Is Involved with Shady Activities! Important Review! Should not be Trusted!

Within this review, we`ll explain why this news portal is dishonest.

Review Target: Scam or Reliable News Portal? Now, this article will be slightly different then the majority we post. Just because we`ll review a binary options blog website but not a direct service. However, we strongly recommend that you read this article because there are also few software solutions associated, which we will expose into this in-depth investigation.

Reputation! That’s the most important word when we speak about binary options, Forex or any other trading instrument. Know that trusting people who have good reputation will keep you out of trouble. Following unknown websites with shady owners or registering with non-endorsed trading-tools will lead in the opposite way. In nowadays we receive more and more warning from people who complain that they are trusting fake blogs / gurus. Well guys, you can easily recognize good from bad news portal. Just check the owners and their reputation among the trading community. Most importantly make sure that they are real people but not hidden behind fake identities.

Now first we would like to remind you that anyone can build a blog website but that does not mean that they are all reputed. Usually this website is not ranking very good on google and probably that’s the reason why it took so long for us to find the truth. However recently we noticed this website to promote two really big scams. And actually, that triggered our investigation. scam review, binaryscamalers scam review, binary scam alerts, Scam Review – What’s hiding behind the curtain!

Now first let’s take a look at the website and the ownership. Allegedly the owner of this website is Patrick Jones. We have a picture of him to the right and we have also short vocal presentation attached to the photo. But keep in mind that we do not see Patrick Jones but he is covered by voice over actor. Now we investigated this photo and it turned out that this is just stock model, and definitely it’s not Patrick Jones. Practically this proofs that Patrick Jones is probably a non-existing identity. scam review, binaryscamalers scam review, binary scam alerts,

We however found that the real owner of this web-page is named Asaf Weinstein we`ll attach photo of him and we`ll also link it to his Facebook account. Where we found actually his company name “Zone4Play”. Now, we are not sure why this man is hiding from the wide public at this time but we`ll expose further reasons in this post, which might be explaining the reasons. At this point we are sure of one thing, must not be trusted. scam review, binaryscamalers scam review, binary scam alerts,

At this point we`ll leave to you to decide if you want to trust this man, but basically, he is just a scam artist trying to hide himself from the world. In addition, just continue reading because we`ll reveal some of the fraud-services developed by this man.

What else we managed to uncover regarding BinaryScamAlerts?

Once you start to research the website you realize that they are heavily promoting few really dangerous scams: Binary Profit Method (, Passive Income Bot (, Option Robot ( and Binary Options Auto Trading ( All those systems have lost a lot of money to many investors. Moreover, we know that Asaf Weinstein is actually behind binary profit method and passive income bot. Based on that information we assume that the other two robots are also associated with him. Basically, he is a cruel individual, who design dishonest systems and uses his blog to advertise them and eventually to reach out for the wide public. Scam Review – Summary.

A shady website promoting bogus systems and owned by Asaf Weinstein. We really want to be objective and not ruin the reputation of this news portal but we failed. Just because, c’mon folks, how can this guy be respected. He creates scams and he is using a nasty way to promote them, at the end his name is never involved and he leaves the scene always clean. Well, not anymore, we want the world to know, of this coward. Maybe if he was at least brave enough to promote his services directly but not hiding behind the scene we would be more soft but in this case, we just cannot!,,, and are all scams owned or promoted by Asaf Weinstein.

Review Verdict: Beware and avoid any further engagement with! You know don’t even check this website, because simply if we give him visitors we basically gain him an authority and more power in front of google. So, just stay away from those websites!

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that binary options trading is very lucrative field but as you can alone be imaging this fact drags also dishonest people like Asaf Weinstein. Who design fake products in attempt to steal your money? Knowing that in advance will help you. Just be sure to always trust and use good reputed trading services!

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