Black Swan App Scam? Honest System Review!

Black Swan App Reliable or Filthy Scam?

Take a look at our in-depth investigation article, before! You take apply for this service!

The Black Swan App seems to be a typical binary options scam. However, can this system turn to be a reliable source of income or we look at another fraud. We watched the presentation video and we made research regarding any false content inside

Be sure to read this review, because we found lots of questionable details inside this promotional page. Allegedly the service is supposed to generate for you a minimum of $6000 per day! To make this statement even more convincing the official CEO Donald Brock make additional guarantees. “Investors who fail to make $6k per day, will receive compensation of $1000, via bank transfer, PayPal or Skrill”. But are all those promises covered with authority or they are just words?

the black swan app scam review

Black Swan APP Scam Review! All you need to know!

Don’t be fooled at all here folks, we are just looking at one more of those “do you want to live a life full of luxury and wealth” videos. The approach is clear here, everything inside is made has the aim to make you eager and push you into registration. The approach is similar to 99% of the scams out there. They all try to use the good name of binary options to manipulate the investors. Unfortunately, all this just brings bad reputation to the options trading, as financial instrument. We are here to explain why you should not trust the Black Swan APP!

No real information on how the system is operating.

The auto-trading app is displayed as millionaire maker technology. The name comes from the black swan theory! Originally the metaphor is used to describe an event, which comes with a surprise.

Besides the information provided about the name, the voice over actor provide us with short but pretty much clear sentence about the inside of the system. “The Algorithm is very boring, and above all top secret”. Obviously the creators want to spare lots of information! We can’t take this system seriously if the developers are skipping such important matter.

Anyway, further in the video the presenter reveals that the algorithm executing trades based on unknown historical pattern called the black swan. The pattern is described to be occurring on all assets after major fall. We assume is some king of pullback strategy.

Nevertheless, everything sounds pretty shady, and we feel that the developers are just relaying on guessing. We, traders can refer such pattern as we already did, and assume that its some king of pullback or flag based continuation pattern. Since those are the only two variations which can be pulled out after a major market fall.

Is Donald Brock, announced as Founder a real person?

No, the guy is just a stock photo attached to this name. Therefore, we can’t trust in any words or guarantees coming from this identity. As we said, the service is pretty much looking like a regular money stealing scheme. All based on non-existing information and false credentials. We`ll provide you with solid snapshot as evidence.

the black swan software

Testimonials and Endorsements?

All the people who are associated with the black swan app are fictions! As the actual creator and CEO, they seem to be just stock models attached to names and positive stories. Therefore, we can’t trust in any of them. As always we`ll provide evidence!

No outside endorsements could be found regarding the black swan app!

black swan app scam review

Can we find anything real? That can bring good credibility to service?

Friends, binary options trading can be very profitable, but you cannot believe in claims that initial capital of $250 can provide you with $6000 daily profits. Please do subscribe to our blog and you`ll receive daily warnings regarding all upcoming scams. Be sure that we don’t use your personal details to spam you or in any way that will harm you! is reputed industry blog, and here we respect your personal information. In addition, by following us you`ll learn a lot about the industry, and soon enough you will be able to recognize the possible from the impossible. For example, we`ll just say that initial investment of $250! Plus, using of legit trading system can generate for you around $50 – $100 per day, everything above is unrealistic and overextended.

Black Swan App Scam Review – The Summary!

Beyond any doubt this service is just the next candidate for our black-list. The scam elements are countless. Therefore, to sum up everything we can boldly state that the website contains zero legit information. All the storylines and people involved are fictions. All the mentioned estimate profits are far from reality. They are fabricated and placed to drag your attention and make you eager to register. However, registering with the black swan app won’t end well, you`ll lose money, that why we advise you to stay away!

Review Verdict: Black Swan APP is a SCAM! Remain calm and avoid any engage with

As we mentioned binary options trading can be very lucrative. But due to the many crooks, you have to be careful and always use reliable trading system with good reputation. Luckily there are few safer than the black swan scam suggestions! If you seek auto-trading solution make sure to check our Top Rated Binary Systems. They are all tested for a long time and 100% endorsed by all industry blogs forums and many day-traders.

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