

  7. This list is golden! Thank you for all those reviews Ventsislav Velev. KEEP THEM ROLLING PLEASE!

  8. Keep Up the good work bro. YOu are really putting those scammers to starve till end of their lives;]

  9. Thank you for all those scam reviews!!! You bring a lot of legitimacy into the binary options industry. Nice work

  10. So many reviews, i wonder how are you handling all this work ! Incredible you really deserve a lot of credit for what you are doing. Protecting the community like that. Keep up the good work friend !!!

    1. It takes time and hard work Edrag, but im handling it fine! Thanks for your kind words will keeep this up don’t worry!

  11. Nice Protection List Man. I’m really grateful. TO be honest was thinking to sign with coffee cash cheat. Im really glad i see your list before i got scammed.

  12. I really appreciate your work Velev, i do follow your blog really you deserve a lot of respect for your work!!!

    1. Thank you Piotar!
      I really hope you are right! Im doing my best to review as much as I can from those bogus scams!

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