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The Binary Profit Method – SCAM or Great Trading Opportunity?

The Binary Profit Method- Our Honest Review!

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When it came to us the news of The Binary Profit Method we were curious to see what exactly it is. The advertising appeal that “basement trader makes over $100,000 a month using their new system” has left us puzzled. Having a generous proposal for a profit of that kind, we expected to find all the information necessary to understand well how their new application works. Alas, on their website we did not find any details that can help us figure out the precise method that they use to generate those big monies!

Furthermore, there is no investing binary options company able to provide its customers with a guaranteed income of $100,000 monthly. Such a promise would certainly come from the mouth of malicious scammers.

We had no choice but to investigate to find out who stay behind this sensational web site!

binary profit method scam review

What exactly The Binary Profit Method is it?

This product is one of the many scam trading software that promises to its traders a very high income per day. It is a completely automatic web based system and no trading knowledges or experience are required in order to use it. The software is allegedly created by a certain Steve Nichols that claims easy and fast money revenue by accessing to that complex trading platform.  Moreover, this guy promises the investment software operates in fully automatic mode. So, it will analyze and will choose for you only favorable trades, to make you have always only positive outcomes. Promises to get started, you just need a simple free online registration to open an account and 5 minutes with no distractions.

Allegedly The BMP is a signal tools makes use of a 3 level indicator system: Market Power, Price Range and Price Samples. With them Mr. Nichols pretends, can pretty much guarantee the payout and winning ratio. The technical analyses and charts provided in the software, explain how the signals are generated. You can use the charts as a point of reference. Or simply trade according to the signals and collect your money.

Folks, this is the usual illusory promise of lot of money in those modes extremely easy. One of those offers that we call “too good to be real.” Don’t let these cheaters fool you!

Can Binary Profit Method Deliver The huge profit durable in the time?

Yes, life can be great. But, please remember, no genuine binary options system can make you earn $100,000 per month consistently! Does not exist binary options signal provider able to generate constant and long-terms gain.

This robot does not require manual involvement, how it is possible to predict 75% success rate?  In online trading, we know, there are not only winnings. There are obviously also losses. The percentage that was shown is not authentic at all! Moreover, with the promised 75% winning rate you will be able to make a small profit.

Finally, one thing is more than certain. With the Binary Profit Method App, you will never become millionaires as they shamefully claim.

Friends, how do you explain the illusion of having a very high profit of $100,000 per month? Obviously, the video and the website and jam-packed with lots of lies!

binary profit method scam review

The online results are not real!

Folks, have you seen the ridiculous so called live trading feed? We do not know whether to laugh or cry! In the hope to be even more persuasive and make us believe their bales, guess what they invented? In their nonsensical video presentation, they have crept supposed “real” online results.

Furthermore, please beware to the following important detail! With a more attentive eye it is easily seen that the displayed charts do not coincide one with the other. They are simply copy and paste images. What a shame! Are you still at the opinion to entrust your money to these dangerous crooks? We hope not!

You are about to meet the CEO of Binary Profit Method Steve?

Friends, have you also you asked: Who is the character who accompanies us during the whole video? What we know about him? Here is, this is the point! What is known about this individual? After all suspicions and confirmations to have in front of us a real SCAM, we wanted to look up information even about his true identity.

Who and the character who accompanies us during the whole video? What we know about him? Here is the point! What is known about this individual? After all suspicions and confirmations to have in front of us a real SCAM, we wanted to look up information even about his true identity.

Steve Nichols presents itself as a 42 years old hotel executive. He supposedly made over $100,000 in a month with a minimum effort. He claims to be the inventor of this powerful software. But our extensive research has shown us that he is only a well-paid actor. It is absolutely unknown to all Internet channels. That name is only associated with the scam platform!

binary profit method scam review

Now what’s the truth behind Binary Profit Method?

We found out from trustful sources that the man behind this service is called Asaf Weinstein, we found link to his LinkedIn profile. He is also the man behind another scam called Passive Income Bot. Moreover he owns website called, where he tries to attract users to those two offers mainly. Now, if his services was really profitable and real we assume that he will be representing them but not hiding behind paid actors!! We are also not sure why even his main website is represented by fake identity called Patrick Jones. Overall there is a lot of deception going on there. We just felt obligated to warn you.

Furthermore, we found few more website associated with this individual: We are not sure what kind of connection those websites have but we`ll investigate further and make additional reviews on the subject.

Who are the Testimonials on Binary Profit Method?

On the website, there are many images of imaginary testimonials. Stolen photos of people who obviously have nothing to do with this fraudulent service!

The machinery of scammers is already too familiar: stolen stock photos + fabricated reviews, equal of 100% SCAM indication!

Binary Profit Method Scam Review – Summary!

There is nothing real on their website nor in the boring video. Moreover, no their word has to do with the truth. They only said a pack of lies. Their aim is to attract innocent traders in their fiendish traps and then get their money. After that, disappear without a trace! In addition, we found all those nasty details and the whole scam network, operated by Asaf Weinstein.,, are all under his hat, all covered by misleading information and deception.

Review Verdict: Binary Profit Method Is a Proven Scam! Beware and avoid any registrations with!

Binary Options trading can be very profitable for you. But keep in mind that fake gurus / mentors will be always stalking your money! That’s why it’s very important to be careful with the trading-tools you are signing. For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Services. They are all tested and 100% endorsed by the trading community!

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