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This review targets the all the questionable elements of this software, make sure to read it before going into any decision making.

BO not BS is some kind of binary options auto trading service. The website of the trading system looks clean and really there is almost no misleading information that can be detected there. But we are afraid that the lack of information exposed is really the reason why Bo not BS is looking okay. We have two-minute video presentation and few sentences under it. That why we will try to debunk the small data we got from and we will try to search for some social media information.

BO not Bs scam review

BO not BS Scam Review! Everything we could find!

When you land on the everything you see is one promotion video, actually the contacts in the video is not made in convincing methods, we kinda like this. However, it’s not enough to say “hey if you want to make Solid Steady Income join us”. The two minute video takes all the time to explain how this is Binary Options Trading Not some Bull Shit, and how we won’t see any fancy cars or luxury mentions inside. Yes, that’s true but we also, don’t see any proof or any explanation about the actual software. We also don’t like the fact that we meet cartooned video made for $5, and all covered by voice over narrator. The creators claim to be normal people just normal nerd traders. Sure, we like nerd traders actually we love them because in most cases they are good!! Unfortunately, we can’t confirm, the statements because we don’t see any real people inside!

Now let’s move onto the small text exposed under the video! Actually this is the core news source regarding BOnotBS! So this automated trading system is created by bunch of software geeks who decided to take advantage of the financial markets and they got hooked! They decided to join forces with some “hardcore” traders and the end result is this “amazing” service; BO not BS.

The software is based on statistical and technical analysis, long with pattern recognition algorithm.  Sounds okay, but who wrote this? We have no follow-up information or any authority website that can back up and support those statements!

Finally, we have explanation about why Binary Options not Bull Shit is free or its not free. “Since the algorithm is based on statistical information they need as many users as they can to gather and analyses more data”. The whole thing makes no sense, if the developers need information about the current trader’s behavior, they must search for real day traders, not for their own users who will join and actually use the auto trading function. What information the investors in BO not BS can provide? They are using your autopilot, based on your previous analysis. Everything just makes no sense, if we want to put our money here I would like to know whose behind it at least or at least some proper explanation!

At the end of the page we see three signs;

  • SSL protected – Clearly no just notice our URL how its starts with HTTPS:// and green bar, and how the URL of is just clean.
  • Verified – Nice but by who?
  • Trusted – Again no third party verification about how trusted this service actually is, definitely the system couldn’t gain our trust!

Moving further with our BO not BS scam Review! The social media research we tried to make, really couldn’t support this trading system. Well in matter of fact we did found few undeceive reviews, but all of them, where structured in that way because of the information lack. Simply people don’t have information based on what they can write article. Excluding the few undeceive reviews the reset of the industry is really, black listing this software.

BO not BS Scam Review! Summary!

Normally before we decide to get involved and invest in particular service we look for some authority or industry endorsement, or legitimacy inside the actual promoting website! In Binary Options not Bull Shit case we have some king of credibility into the official web-page, but the rest is complete bollocks. We really can’t recommend trading bot that can’t afford certain credibility levels. No CEO, Lack of information about the actual software, cartooned cheap video with voice over coverage. How can we put real money in such low cost production! We feel that BO not BS is created for one day from not very skilled tech-web developer.

Review Verdict: BO not BS Scam Check – The software more looks like BS not BO! AVOID!

Binary Options Trading is really nice trading instrument if you are looking to add some good monthly income into your monthly payout. Truth is that a most of the people don’t have time to be stuck on the pc reading charts and watching news consistently, that’s why we search for software solutions just to make our trading tasks easier. Picking good service might be hard, the high demand brings a lot of scammers to the industry! That why always check blog websites like binary options spot, as second opinion, just before you decide to invest, especially for the newcomers.

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