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The BinaTrust Software is new money stealing scheme, which uses the good name of binary options to grow and take money from the regular people. Once we came across this web-based opportunity we immediately notice few really dubious details. Within this in-depth analysis review we`ll explain everything and point some really critical topics, exposing this trading system as fraud!

binatrust scam review

BinaTrust Scam Review – All you need to know!

Right after you land on the initial claim how you`ll convert your $250 deposit into $4800 catches your eyes. In case you are newcomer to this industry you have to know that such profits coming from such initial capital are only a dream. The sum of $4800 is not really big but you cannot reach it within one day of trading starting with $250 even with good trading solution.

Researching the online filed for good trading system can be a mess and you`ll land on many offers promising to make you wealthy but none of them are real! That’s why we categorize similar trading products as “too good to be true”! Knowing that in advance will help you immense to avoid all deceptive services. It’s simple if it sounds too good then it’s a scam, and all you need to do is close the page!

In addition, we have really annoying cooldown timer trying to push us into registration because the spots are limited. Keep in mind that those types of technics are most common for the scams and they are simple marketing tricks!

How the BinaTrust Software works?

Officially the service is advertised as some kind of signals provider. However, the lack of good information makes it really suspicious. Usually if the website does not offer reliable and convincing information regarding the used algorithms we become really cations. Spending time to convince us how good the service is without sharing any reliable info is just unprofessional! Most of the online impostors create scams in different fields without understanding for what they are talking about. That’s why most of the scams or explanations on the promotional websites do not make any sense!

In this case the creators ask us to register with a shady system without sharing how that APP works or what kind of algorithms they are using! Moreover, they claim that we`ll receive over 150 signals a day but they do not say how those signals are distributed or generated. Everything sounds mega suspicious!

Who are the people behind this project?

Again, we get the shady approach. The short-cartooned video claims that 6 professional hedge fund traders are behind the BinaTrust Software. Thing is that they do not share the names of those hedge funds neither they give the names of those traders. Basically, this is just a fictitious storyline with no real identities. Moreover, the video presentation is short, cheap and unreliable.

Therefore, we cannot believe to those words how there are professional traders behind this system. Obviously if they do not appear they do not exist. Plus, most of the hedge fund traders who manage other people’s money do not invest in options trading!

Testimonials and endorsements?

Testimonials exposed on are just a joke! All the social media feeds, individuals and posts are fabricated. That can be easily proven since you all can research those pictures and confirm that those Facebook profiles are no real.

Regarding the outside support, this software does not enjoy any. When you research the social media and all search engines you can find only negative reviews and bad feedback! Clearly because all people who decided to test this trading platform have lost their money!

the binatrust software

Is really BinaTrust Software announced an all those news portals?

Another detail, that can be confirmed as big lie. Just research the official websites of: Forbes Entrepreneur, CNN Le Monde and Bloomberg for any information regarding this investment app. We already did and guess what. There are no posts associated with on any of those news sources!

Last but not least, how can this service to be winning awards for 2015? Since a simple research proves that the domain is registered during July 2016? Another red flag.

BinaTrust Scam Review – The Summary!

There is nothing that can possibly change our opinion here. Investing with this trading opportunity is not wise. Be strongly believe that you`ll lose all your funds. Simply because the official website do not offer any real information. The whole storyline can be debunked with few moves. Furthermore, there is no outside support that can prove us wrong. Everybody are warning about this system! Based on everything said and exposed our advice is only one; stay away from this black hole!

Review Verdict: BinaTrust Scam Confirmed! Beware and avoid any further engagement with!

Binary Options Trading brings endless opportunities, we won’t dispute that fact! However, you need to know that due to the high demand there are many crooks who try to advertise their schemes within the field. However, knowing that fact in advance will help you to recognize and keep your hands off future bogus services!

For safer alternatives to the binatrust software we kindly invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Help-Tools. They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and tested for long period of time. Just keep in mind that legit as they are none of them will make you a millionaire overnight!

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