BinaryRobot Pro Scam Alert! Honest BinaryRobot.Pro Review!

BinaryRobot Pro is nice looking but repeating scam!

Check this review before you attempt any money involving activities!

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BinaryRobot Pro is just another of those pesky money stealing schemes, which consistently pup up from thin air! They always promise to grant their users with some additional income and even financial freedom but at the end the reality is quite opposite!

Fist we`ll debunk the promotional website and then we`ll explain why we categorize this trading robot as repeating fraud!

the binaryrobot pro scam review

The BinaryRobot Pro Scam Review – All the dubious details revealed!

In general, we have to avoid such websites with unknown origin. Notice how the website avoids to display any information about the individuals or organization behind this trading robot. The fact that the founders of this website aim to remain anonymous is quite suspicious!

How the robot works?

According to the information exposed on BinaryRobot.Pro, the system uses chart analysis based on few indicators! They call it artificial neural network! We are not sure why they try to bring the artificial intelligence into binary options but that is BS! MACD, RSI Breakout, Stochastics, Bollinger bands, Momentum, ADX AND, Volume are the indicators and strategies used by this bot. Thing is that we have tested all the settings and indicator variations, and we believe that those indicators are nothing but empty buttons. There are no changes into the software behavior once you turn ON/OFF those options.

The Service has 89% average Win-rate?

Pretty bold and in the same time impossible statement. It’s nearly impossible to held such accuracy for long period of time. Currently such software does not exist! Furthermore, the service is relying mostly on short term trading positions! Usually turbo. trading has even lower accuracy meaning that the task for this trading robot becomes even harder. Based on that we can conclude that the website is lying about the accuracy of the software.

the binaryrobot pro scam review

Why this is repeating scam?

To be honest we are surprised, because with this fraud we have almost new design. The first of this money stealing scheme was released back in 2015, and it was called option robot. We also, was tricked back then and lost some money there. Since then, the same offer keeps appearing but always shape-shifted with a new name and new design. In most of the cases the inside platform was looking similar! In this case we have slightly different inside look but the concept of the scam stays the same.

We have the very same features, options and currencies. We have the same convincing approach with the free demo account with $5000.

That’s actually the core of the scam, the demo account is developed to always win money! No matter what you do you`ll always make money with the free account. Once you register with real money account the headaches start! Therefore, don’t be fooled folks everything is a lie!

You can easy debunk the whole story but following few simple steps.

  1. Sign up a free trading account!
  2. Activate the auto trader and open 10 – 20 positions!
  3. Compare the expiry rates with a free charts or with your binary options broker expiry rates!

You`ll notice major difference between the expiry rates of BinaryRobot Pro and the real expiries on the exchanges!

The Binary Robot Pro Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Usually we don’t spend much time debunking this mimic scam offers. As you can see we put enough evidence out! A legit trading system will not be so conservative with their promotional page. Keep in mind that investing with similar to this offer will be disasters for your budget!

Review Verdict: The BinaryRobot Pro is a SCAM! Beware and avoid the offer settled at:!

Other Similar Dangerous Scam-Sites: Duel Robot, Automated Binary Robot!

Binary Options Trading is very lucrative and can be really profitable. Unfortunately, due to the fact there are many crooks stalking the newcomers! That’s why you have to be careful and always rely on good reputation trading solutions! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Rated Trading Systems! They are all tested and endorsed by the trading community on 100%!

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One thought on “BinaryRobot Pro Scam Alert! Honest BinaryRobot.Pro Review!

  1. Another scam is revealed. Guys you are doing a great job.
    Trading with binary options, could be very profitable, but also it can be disastrous. Keep in mind where you trading, especially if you don’t know who stays behind the software, you are going to use.
    Thank you for the honest analysis.

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