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Online trading is very lucrative field, but like every other normal thing you need to gain certain knowledge in order to be successful. There is a long road, which you need to walk till you start to self-trade successfully. Such as charts analysis, recognizing the most high probability trades based on good strategies, or price action technics, conducting fundamental analysis based on information gathered from the financial news sources. Maintaining high level of discipline and money management! All those topics combined need experience and patience to be utilized properly.

Due to the high intensity of life most people don’t have time to sit in front of the computer for 10 hours per day, that’s why there are a lot of people who prefer to use proper auto trading or signal service. The binary options industry as trading instrument is expanding fast, and with the growing interest there are many new binary option services trying to feed the high demand. Unfortunately most of them are just selling dreams scams, those fraudulent offers are created with single purpose, to steal your money!

There are two type of binary options services that can be found. First are the fully automated robots. Those software solutions are synced with your account to auto trade on your behalf, you just need to setup the settings and the software is doing everything for you! Most of those services are based on sophisticated algorithms. Second one is the Semi – Auto Trader software. It means that you will get signals in automated way based on technical analysis but you must implement fundamental analysis and decide which signals you want to trade and which one you want to avoid. Basically you need to place the trades half manually. is dedicated to constantly test different types of services, auto trading and semi auto trading. Based on our experience with them and the feedback we gather from other traders and news portals, we have created a list with one of the most reliable binary options services!

We keep high security level. Our links are encrypted and certificated by SSL / HTTPS:// highly encrypted protocols. In short words our links are cleared and clicking them cannot harm you in any way! In addition everyday virus scan provided by Sitelock, assure that is Malware-Free, meaning that no malicious code can harm you here!

Service NamePriceMin DepositSoftwareAverage RateReviews
Bit Bubble TechFree$£€ 250Crypto-Trader90% ITMReview
Crypto AdvantageFree$£€ 250Crypto-Trader75% ITMReview

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112 thoughts on “Binary Options Signals

  1. I am a newbie. I want get started trading with robotics, particularly with mike’s auto trading and Xe trader. Can you guide me. Thanks

  2. I from sri lanka.. sri lanka is a small island which is under the india on map.. i cant use theese softweres

    Lexington Code
    Copy Buffett Software
    NEO2 Software
    Mikes Auto Trader

    when ii try register it is showing “no brokers in your area.. Plese help me.. give me a auto trader for available for us.. is available for us.. is it scam? wikitrader also not avaiable for us..please help me..

  3. Hi Valev,
    Can I know what is the best out of crunch tech, binary droid and trend trader
    As I am from Sri Lanka a small island below India
    please advice
    Thank you Vale

  4. Hi, i just wanna know is Quantam Code is real or fake…because they told me its a free sign up n now they told me they want me 2 deposit $250 so i can start trading…i haven’t done anything…is this page a scam??

  5. I lost some money with wish I would have found this site sooner! Just wondering if the Broker I joined with is also a scam? The broker is called Opteck.


    1. Josh, we cant say on 100% but whatever money you have there you better withdraw them!

  6. hi been a while that I follow the site and would like to know what dentres these auto trader is the most suitable for a beginner in Binary Options?

    1. They are all easy to use with simple to understand interface. So yes they are suitable for novice traders.

  7. Hi, I’ve never done this before, but I’m interested and want to give Copy Buffett Software a try. But before I do, does it work worldwide? Thank you!


  8. Hi
    recently I got involved with FOREX, but haven’t completed my registration with them yet. I just wish to ask if FOREX is legit. Thanks

    1. I think all the software solutions above are available in Brazil. So basically it’s your decision. Currently the best performing are Copy Buffett and Crunch Tech.

  9. Hello,

    Suggest me a good, legit “Binary Options Automated Software” which accepts traders from INDIA legally . Is “BINA DROID” legit ?

    S Patil

    1. Hello, S Patil

      Yes Binadroid is good, also soon we expect new version of Binadroid improved and available world wide!
      In addition, Crunch tech allows some parts of India so check it also, you can find the review above.

  10. Can you please tell me who Option 500 are?, I am getting messages from them to join them, but not sure as I don’t find them listed on best option sites.

    1. hi Christine,

      They are not regulated or good broker so, just stay away from them!

  11. Hej Velev.
    That´s about up/down signals. I think you have to make an update about them. I tryed them out for a couple of weeks , first they cost much more ( I think 35 USD /week ). For that money they send 5 signals daily ( Mon. – Fr.) . Performance was really bad – between 50 and 60 % when checking signal issuing and expiry rates , but in reality it was lower as nobody can open 5 trades so quickly. It can be I get them in bad weeks but people have to be attentive with this signal service. At least I will never try them again even if they become free of charge.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you Arnis i will immediately, try the signals and remove them if, its true!
      If you like to be invited into Mikes Facebook Group for better signals let me know, will be completely free for you, just let me know!!


      1. Thanks for answer and offer for Mikes FB group – I am in this group but cannot follow signals as I am working a lot . Thats why I was trying various signal services to save my time and trade when I have a bit of free time. Probably I will try Buffet if it still awailable.

        Regards, Arnis

      2. Yes Copy Buffett is still available!
        Also, Keep in mind that participating into the Facebook group allows you to learn self trading, and that’s more precious then jumping from service to service!

  12. I really like the Copy Buffett Software!
    Now im learning to trade the signals there, and at this point im at 70% success rate but i feel with little more improvement i can achieve higher rate!
    The service has auto trader and really good signal service! Its like the perfect scenario!

    1. Nice, recently haven’t seen someone to use signals instead of the auto trading feature of C Buffett!
      Yes of course you can, if you keep it consistent and trade everyday, following the fundamentals you`ll improve for sure!

  13. I signed with Tauribot and Citidel last week.
    Results for Tauribot: 45 trades 33 wins 12 loses!
    Results for Citidel: 32 trades 24 wins 8 loses!
    Im happy with the results next week im increasing my investment from 25 to 50!

  14. I’m using Mikes at for a very long time now, for me its working okay the signals are really nice in long term i have 68%, but i speak for 7 months of trading! I just avoid news trading and i confirm the signals with some price action and support resistance strategies. Overall im happy with the software. Today i have signed with binary options ATM it seems pretty funny software, i really like the fact that i can pick the broker before i signed. Made small session 6 wins 4 loses. After few more sessions i`ll come to update you with my performance, but so far i don’t see nay bugs, lag or any kind of issues.

    1. Hi! Darcy,

      Good night! Thanks for your message. For some time now I have been contemplating on joining Mike’s Autotrader. About an hour ago, I registered to get the software but I’m a bit suspicious about the broker that popped up. Its called binary book. They requested I deposit the amount required and that they will be my account managers. I googled to check if it’s regulated and there seem to be no information about them. being unsure about it, I sent an email to Mike regarding if they are one of his recommended brokers but haven’t received any response yet. is it that I was just about to be scammed or maybe didn’t go through the right procedure.
      Any help from you will be gratefully appreciated.



    1. Depends on what you want for yourself, Cash Camp is fully automated binary options service, Mikes Auto Trader is Semi-Autotrader!

  15. I was trading 2 months with Equinox but i couldn’t get out of 60% – 65% success rate, and the software is making 10 – 20 trades per day. Before a week i decided to join and test Trend Trader, well i traded only 2 days with the auto trader because of the holidays but from 6 trades i lost only 1. I’m very excited about this new software i hope that during 2016 it will stay reliable. After 2 – 3 weeks i`ll come back to give you some more feedback! I’m starting with ‎€500 initial deposit. Trend Trader settings = ‎€50 per trade with 90% strength of the signals!

  16. I tried virtnext and equinox but to be honest im not very pleased form their performance, I made some money but i was expecting way way more. Anyway, I decided to go and try Trend Trader before 2 weeks, first week i used 70% strength of the signals, and the auto trader was making 6 – 10 trades per day, with 65% – 70% accuracy, the next week i decided to increase the strength of the signals to 100% since the software allows it. The software made only 5 trades true the whole week, i lost 1 and won 4. This week im skipping trading, but next week i plan to increase my investment form €25 to €50 and if i generate again around 80% the next week im increasing to €100. I will post another update after two weeks, Thank you for directing me to trend trader and i wish all your readers a very lucrative 2016 year!!!

  17. I’m amazed form Trend Trader really, 20 trades only 6 loses, i hope this is not just a beginners luck!!! After i managed to generate only 65% success rate with equinox i was little skeptical but for now trend trader is giving me quite marvelous performance!

    1. Most of them accept USA, Virtnext, Trend Trader, Mikes Auto Trader.. they are all good and accept US Traders

  18. I like mikes auto trader the most!
    Recently i also signed with trend trader, i like the software but for now i generate only 68% success rate, i`ll probably need to set up the % strength higher!

    1. Yes, Try to set it on 90% its less signals but more qccuracy. While i was testing the service i generated barely 66% with 60% strength. When i incresed it to 90% the accuracy jumped to 80%!

  19. Hey, Velev
    I just want to thank you for all your support really, finally i started to see some real profits form binary options, that wont be even possible if it was not your guidance!
    Little story behind, i have account with Mikes Auto trader and i was struggling and stuck on 60%, so i asked Ventsislav for help and he gave me a lot of guidance and he showed me some strategies on which i can rely and double check the signals before take them! After i started to implement your guidelines i really managed to jump my ITM rate above 70%, that’s why i just decided to post this comment to support your work and give you some good credit about all your the help, you offer to the people who struggle with all kinds of problems!! Credit Well Deserved! Thank you, please keep up the spirit!

    1. Im grateful for all the flashy words Maria, i’m really glad that you have started to see some progress! But as i told you, everything is about the consistency and patience!

  20. I use Mike’s auto trader for sometime and i’m happy with it but i cant manage to generate more then 70% success rate. Can you guaide me if there are any special hours when my sessions will be more accurate?

    1. Try to avoid trading around major news events will slightly increase your accuracy! Also, try to focus your sessions from 6 GMT to 12 GMT, while i was testing the service, those hours seem to be most profitable for me!

  21. Hi,
    Why you are not promoting Trend Trader seems to be really good software!

    Actually im using equinox but its giving me maximum of 66% success rate, i think im going to jump on trend trader or something else next week.

  22. Mike’s Auto Trader is the best service from this list, don’t be fooled with this new auto traders, they will drop their success rate in the near weeks no matter that they are good for now. Mikes at is keeping consistent above 70% accuracy for over an year now!

  23. Virtnext is more professional! But Equinox is also good, I have them both but i prefer using the virtnext software.

  24. I’m profiting with Mikes at from long time but i feel i want to sign with one more service from newer generation like Virntext Or Equinox. How can i choose from those two? Can i get some opinions?

    1. Hello from Italy,
      Leony I use Equinox for 3 weeks and I’m very happy with the service! For virtnext i can’t tell anything

  25. Thank you, thousand times Velev I have lost over €2000. Since i follow your blog i have signed with Mike’s AT and Cash Camp and i started to generate profits for fist time, i also use a lot of your strategies to double check the signals and if i find out a bad signal or trade i just stalk and fence safe those trades. Thank you for all your guidance man !!!

    1. Im really glad that you finaly started to generate profits man good work!!! Keep it up!! Be consistent!

  26. Have you guys seen the new trend trader what Keith from options xe is having great success with? Maybe you can look at that see what you think?

  27. Three days trading with virtnext, I managed to profit little over 250 Euro! Im very amazed form the performance so far.

  28. Hello from Germany,
    I have account with Mike’s auto trader and I’m really happy with the signals there. It’s keeping very nice consistent above 70% success rate.
    Last week i decided to test this new Virtnext software, after made small research i find out that there are only positive reviews and feedback’s everywhere so i decided to jump into the water. Four days of trading has passed and my auto trader inside Virtnext has made 24 trades. I have lost 7 and Won the other 17 so far i can say that I’m really impressed. Profit generated by now is 330 EUR. I wonder if im going to see such good results in the future too like with Mikes at.

  29. I signed with Virtnext Today, actually I followed your advice you gave me on Gtrader before and I traded only 1 auto trade today i WON it of course that does not mean anything but i will trade as you advice to Paul too, first week 1 trade per day with minimum investment = very wise! Thank you for all the guidelines Velev! I admire how you manage to help so many people and point them the right way Thank you!

  30. I am a little nervous joining VirtNext because any sort of binary options program I touch, I seem to get struck by lightning (blown accounts)…? That includes DOW Jones Equinox (not quite blown, but was heading there – 41% ITM – so I stopped for now).
    I have read some negative reviews about VirtNext…there is one girl on YouTube that has shown that she has a blown account. That is where I am nervous! Any feedback is welcome!

    1. Paul,
      Virtnext is delivering for me. But no matter what everyone say you must trust your own judgement. If you are scared don’t sign, or sign and trade 1 trade per day for 1 week if you like what you see proceed if you don’t like just withdraw. It’s simple and easy strategy to test any kind of software with minimum risk!

  31. Guys, don’t waste time with other services! Virtnext is making over 80% success rate!!! I have tried this XE-Trader before that and i blow 2 accounts with them, and with their hard to catch signals! Maybe they make money but i couldn’t. With Virtnext i just use the auto trader and profit! Easy!

    1. Yes XE-trader is little tricky, you need to be little more advanced in trading in order to profit with them!

  32. Hello,
    I’m using MIke’s Auto trader and I’m happy with the service. But I’m looking at this new offer virtnext seems to be pretty legit. I’m going to test it next week and post hope that its giving some profits!

  33. I enjoy Dow Jones Focus Group by Equinox. The software is little crazy if you let him free trade, but if you contain it in more conservative way you can generate nice profits!

  34. I signed with Gold Digger, but i couldn’t trade gold with $250 deposit. I called the support and they told me that i need to deposit more money in order to unlock the gold trader. So i started to trade some of the currency pairs but made like 8 ITM’s and 7 OTM’S so i stopped and withdraw my money from them. I think this software dont work very well, or atleast for the currency pairs. I couldn’t manage to unlock my gold trading account so i can actually trade the commodity. I can’t confirm if the commodity trading is legit or not but the pairs failed me!
    Anyway after that I signed with cash camp and google trader I notice that you don’t promote the both service but for 2 weeks im seing around 75% success rate with cash camp and around 72% with google trader. Google trader is making less trades then cash camp. I think they are both legit and can bring some profits. I dont have large budget so im doing only $25 trades and aiming for $100 profit per day. For now im reaching my target.

  35. When I don’t have time for charts and self trading i use Mike’s AT and DOW JONES FOCUS GROUP. Of Course self trading is better all the way but sometimes I don’t mind to exchange few % success rate for more free time.

  36. Hello it’s Jonathan,
    I want to share my humble opinion with you lands.
    I have account with Binary Options Robot. The average success rate is around 69%!
    The service itself is very professionally made and the support is great and far from annoying!
    If you are looking for service that will make you decent profit in a long term, I feel this auto trading solution might be your wise choice!

  37. Mike’s auto trader is the one i like the most, i have tried the gold digger but i didn’t like it too much flood!

  38. LOL bro why you are not promoting the Dow jones FG (Equinox), it’s giving great results and their platform is super nice!

    1. Lol indeed good question Kerim,
      I was giving the software little more time to prove!
      Maybe i’m gonna add it from Monday.

  39. In relation with the Erhan’s question!
    Mikes auto trader and Binary options Robot are the best options form here in my opinion!! I use them for over 4 months, averaging 70% which is super good in long term!

    1. They are both old testet true the rage of time and traders. You really need to decide for yourself both are good, but they are different. Mike’s AT is signal service, and BO Robot is auto trading robot. In my opinion get them both you wont regret!

  40. I have tried mikes and gold digger services, but I couldn’t generating more then 70% success rate with them which is not very high. I recommend Insiders Information my personal best for like 2 months i have seen 3 weeks of nearly touching 80% success rate.

  41. Hello everyone, Before few days I registered with Mike’s Auto trader and XE Trader, I find them really successful as I don’t have time to stay and watch the charts all the time. Those services are really doing everything for me, with both combained I average around 70% itm ratio and im very happy with them for now. Trading with 25 – 50Eur per trade I generate around 150eur daily profit. I already made my first withdraw friday and I will let you know how much time it takes for money to arrive in my bank account.

  42. I recently signed up with the gold digger app it’s not too bad not perfect but I am making a small profit. I was wondering tho they claim on their results page all their trades are 60 seconds all I get are a few every few hours why is that can anyone help Is their an option to change that somewhere? Also I thought this was fully automated but it’s not it’s manual trading I was hoping for it to be fully automated oh well.

    1. Hello Paul,
      This software is not a robot, you can check out the binary options robot among our promote signals solutions if you search for 1 button trading software, and about gold digger we also notice that they are not posting any 60 second trades while we was testing it, and today I recieved note from a reader that follows our blog and he told us that gold digger ask him for some kind of upgrade of his account Im not really sure if they made some changes, and this upgrade unlock other types of trading but I’m going to research the situation and answer come back with an answer. If you have any other question you can post them here or contact me at

  43. I`am with Insiders information for quite some time and I’m reaching around 75% success I’m happy with this service and I’m scared to try others. But if I decide to try something else I’m going to post comment with success rate!

  44. Hello everyone, I’m searching for autotrader I know I cant like reach very high success rate with it but I want to try something can you give me some opinion?

    1. Hello, Joseph one of the most reliable at this point is Mike’s Autotrader. But you can check out gold digger and Xe trader too. They are fairly new to the industry but I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on them!

  45. Hello, I want to share my experience with Gold Digger i recently register and its giving me around 80% success. I trade 40EUR per trade. For now im very happy with it but we will see if it will be consistent!

  46. Hello, I did tried this Option bot 2.0 but I can’t reach more than 70% success with it. I’m looking for something little more profitable can you give me some directions please?

    1. Hello Martin, Since you are familiar with the option bot system i highly recommend the new Xe Trader its like option bot but with really a lot more features and in a matter of fact you need to register with only 1 broker chosen by you! What comes to the performance for what i have as result for now its reaching around 75% success rate. Also consider Mike’s auto trader as a really good choice too. Have lots of good feedback on this software and it’s a reliably choice!

  47. Hi, this is incredible I was searching long time for good signal service, I did register with Mike’s auto trader and im averaging around 75% ITM RATIO and making around 300 USD per day, I’m also interested in trying this NEW XE Trader can you tell me what itm ratio I can expect from them? My main target is to register with 2 more auto trading software and I’am aiming for around 1000$ per day do you think this is possible?

    1. Enzo, The new XE trader is the successor of option bot, I highly recommend it since the team whose behind these options signal service is very serious. Its relatively new but from what I have as a feedback for now it giving pretty good results around 75% and it has really lot of features! If you decide to try it and please share your results here.

      1. Hello Darrell,
        I’m trading $50 – $100 per trade.
        I must said that im hardly reaching 300$ anymore because the accuracy dropped to around 70% lately. And i’m aiming for 150-200 usd fast session profits this days.

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